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Create a dynamic workspace with our range of industry leading, premium standing desks. Effortlessly transition between standing, sitting and stretching.

UpDown PRO Dark Recycled Messmate Standing Desk

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UpDown PRO Natural Recycled Messmate Standing Desk

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UpDown PRO Recycled Oregon Standing Desk

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UpDown PRO Dark Recycled Messmate Manual Standing Desk

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UpDown PRO Recycled Messmate Ultimo Standing Desk

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Benefits of Standing Desks

In today's sedentary lifestyle, the detrimental effects of prolonged sitting have become increasingly apparent. As more people spend hours in front of their computers or are confined to office cubicles, the need for healthier alternatives to traditional desks has gained importance. Enter the standing desk — a revolutionary solution designed to combat the negative consequences of excessive sitting while promoting improved health and productivity.

Improved Posture

This is probably the most recognisable benefit of standing desks. The ideal standing desk position should be as comfortable as possible, with your hips in line with your feet and your shoulders relaxed. Setting your desk up at the correct standing desk height is essential, as a small height adjustment can have a huge impact on posture.
With a standing desk it is much easier to create awareness and take further control of your posture as we naturally have more freedom of movement.

Improved Circulation

Standing improves blood flow, especially to our lower limbs. But what about standing desks and varicose veins? Putting your feet up may reduce the occurrence of varicose veins, but no prolonged static position is beneficial, especially when dealing with circulatory issues. We’re meant to move around from time to time, and doing so will unlock a host of benefits.

Increased Energy

One of the great benefits of a sit-to-stand desk is its ability to significantly boost energy levels throughout the day. Though it may seem like standing while working is a tiring chore, by breaking away from the sedentary nature of sitting and engaging in a more upright position, standing desks promote increased blood flow and oxygen circulation, leading to a revitalised feeling and enhanced alertness.

Improved Muscle Tone

Standing desks offer a unique advantage in improving muscle tone and strength by encouraging constant engagement of the body's core and leg muscles. Unlike sitting, which can cause these muscles to become inactive and weakened over time, a standing desk promotes a more upright posture that activates and tones the muscles responsible for supporting the spine and maintaining stability.

Lowers The Risk of Disease

Sedentary lifestyle habits and metabolic syndrome have been linked to everything from an increased risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes to cancer. The combination of an excessive cholesterol intake and an overtaxed liver may also cause fatty deposits to develop in your blood vessels, especially when spending too much time sitting at your desk.
Since standing desks improve posture and circulation, they may help if you struggle with hypertension.

Natural Pain Relief

More movement undoubtedly lessens aches and pains as a result of stagnant energy. This is especially relevant to chronic neck, shoulder, back and even wrist pain, which may all be reduced by shifting to a standing desk.
Standing at your desk causes much less pressure on your lower back than sitting. What about standing desks and neck pain? A stiff neck is most often caused by trying to adjust to your reading material instead of adjusting it to your correct posture for a more positive outlook. Therefore, an adjustable standing desk may be an excellent solution.

Improved Concentration

When we are physically comfortable, we have more freedom to focus on the task at hand. The added physical flexibility of sitting or standing at an adjustable desk may also alleviate stress and frustration.

Productivity And Creativity

The choice of being able to sit or stand undoubtedly increases the quality and quantity of active desk time. Mental alertness over an increased attention span leads the way to improved performance and productivity.
Thinking on your feet is also a better way of grounding creative ideas while improving circulation, the necessary momentum for manifestation, from the soles up.


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