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UpDown Desk PRO "Bandit" Chair

Shipping Rates and Times

Important: Due to high demand deliveries will be dispatched 5-7 days after your order is completed.

Item Flat Rate Delivery *
Standing Desk $49.95 per desk
Corner Standing Desk $59.95 per desk
Office Chair $25.00 VIC
$89.00 NSW, SA, TAS
$199.00 NT, QLD, WA
Accessories $19.95 charged only once per order
* Add $95.00 for Northern Territory and Western Australia desk shipping.
Destination Expected Delivery Time
VIC, Melbourne 1-2 Days
VIC, Regional 1-3 Days
QLD 3-5 Days
NT/WA 5-7 Days
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The UpDown Desk PRO "Bandit" Chair is a quality ergonomic chair that promotes good posture while seated. The "Bandit" Chair is manufactured to exceed Australian & International Standards. It has been build to exceed the highest levels of strength and durability testing. A good chair is an excellent investment in your health and comfort. This chair is fully adjustable and can be set up for your individual circumstances. It is the perfect accompaniment to a sit-stand desk for the time you spend in a seated position. 

PRO "Bandit" Chair

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Tension adjustable tilting mechanism
  • Commercial house black fabric upholstery
  • Available with or without fixed height elbow rests
  • Built to exceed the highest levels of strength and durability testing
  • Load rating of 110kg

 Shipping Cost Table

VIC $25
NSW, SA, TAS $89
WA, QLD, NT $199


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