Standing Desks FAQs | UpDown Desk

Here are some answers to common questions we get asked about our standing desks. If you have a specific question, please contact us through our support page or chat with us via the LiveChat below.

Is UpDown Desk Australian? About us.

Do we have a showroom? Can I see a desk before I buy?

How much does delivery cost?

How long does delivery take?

Do your desks wobble?

UpDown Desk vs cheaper alternatives? Which should I choose?

Can I rely on UpDown Desk Customer Service & After Sales Support?

Can I pickup my desk once I've ordered?

What are the size and weights of the packaged desk?

Where do we deliver?

Which company do we use for delivery?

Is installation, assembly & setup easy?

Warranty Information?

What payment options are available?

Do we offer discounts for bulk orders?

What colour frames do we offer?

Can I just buy your frame and use my own desktop?

What desktop options do we have?

Can I customise a desktop?

How high & low do the PRO series desks go?

How much weight can the PRO Series desks lift?

Troubleshooting - Experiencing an error code

Must I hold the up/down button to raise/lower the desk? How does the control panel work?

How do I set heights in the memory of the control panel?

How do I recycle or dispose of the packaging?