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November 29, 2021

Best Standing Desk Frame

Standing desk frames are increasing in popularity as more people want to set up their standing desks with ease and seek the benefits of using a standing desk in general.

Having a standing desk gives you the ability to sit or stand whilst working throughout the day. However, the latter will be favoured when looking at these types of desks.

Sitting at your desk for long periods is linked to multiple health risks such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. It can also put a lot of stress onto your spine and exacerbate bad posture from staring at your monitor.

Standing desk frames solve all these problems by aligning your posture, preventing neck strain, and overall increasing your mood and comfort.

We put together some of the best standing desk frames from UpDown Desk to help you decide which frame is perfect for your dream setup.

Who is UpDown Desk

UpDown Desk is a company fresh out of Melbourne that has the goal to deliver the  best standing desk converters and standing desks across the entirety of Australia.

best standing desk legs

Their mission statement is to improve the overall health and mood of those working in offices across Australia. They do this by encouraging people to switch between sitting and standing with just a push of a button.

All their products come with detailed instructions so you can achieve your dream workspace in no time. 

If you still feel like setting it up won’t be a job for you, they have an installation service that’s available throughout Melbourne where they will personally come to your place of work and set that bad boy up.

They sell their own branded products but also have other popular brands for sale on their website. We will be looking at the  best standing desk frames available on UpDownDesk’s catalogue.

Best Standing Desk Frame (Our Review)

Here are some of the best standing desk frames available from UpDown Desk along with who each desk is specifically designed for. These are all-electric desk frames meaning that they are equipped with a motor that controls the height of your desk.

Keep in mind these are just the frames themselves and no desktop is included with any of these purchases.

UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Standing Desk – Adjustable Width Frame

General Overview

The  UpDownDesk Pro Series Electric desk frame is available in a clean white or matte black, giving you room to work when deciding on colours for the final workspace.

This desk frame can withstand a heavy load compared to that of any other standing desk competitor and has a height of 127cm without a desktop.

These electric standing desk frames are sturdy and wobble-free as they have an impressive 150kg lifting capacity. This allows you to have the dream workspace or setup without having to worry about the weight of it all. 

As an electric standing desk frame, you can transition seamlessly from standing or sitting. There’s a control panel on the frame that allows for four separate height preferences, allowing you to switch to the height that works best for you or whoever’s using the desk without disturbing your workflow.

You won’t have to worry about any loud noises when adjusting the heights either as the motor mechanism is extremely quiet.

These motors have a power-saving mode that automatically powers off after 15 seconds of not using it. This saves you from paying a hefty electricity bill as keeping appliances plugged in and powered wastes electricity.

Should your desk frame experience any damage or if you request a return, the Pro Series Electric desk frame comes with a 10-year warranty.

Key Takeaways

This product is easy to assemble with step-by-step instructions and videos to get things going. The setup will take you between 20 to 25 minutes, and better yet, you won’t need to hire any professionals to set up your new standing desk. This will save you any additional costs and allow you to channel your inner DIY skills.

Using this standing desk frame will boost your energy and productivity levels whilst reducing back pain.

They are priced at around $750, making this one of  the best standing desk frames under $1000 that UpDown Desk has to offer.

best standing desk frames

Who is it for

  • People with a heavier setup
  • People who want to seamlessly transition between sitting, standing, and kneeling

UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Corner Standing Desk Frame

General Overview

Since this product is a part of the PRO series of UpDown Desk’s products, the same benefits found in the other pro series frames will be found here.

These benefits include reducing physical discomfort and increasing overall productivity at your workstation.

The  PRO Electric Corner Standing Desk Frame has adjustable corners that extend outwards between 90 and 180 degrees which makes this a versatile product. This feature is useful if you are wanting to position your standing desk around the corner of a wall, or if you want to enclose the space allowing for an L shaped standing desk. The versatility makes this frame perfect for any office space in every situation.

This means people who want to experiment with the placement of their desk or are concerned about whether they will have sufficient space for their setup don’t need to worry.

It has a four-memory height function that allows you to manually choose 4 different heights and assign them to an option on the control panel. You can switch between preferences with a simple click of a button. This makes this one of the  best pneumatic adjustable heights standing desk frames UpDown has on the market.

Speaking of height, the range of this desk frame is between 64cm and 129cm which makes it a perfect pick for users between 5ft and 6ft 8”.

The PRO Electric Corner Standing Desk Frame can withstand up to 200kg, allowing you to create even the heaviest workspace and still be able to adjust the frame smoothly. It also comes equipped with an anti-collision mechanism ensuring that your desk and its surrounding items are protected.

Key Takeaways

Whether you choose to buy this frame to create your  best office standing up desk or for a home environment, this frame is extremely adjustable. Purchasing a desktop and having additional hardware peripherals won’t be a problem to set up due to the corners of the frame being able to expand. 

This allows you to space out your desktop setup, ensuring that you never feel as if you are running out of room when standing at your desk.

This frame is available in a white, black, or silver option, making the battle of deciding on colours for your workspace a simple task.

Along with the 10-year warranty, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee on all Pro series frames and desks. So, if you feel as if this frame is not going to work for you or just decided that this wasn’t what you were looking for, you will be refunded the full purchase price.

There are instructional videos available on UpDown Desk’s website, but the product does include an instruction manual too so there’s no need to worry about any confusing setup processes.

This jam-packed desk is available from UpDown Desk at around $1050, which is well worth the asking price considering how much functionality comes with this desk.

Not only is it durable, but the ability to adjust the corners makes this the most versatile desk frame UpDown Desk has to offer.

Who is it for

  • People wanting a versatile workspace  
  • Those requiring a workspace around 200kg

Fellowes Levado Electric Height Adjustable Desk Frame

General Overview

The  Levado Electric Height Adjustable Desk Frame is the easiest frame to set up out of all the frames in our round-up. Setting up this frame will only take 90 seconds of your time, making this the best frame for those who don’t want to waste time and money on installation.

best standing desk base

This desk frame has similar benefits to the PRO series desks, but its selling point is the easy assembly as zero tools are required when setting the frame-up.

It has a height range between 64cm to 126cm, accommodating desktops up to 180cm in length. Another neat feature is the inclusion of integrated cable management, so you don’t have to deal with wrapping your head around untidy wiring.

Included with the frame is anti-collision technology and a four-height memory control panel thanks to the dual-electric motor. This motor is fast and silent so you don’t have to worry about noise when adjusting your heights.

The Fellowes Levado Electric Height Adjustable Desk Frame has a weight capacity of over 100kg, making it good for smaller setups and those wanting to add a few  accessories for their standing desk.

This desk also has a longer warranty than the others, giving you up to 15 years of reassurance should you have any structural difficulties. You’re also granted 7 years of mechanical warranty should there be any mechanical issues.

Key Takeaways

This frame is only available in silver, but this will give your workspace a clean, metallic finish that will please anyone who steps into your office. It’s simple in design but it does the job and makes you more productive and much happier when working.

This desk frame is the most expensive on our roundup, clocking in at around $1,300. However, this is a sturdy frame that is easy to set up and allows you to enjoy a neat working environment

Who is it for

  • People who want to set up their desk frame with ease
  • Those who battle with cable management

Strata Electric Height Adjustable Desk Frame

General Overview

The  Strata Electric Height Adjustable Desk Frame is marketed as a premium quality standing desk frame designed for all office environments.

best sit stand desk frame

It has a lifting capacity of 160kg, which is less than the PRO series electric corner desk frame, but more than the Levado. This is ideal for medium-sized setups that have a simple aesthetic instead of those wanting a heavier and more extravagant workspace. This frame is simple but effective.

The Strata has a height range between 63cm and 130cm making it suitable for anyone between 4ft 9” and 6ft 9”.

It also has a motor installed in each leg. This powerful twin motor mechanism enables you to lift 160kg with ease and does so in absolute silence, ensuring that the elevation doesn’t disturb the peace.

The Strata has a three-height memory controller instead of the four-height memory found in the previous desk frames. 

Key Takeaways

This desk frame is available in both black and white, adding to that simple aesthetic we mentioned earlier.

Should anything happen to your new desk frame, and you wish to return it, do not worry because UpDown Desk gives you a 10-year warranty allowing for more than enough time to make the return. This warranty is for the frame itself, but it also includes the electrical components of the structure.

The price of this simple yet effective desk frame is around $1,100. UpDown Desk doesn't want you to worry about additional costs as they offer complimentary  floor mats for standing desks with every desk or frame purchased. 

Who is it for

  • Users wanting a medium-sized setup
  • People between 4ft 9 and 6ft 9”

Best Standing Desk Frames FAQs

What are the benefits of using standing desk frames?

Standing desk frames in general are much easier to set up than your standard workspace desks and are also more affordable. The ability to easily assemble and disassemble the desk frame adds to usefulness should you need to move locations.

Standing when working is much healthier than being sat behind a desk for hours on end. Some of the benefits of standing when working include burning more calories, increasing your productivity, and reducing pain in the spine and neck.

What is the best desk chair to have with standing desk frames?

To determine which is the  best chair for standing desks depends on which frame you purchase, and it also depends on how often you are going to be sitting instead of standing.

If you feel as if you are going to sit more than stand then it would be ideal to get a comfortable office chair. However, since standing desk frames encourage workspaces where you would be standing more than sitting down, getting yourself a stool or something to sit on for a moment will work wonders.

In other words, we recommend a budget chair or stool since you will mostly be standing at your workstation.

What is a reasonable price for a standing desk frame?

The price of standing desk frames can range between $500 to about $1500.

The more features present on a standing desk frame such as a four-height control panel will increase the price, but the more standard desk frames will be more affordable, but you would need to pay additional costs to add extra features such as a cable manager.


Standing desks are proving to be beneficial to your health and overall productivity. UpDown Desk is aware of this as they are supplying the market with the best standing desk frames at an affordable price.

As much as standing desks benefit our health, we don’t recommend standing for the entirety of the day. You should find a healthy balance between standing and sitting, and using a standing desk frame will help you find that balance with ease.

Whether you are starting your venture into the world of standing desk frames or just looking for a new one, UpDown Desk has the goods that you seek.

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