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easy installation

The PRO Series standing desks are very easy to setup.

Our customers often complete their own installation in approximately 30 minutes using our video. Assembly instructions can also be found here: Installation Instructions

We also offer an onsite installation service in Metro Melbourne. Prices vary depending on the number of desks purchased. Please refer to our Installation Product Page


UpDown Desk PRO Series electric standing desks come with a full 10-year warranty. This includes both the electronic components and the frame. Please see the Warranty page for more information.

Please see the Warranty and Terms page for more information.


amazing key features!

You can expect many years of service from your hard wearing desktop and quality PRO Series frame.

  • Unrivalled frame stability.
  • 4 Memory buttons for height control.
  • Powerful dual motor lifting mechanism, 150kg lifting capacity.
  • 10 Year frame warranty for peace of mind.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is UpDown Desk Australian? About us.

UpDown Desks Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company. When you contact us, you're dealing directly with the owners based in Melbourne.

We specialise in height adjustable standing desks.

We operate online only and do not have a shop front. This allows us to keep our overheads low and ensures a top quality product can be sold at a reasonable price.

We ship our desks to all parts of Australia.

Do we have a showroom? Can I see a desk before I buy?

We are an online only store.This allows us to save on retail store overheads and pass these savings onto our customers.

We are also consumers and like you, we also buy products online. We understand people's concerns about spending a significant amount of money on a product without seeing it in person. To help alleviate concerns, we now offer a 100 day trial period. If you're unhappy with the product, you can return it within 100 days at absolutely no cost to you. 100 DAY TRIAL

We've also spent significant resources putting together videos and photos that highlight some of the features and build quality of our desks.

How much does delivery cost?

The cost of delivery depends on where you live. The exact cost of delivery will be populated at checkout once you have input your delivery address.

Further information and indicative pricing can be seen here:

How long does delivery take?

We aim to ship out orders within 24-48 hours of receiving your order.

Delivery times will vary based on your location and to some extent, the time of year. However, as a guide, the following is typically true:

Victoria - 1-3 days
NSW/ACT/SA/TAS - 2-3 days
QLD - 3 to 5 days
WA - 5-7 days

Do your desks wobble?

The most common question we get asked is whether our desks 'wobble', particularly at standing height. This needs some explanation as the answer is not as straight forward as it may seem. And the claim that some standing desk providers make that their desks do not move at all, is completely false.

EVERY adjustable sit/stand desk without exception is going to experience some level of movement at standing height. There are moving parts holding the frames together and the moving parts MUST have manufacturing tolerances to allow for the up/down motion, otherwise they wouldn't go up and down!

THE question to ask is "how much do they wobble". We firmly believe the movement, or lack of, in our Pro Series desks, is second to none. The movement is that insignificant that it's a non-issue for every single one of our customers since our inception. We are not aware of any customers unhappy with the level of movement. We regularly sell to customers who have purchased sit/stand desks from other companies, returned them them, and then upgraded to an UpDown Desk Pro Series desk.

Stability is also governed by weight and general 'solidness' of the frame. The Pro Series frames weigh over 40Kgs alone. Most of our competitors are a shade over or under 30kgs. Furthermore, it's interesting to note that our frames are dynamically rated at 150Kgs, which is far greater than most other sit/stand desks on the market; this is also an indicator of not just stability, but the company's confidence in the desk.

“This desk (updown pro series) delivers what it claims - a no wobble sit/stand desk, even when in the standing position. This feature is what drew me to this product as my existing sit/stand ikea desk wobbles extensively. The frame is easy to put together and fits onto our pre-owned table top. I had lots of questions which Dan answered professionally and promptly. It was very convenient to be able to pick up the desk frame in person as well. I can't say enough good things. I plan to buy another for my husband. Thanks Dan"

S Zavras (5 May 2020)

UpDown Desk VS cheaper alternatives? Which should I choose?

UpDown Desk prides itself on selling quality at NOT quantity. We believe in the "buy once" philosophy.

Are there cheaper desks available than the UpDown Pro Series desk range? Yes, of course. Are they equal in quality? No, absolutely not. Comparing the UpDown Desk range to the likes of the bulk suppliers selling $200-$500 desks, is not comparing apples with apples.

When comparing desks, you should look at the following:

Weight of frame
Weight capacity
Single/Dual motors
Power of motors
Height range
Adjustable frame width
Height memory
Noise level

Here's an interesting comparison already done for you: Standing Desk Comparison

The age old saying "you get what you pay for" stands completely true here. We've sourced the best possible quality and structurally sound frames to ensure our customers are happy, content and enjoy reliable sit to stand desks for many years to come without the annoying 'wobble' many cheap desks experience.

Also consider that a quality piece of office equipment is an investment, much like a good computer. In the case of a sit to stand desk, it's also an investment for your health/well being. You're likely going to be spending hundreds of hours per month at a desk and the last thing you want to be thinking about is a desk malfunction or a wobble!

Can I rely on UpDown Desk Customer Service & After Sales Support?

UpDown Desk is owned by real people just like you! And as real people, we know what it's like to be customers. Our goal is to treat you exactly how we'd want to be treated in the same situation. We understand you're looking at a significant investment and we want to make the process as seamless and hassle free as possible, whilst instilling confidence in you that you're making the right decisions. We believe in our products and we want you to believe in us and our products too.

Our after sales support is second to none and for us it's equally as important as making a sale in the first place. We're not interested in making a quick buck by selling in bulk. We want to develop a good long standing relationship with you, so that you have confidence in coming to us again or telling your friends/co-workers about us. Again, we want to offer the after sales support we would expect if we had made such a significant investment.

We are Australian owned and operated. When you call us, you will speak with an Australian based in Melbourne. When you chat with us on Live Chat, you'll be chatting with a real life Melbournian.

Here's what actual customers are saying:

- (search for "UpDown Desk Australia")

Can I pickup my desk once I've ordered?

Yes absolutely. In fact, we encourage it because it saves both time and cost. Our warehouse is based in the suburb of Keysborough 3173 in Melbourne.

When you place your order, there will be an option to select 'Pickup'. After you've placed the order, we'll send you specific instructions regarding the pickup time and location.

Keep in mind this is only our warehouse location. We do not have a store front and there are no desks assembled for public viewing.

Our warehouse is open Monday to Friday between 9am and 3.30pm. We will email you instructions once your order has been processed

What are the size and weights of the packaged desk?

If you're purchasing our most popular 2 legged Pro Series desk, the frame comes in 2 boxes of manageable size and weight.
Box 1: 106cm x 26cm x 23cm ; 24Kgs
Box 2: 106cm x 26cm x 11cm ; 17Kgs

Our Pro Series corner desk frame comes packaged as follows:

Box 1: 106cm x 26cm x 23cm ; 24Kgs
Box 2: 74cm x 26cm x 30cm ; 17Kgs
Box 3: 106cm x 26cm x 11cm ; 17Kgs

Desktops always come packaged separately. They vary is size and weight depending on which one your opt for. As a guide, assume the packaged desktop is going to be approximately 4-5cm larger than the actual width. A 120cm desktop is going to weigh approximately 15-17Kgs and an 180cm desktop approximately 20-25Kg (even more for our premium Australian hardwoods).

Optional extras such as cable trays and Anti-Fatigue Standing Mats come packaged separately and are comparatively light/compact.

Where do we deliver?

We deliver standing desks to every state in Australia to either your home or office.

Which company do we use for delivery?

We use a range of local couriers depending on where the desk is being sent. Having a range of couriers on hand allows us to negotiate the best deal, which also helps to keep our costs down.

Your will receive a tracking number to track the whereabouts of your order once it has been shipped from our warehouse.

Is installation, assembly & setup easy?

Yes. Installation is straight forward even with little or no hands-on tool experience

You can find installation manuals and easy to follow, step by step instructional videos here: PRO Series Setup

Warranty Information?

UpDown Desk now offers a 10 year Warranty for the entire PRO Series frame. This includes the frame and all electrical and motor components.

Click here for more details: 10 YEAR WARRANTY & TERMS

This is well above the average in Australia, which is 2-3 years for the electrical components.

Many companies claim longer warranty terms, but this oftendoes not include the electrics.

What payment options are available?

We offer completely secure payment portals.

Payment can be made by PayPal, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Afterpay.

If you would like an invoice to pay via Direct Deposit, please email us at with your order and we will provide you with an invoice for payment.

Do we offer discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, we do. We treat this on a case by case basis.

If you are an organisation and would like to use our standing desks to upgrade your office, please contact us via the contact page to discuss your options.

What colour frames do we offer?

Electric standing desk (2 legs) - white and black

Corner electric standing desk - white and black

Manual standing desk - white and black.

Can I just buy your frame and use my own desktop?

Absolutely! You'll see an option in our product pages to purchase the frame only. It's a fantastic way to customise your desk and office space and it's super easy to do. Check out our setup page for installing a desktop: ADD YOUR OWN DESKTOP

What desktop options do we have?

Our standard desktop range includes Bamboo, Melamine, Vic Ash, Acacia, Messmate and Jarrah. Other options are continually being considered and introduced based on customer demand. All options and sizing can be found here: PRO Series Desk Range

Can I customise a desktop?

Yes, not a problem! We understand that not every workspace is a standard size or even shape!

We can customise desktops in either a Vic Ash, Recycled Messmate, New Messmate, Jarrah and depending on size, Melamine. We'll work with you to create a desktop you love.

Contact us directly to discuss custom desktop options. CONTACT US

How high & low do the Pro series desks go?

Our electric standing desks have a height range of 64cm - 129cm measured to the top of a standard width 2.5cm desktop.

The manual standing desk has a height range of 70cm - 119cm

How much weight can the Pro Series desks lift?

Below are the dynamic load ratings for our desks. Some companies choose to publish the load rating of the staticload only, which is misleading. Sure our 2 leg Pro Series desk is rated to 150kg, but we choose to publish the realistic figure.

Electric standing desk (2 leg) - 120kg.
Corner electric standing desk - 150kg.

Manual standing desk - 100kg.

Troubleshooting - Experiencing an error code

In the unlikely event you experience an error code on the display of your control panel, the first to do is conduct a system reset:
1. Turn the power off to your desk completely for 5 mins.
2. Turn back on and lower the desk to it's lowest position.
This usually resolves 95% of customers issues.

If you're still experiencing issues, be sure to review the PRO Series manual here: Troubleshooting & Support

Should you continue to run into issues, please do not hesitate to contact us: CONTACT US

Must I hold the up/down button to raise/lower the desk? How does the control panel work?

We want to make your sit/stand desk as enjoyable and simple as possible, which is why we supply only premium controllers with presets.
Our controllers have the option to be raised/lowered by holding the up/down buttons or alternatively, you can preset your favourite sit/stand heights into one of 4 memory buttons. So at the single click of 1 button, your desk will automatically raise or lower to your nominated height.

How do I set heights in the memory of the control panel?

The PRO Series desk can be raised manually by pressing the Up/Down buttons or alternatively by pressing pre-set heights using the M1 - M4 buttons. To set a height on any given 'M' button, use the Up/Down buttons to achieve your desired position. To store this height, press and hold an M button for 5-6 seconds until you hear an audible beep.

For further information on the control panel functionality, please read the PRO Series installation guide located here:

How do I recycle or dispose of the packaging?

Your UpDown Desk products come packaged in cardboard boxes and lined with EPE foam (non-toxic) of various shapes/sizes. The cardboard is 100% recyclable and can be placed (with foam removed) into your local Council recycle bins or any carboard recycling station. At this time, there are currently no official recycling stations accepting EPE foam and it is not accepted in local Council recycle bins.

Based on our own experience and customers suggestions, here are some ideas to help you upcycle, recycle, reuse, or dispose of the packaging:

  • Retain the boxes containing frame components in the event you need to move locations; it’s the best way to transport your frame – unassembled.
  • The boxes with EPE foam attached make great play equipment for kids; makeshift doll houses, matchbox car parks etc.
  • Any cardboard can be recycled without the EPE foam attached in the appropriate recycling containers.
  • Local kindergartens and childcare centres will often graciously accept carboard and EPE foam for kids’ art and craft projects.
  • As a last resort, EPE foam can legally be placed into your normal waste bins.
Bundle: Tray, Mat & Cable Management Set
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Instructions of how to install the Cable Management Kit can be found here: Cable Management Kit instructions


Instructions of how to install the Cable Management Kit can be found here: Cable Management Kit instructions


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