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Ergonomic Assessments Brisbane | Gold Coast | Melbourne

We offer two types of ergonomic assessments, outlined below:

Ergonomic Office Sweep

​Ergonomic office sweeps are proactive in nature and the ideal ergonomic assessment choice for an entire office office, or a health and wellbeing initiative. Office sweeps include:
  • A 10-15 minute proactive ergonomic assessment for each workstation within your workplace.
  • Performed by a registered  Physiotherapist who specialises in workplace ergonomics. 
  • Includes an ergonomic assessment, all appropriate changes to the workstation, and a report outlining any further recommendations.

Individual Ergonomic Assessments

Individual ergonomic assessments are more in-depth that an office sweep and are indicated for individuals who already have a pre-existing injury or are experiencing pain at their desk. Individual ergonomic assessments include:

  • An in-depth ergonomic assessment and report, indicated for already injured employees or those with a medical certificate requesting a certificate.
  • Performed by a registered  Physiotherapist who specialises in workplace ergonomics. 
  • Includes a thorough assessment of the individual and their workstation to determine any contribution that his/her workstation may be having towards the injury in question, and an in-depth report outlining our findings and recommendations that we have.
  • Individual assessments require approximately 30 minutes onsite with the employee, with the report then being compiled offsite. 

We have partnered with The Ergonomic Physio, a leading provider of Ergonomic Assessments and Occupational Physiotherapy, to provide our ergonomic assessments across Australia. 

Please complete the form below to book your ergonomic assessment. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us on 1300 650 773 for a chat about your requirements. 

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