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Why Are Standing Desks So Popular

June 10, 2022

Why are standing desks popular

You’ve no doubt seen them in furniture stores and new-age Swedish office catalogues, but if you’ve never worked with one, the seemingly meteoric rise in the popularity of standing desks can be a bit confusing.

The sudden interest in standing comes, in part, from studies indicating that sitting for a long time can damage your health.

Standing desks bring a host of benefits to their users, from improving posture to increasing blood flow and combating hypertension. But that’s not all.

In this article, we discuss the reasons standing desks are so popular among office workers and executives alike.

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What This Article Covers:

The Popularity Behind Standing Desks

Sales of  sit stand desks have skyrocketed over the past few years. Using a standing desk helps to improve blood flow, increases your focus, and improves your posture. 

You may be wondering  how are standing desks made. Standing desks are made like your regular office desk, but the legs and the frame elevate the countertop well above the ground. As the name suggests, this means you have to stand at your desk rather than sit. 

Really, that’s all there is to it. It’s a desk on stilts.

Still, standing desks require a solid frame to support the increased weight, and extra durable materials to ensure that everything on the desk is safe and secure. This goes some way to explaining why  standing desks are so expensive.

This is hardly the only revolutionary development in office furniture to grace our workspaces in the last decade.  Kneeling chairs have also become popular alternatives to regular seated desks, highlighting the desire for new approaches to how we work.

Benefits of Standing Desks

popularity of standing desks

There are a host of reasons people are choosing to embrace standing desks for their work.

One of the biggest benefits to standing desks is the reduction in back pain. Standing while you work forces you to pay closer attention to your posture, particularly in your lower back and neck.

Sitting at a desk all day is known to be harmful for your spine. We tend to crouch over, or sit and unusual angles, which can throw our backs out of alignment. By forcing yourself to stand, your back will sit in a more natural position.

It takes some time to adjust to using a standing desk, particularly if you’re not used to spending long stretches on your feet. But if you keep at it, it won’t be long before you stop feeling any pain or discomfort in your legs and joints.

How long a standing desk lasts depends on how well you treat it. With the right amount of care, a standing desk will last you your entire lifetime, another reason they’re so appealing to the average consumer. 

You can also use a  standing desk converter to turn your regular office desk into a standing desk for a fraction of the cost. This makes standing desks not only useful, but versatile and available to anyone with the will to try them.

One common complaint with standing desks is that they can be unstable, especially if they’re poorly made. This is cause for some concern, as they’re higher off the ground, meaning that your phone or laptop will take a fair knock if it happens to fall off.

Stopping your standing desk from wobbling is as easy as cutting a piece of cork. 

Important Information

What you need to know about standing desks is that they increase blood flow, reduce the risk of obesity and they will help with remaining focused at work.

One important  standing desk tip is to start off slow. Use your standing desk for thirty-minute increments to build up your tolerance and endurance. This eases your muscles into the idea of standing at your desk for an entire day. 

If you want to try one out but don’t want to pay for something you’re unsure about, there are some  standing desk hacks you can use to try them out at home without having to spend a cent.

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