About UpDown Desks Australia Pty Ltd

UpDown Desk is an Australian owned and operated supplier of adjustable sit to stand desks and associated products. Since our inception in January 2017 by our physio founder Jordan Lees, it has been our mission to improve the health and productivity of office workers all over Australia. Our business model is to sell a limited range of value-driven, top-quality products. It may be cliché to say, but customer service really is at heart of what we do. Without our customers, we don't exist. We operate on the philosophy, 'Treat our customers as we would want to be treated'. If our service is not as good as we claim, we urge you to tell us!

We are real life people just like you. We like to get to know our customers, so here's some info about us in return.

Matthew Prince – CEO / Whip Cracker

Matt has a strong entrepreneurial background and an MBA from Melbourne University. He runs numerous businesses online and offline and has teamed up with Mark Cosstick (below) on other online projects in the past. Matt's a doer and very driven. He lives and breathes the customer experience of UpDown Desk. If you call or email us, there's a good chance he'll be the one you're dealing with. Matt's married with 4 daughters and a Labradoodle and lives close to the beach south of Melbourne.

Matt's desk: Black UpDown Desk PRO Series frame with a 150cm Bamboo top and bamboo drawer.

Matthew Prince - CEO

Daniel Faber - Operations Guru

Dan has a commerce degree from Monash University and has a strong skill set in financial and operational disciplines. He also runs another online business with his brother Anthony (below). Dan is the UpDown Desk operations man. He keeps our warehouse stocked and in order. Supply and demand in these unusual times is a challenging task and he does a great job of it. What's more, if you call UpDown Desk, there's a good chance you'll be speaking with him! Dan is married with 3 kids and an adopted pet greyhound (which is really fast!).

Dan's desk: Black UpDown Desk frame with Acacia desktop.

Daniel Faber - Operations Guru

Mark Cosstick - Genius of Everything IT

Mark has an Information Technology degree from Swinburne University. He has a long and strong history of everything IT and finance having run and sold several internet-based businesses. A good website doesn't come easy and he's been the backbone in creating the amazing website you're seeing today! Mark lives out in the sticks on a hobby farm with his wife, 2 kids, 1 dog, 1 pony and a bunch of kangaroos.

Mark's desk: White UpDown Desk corner frame with reclaimed desktop from his old desk to support his 2 workstations + 5 monitors.

Mark Cosstick - IT

Anthony Faber - The Video and Live Chat Guy

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Swinburne University, Ant shifted careers some 10 years ago to work solely online. This allowed him to work with his brother Daniel above and travel the globe at the same time. UpDown Desk has allowed him to revisit his Engineering past. Along with heading up Live Chat, Ant is also active in trialling/testing new products. You'll see his face on a bunch of videos scattered throughout the UpDown Desk website. He's married with 3 kids, has 12 chooks and loves being outdoors.

Ant's desk: Black UpDown Desk PRO Series with a reclaimed 150cm solid blackwood timber desktop.

Anthony Faber - The Video and Live Chat Guy

Robert Prime – Search Engine Virtuoso

Rob is instrumental in the 'behind the scenes' of UpDown Desk. With a solid history in online marketing, eCommerce, SEO and general entrepreneurship, he has a knack for getting our business recognised in high profile locations. Rob has 2 kids, a King Charles Spaniel called Bobby and loves traveling around Europe when possible!

Rob's desk: Black UpDown Desk PRO Series with a custom-made hardened glass desktop.

Katie Baird – Customer Service Expert

Katie has 15 years experience in operations and management roles in the retail, administration, promotions and manufacturing industries. Katie maintains high-quality standards across all departments of UpDown Desk, as well as exceeding customer expectations by providing a positive customer experience. Katie has been engaged coming up 8yrs (one day she'll make it down the aisle!) has 1 kid and would love to run a marathon, even though she has a love-hate relationship with running.

Katie's desk: Silver UpDown Desk PRO Series frame, a White Melamine desktop, 2 monitor arms, a white metal drawer and castor wheels.

Katie Baird - Customer Service Expert