Timber Quick Comparison Table

The purpose of this quick comparison is to assist you with making the right desktop purchase for your needs and budget. Each desktop material/timber we offer has slightly different attributes including hardness, wearability, style, colour, thickness, weight and pricing.

Timber Recycled Messmate New Messmate Victorian Ash Bamboo Melamine Jarrah Acacia
Also known as Stringybark Stringybark Vic Ash, Alpine Ash, Mountain Ash, Tassy Oak, Tasmanian Oak Bamboo Veneer / laminate Djarraly, Swan River mahogany black wattle, hickory wattle, earleaf acacia, earpod wattle
Video of timber Recycled Messmate Video New Messmate Video Victorian Ash Video Bamboo Video White Melamine Video
Beech Melamine Video
Jarrah Video Acacia Video
Scientific name Eucalyptus obliqua Eucalyptus obliqua Eucalyptus regnans / Eucalyptus delegatensis Bambusoideae N/A Eucalyptus marginata Acacia auriculiformis / Acacia mangium
Description Reclaimed solid timber
Australian native hardwood
Magnificent grain
Recycled with, imperfections such as nail holes filled with a tough, dark epoxy
The stain gives an appearance that is slightly darker than its ‘New Messmate’ counterpart.
Locally sourced and made Australian native Messmate solid timber desktop
Hard wearing native Australian timber
Magnificent grain accented by a durable clear low VOC solvent non-water based lacquer.
Lighter in colour than its ‘Recycled Messmate’ counterpart.
Victorian Ash, also known as Mountain Ash or Tassie Oak
Sustainable and exceptionally hard-wearing
Native Australian timber.
Solid timber and coated with a low VOC solvent non-water based lacquer.
Fast growing plant native to China.
Sustainably sourced materials.
Solid compressed bamboo
Beautifully finished with an extra hard lacquer which feels silky to touch.
White or Beech colours
Perfect for those on a budget looking for a quality standing desk.
Much like a kitchen bench, it is a laminate with sturdy, engineered timber particle board core.
Jarrah is a sustainable and exceptionally hard wearing
One of Australia's premium hardwoods
Deep red/brown tone and will provide any environment with a classic and premium look.
Finished with a low VOC solvent non-water based lacquer.
Acacia is a striking, sustainable solid timber.
Prominent colour tones, ranging from medium gold to dark brown.
Sourced from FSC certified forests
Usage Any office
Rustic feel
Give recycled material a new life.
Both modern and rustic home and corporate offices.
Hard wearing lacquer ensures excellent longevity.
Excellent option for any home office or small business
Classy, locally sourced and manufactured desktop at a reasonable price.
New solid timber with a tough finish for any desk job.
Entry level timber at an entry level timber price, but without the entry level quality.
Extremely durable, smooth to touch
Sustainably sourced.
Liquids wipe straight off without staining.
Ideal for normal office environments.
Durable and easy to clean.
White melamine typically matches any other office furniture
Liquids wipe straight off without staining.
Jarrah is next level special. It’s hard wearing, classy and an absolute talking point Comparatively soft by nature, the Acacia gives a striking look to any modern home office.
A writing pad is recommended to protect the surface.
Construction Solid Timber Solid Timber Solid Timber Compressed solid bamboo Particle board laminate Solid Timber Solid Timber
Thickness 27mm 27mm 27mm 25mm 25mm 27mm 25mm
Sizes available (cm) 120 x 75, 150 x 75, 180 x 75 120 x 75, 150 x 75, 180 x 75 120 x 75, 150 x 75, 180 x 75 120 x 75, 150 x 75, 180 x 75 120 x 75, 150 x 75, 180 x 75 120 x 75, 150 x 75, 180 x 75 120 x 75, 150 x 75, 180 x 75
Custom sizing available?
Price range incl. frame (standard sizes only) $1,569 - $1,859 $1,939 - $2,249 $1,469 - $1,669 $999 - $1,099 $879 - $939 $2,039 - $2,359 $1,099 - $1,209
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