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Elevate Your Workspace: Discover 5 Best Standing Desk Accessories for Higher Productivity

Best Standing Desk Accessories

When looking for the  best standing desks for your home office, people often forget about the accessories that aim to level up your standing desk experience. 

Standing desk accessories are here to make your standing desk a lot more comfortable and easy to use. 

By making use of these accessories you will reduce muscle tension and overall improve your experience with your standing desk. 

Standing desk accessories are also there to help with organisation, comfort, and ease and mobility.

Best Accessories for Standing Desks

1. Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

Anti-fatigue standing mats help relieve stress that you may feel in your legs throughout the day as well as alleviate feelings of pain and discomfort. 

accessories for standing desk

Our favourite aspect of this mat is the 1.75cm thickness. This is just right if you want to work either barefoot or wearing shoes. The softness of the mat provides comfort on both your feet and your legs, as it positions your feet in a way that ensures maximum muscle relief.  

Some  floor mats for standing desks tend to be quite small, but this one measures in at 60cm x 90cm, ensuring that there is ample room for your feet to be comfortable in any position or stance you choose. This gives you freedom of movement on your mat that decreases muscle stress and pain. 

The bevelled edges on this mat also act as a secure feature that prevents hazards or tripping on it. 

Why We Love It

  • Bigger size mat allows you more creative freedom to stand. 
  • 100% rubber mat ensures a flexible and comfortable mat. 
  • Designed in collaboration with a physiotherapist to ensure maximum comfort. 
  • Small enough to easily store away when you want to sit down or clean. 

2. Cable Tray

Organizing cables at your desk often leads to lots of wires all over the place and a messy desk. By using our Cable Tray all of these issues are eliminated and you will be left with a clean, organised, and the best computer standing desk

Our cable tray attaches to the underside of your desk, meaning you can choose to place it wherever is most convenient for you. 

At 70cm long and 11.5cm tall, the cable tray is able to hold an array of wires in different shapes, lengths, and sizes. This means you can plug in any cables and put them through the cable holder without worrying about them not fitting. 

Because it attaches beneath your desk, you don’t need to worry about cables getting tangled as you move your desk higher or lower throughout the day or getting caught in your standing desk chairs

There are two openings on the cable tray which means you can use it for a dual monitor or ease of access if your plug points are further away from your desk. 

Why We Love It

  • Comes in either black or white. 
  • Attaches under your desk for ease and organization. 
  • Ensures no cables are seen on your desk or messy wires under your desk. 
  • Big enough to fit cables as well as a docking station and/or a multi-plug extension lead.
  • Removes the distraction of loose cables, increasing productivity.

3. Power Rails

A  power rail can prove invaluable if you have a lot of electronics stacked up on your work surface.

power rail

We all know how frustrating it can be to deal with plugging all your cables into a power outlet that’s hidden behind your desk. A power rail allows you to move access to your power outlet right onto your desk, so you can plug and unplug all your electronics with ease.

This power rail doesn’t need any DIY skills or tools to install. It’s fixed to your desk with a simple screw-clamp that keeps it securely in place so your equipment is safe.

What’s more, it comes with two ports for USB devices, opening up a wide array of compatible devices so you never have to run for your phone charger again.

4. Monitor Arm 

Similarly to the electric standing desk, a Monitor Arm provides a convertor aspect to your standing desk.

With a 360 degree rotation, this monitor arm gives you complete mobility in where you want to place your monitor. 

What we love about this monitor arm is that it clamps to the edge of your desk but can still be flush with the wall, so it really doesn’t take up a lot of space. This is useful as it frees up space on your desk for other accessories. 

We also love how the monitor arm has cable organisation as well, so if your monitor is charging, you can wrap the cord around the arm and then place it in the cable tray under your desk. 

The benefit of using a monitor arm is that you can choose where to place your monitor which ensures you aren’t straining your eyes or neck, and most importantly you can maintain focus and productivity. 

Why We Love It

  • Monitor arm can hold up to 7kg. 
  • Clamps to your desk for more available space on your desktop. 
  • Because it’s tall, you can fit two on your desk to create an adjustable dual monitor arm. 
  • Easy to clamp on and off so you can adjust where you place it on your desk. 

5. UpDown Desk Metal Drawer

This  metal drawer is a storage feature that takes up no space on your desk but allows you to store more under it.

best accessories for standing desk

At 19cm high, this storage drawer is a perfect addition to your desk. It can attach to the underside of your desk, so it doesn’t matter what elevation your desk is at. 

There is a 9.5cm gap between the top of the drawer and the bottom of the desk which can be used as added storage, so you can even store your laptop, diary, or anything else you want on top of the drawer. 

We love this drawer because it takes up no desktop space, and even if you are sitting down it doesn’t interfere with your legs or chair. 

Because of its compact size, you can add more than one accessory to your desk. For example, you could have this desk stand under one corner, the cable tray directly behind it, and the monitor arm next to the cable tray. 

Why We Love It

  • Comes with a lock so if you’re using it at the office you can know your stuff is safe. 
  • It is 33.5cm deep, so you can store a lot of personal belongings in it. 
  • Comes in black or white. 
  • You can store distracting items in it. 


Overall, all of these products aim to make your standing desk experience more comfortable and easy to use.

With so much choice for which desk you want, naturally, you’d want as much choice when it comes to your accessories, and that’s exactly what you’ve got.


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