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Corner Sit Stand Desk

October 06, 2021

Corner sit stand desks

Corner sit-stand desks are becoming increasingly popular in both communal and home offices.  

And with good reason.

Most of you have heard by now that “sitting is the new smoking” and that a quality  optimal height standing desk not only prevents health challenges associated with long hours of sitting but enhances productivity.

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A corner desk usually provides a more spacious work area. Facing away from the room, as a  wall-mounted standing desk does, assists in maintaining focus, especially in shared office spaces.

Add a  sit-stand desk converter into the equation and you can now alternate between sitting and standing, negating the health risks associated with long hours of sitting. 

corner standing desk

Corner sit-stand desk


From the get-go, the Ergotron WorkFit Corner Sit-Stand Workstation exudes premium quality and the full five-year warranty speaks to our manufacturing standards. 

This sturdy and  large stand up desk is designed for bigger desk areas but the bevelled back corners make it an ideal sit to stand addition to existing corner desks ensures a flush fit against a 90-degree wall giving the impression of a more  compact standing desk.

The notched design also allows for a larger work surface depth accommodating an increased distance from your monitors enabling a better view of large screens. What’s more, the spacious worktop easily accommodates two large 27” monitors. 

While on the topic of space, the wide keyboard tray needs a mention here. It is the widest of all Ergotron WorkFit models, perfect for those who prefer large keyboards. 

The solid metal design and superior components ensure outstanding stability even at maximumstanding desk height

Also contributing to the stability is the space-saving X-Lift design.  The X lift, which uses a  single-arm mechanism, raises the desk straight up and down and unlike the Z lift, does not encroach forward into your workspace.  

The spring-assisted lift makes the desk very easy to adjust and a huge plus is that the handbrake control lever is easily accessible at the front of the desk. 

There are no predetermined heights on this sit to stand model which means it can be adjusted to your personal preferences.

If you are looking to convert your desk into a fully ergonomic adjustable workstation, the Ergotron WorkFit TX could be the perfect solution.

We should note that this variable height adjustment refers to adult sizes. As children require much lower desks, this is not suitable as a  standing desk for kids under the age of 13years. And although it is not ideal as a school standing desk it can work as a  student standing desk for kids of high school age and older.

Why It’s Great

  • Easy height adjustment
  • Extremely stable
  • Spacious work surfaces
  • Large keyboard tray
  • Comes fully assembled 

        Who It’s Right For

        • Adults and older teens
        • Anyone wanting to make use of a corner workspace
        • Those in need of a large workstation

          Detailed Analysis 

          When choosing a desk converter some factors to look out for take priority over others. Set out below are the five top points to think about before investing in a height-adjusted corner desk. 

          Worksurface Size 

          The Ergotron  stand up desk dimensions are generous, measuring 91 x 60cm and 110cm at its widest. The curved design that allows the desk to sit flush against the wall, is also what allows for wider monitors to be placed at an angle, accommodating two large monitors. 

          With a depth of 60cm, monitors can be placed at the correct eye to screen distance of approximately an arms-length, a benefit that  narrow standing desks do not provide. 

          Adding the monitor mounting kit accessory, available in single and dual-monitor configurations,  not only provides independent screen adjustment for monitors, it frees up the entire worktop for files, docking stations, phones or stationary. 

          The keyboard tray is at a dropped level and generously sized at  91 x 36cm for those who prefer full-size keyboards. There is ample space to move a mouse and space for coffee lovers to rest a mug of coffee. 

          Lift and Height Range  

          One of the limitations of many height adjustable desk converters is that the rise is insufficient to make them suitable  standing desks for tall people

          The issue has been addressed with this corner sit-stand workstation model by increasing the height reach. The Ergatron corner sit stand desk lifts to an impressive height of 38cm

          And again, by adding a monitor mount you have more flexibility with monitor positioning.

          The X-lift single-leg ensures that the desk moves directly up and down and not forwards encroaching over the worktop when raised. 

          There are no noisy motors or cranks on the Ergotron WorkFit Corner Sit Stand Desk. The X-lift has a gas spring-activated mechanism controlled with an easy to use front placed brake lever. The standing desk corner raises vertically and smoothly up and down.

          Weight capacity 

          This is an area that is often overlooked. It is not enough to ask  what size standing desk do I need? Weight capacity is crucial. Seldom do we think about what our monitors, laptops weigh and we certainly don’t add the weight of files or even the pressure we may exert leaning on the desk. 

          With a weight capacity of 16kgs, the WorkFit Corner Sit-Stand Workstation more than adequately bears the weight of a laptop, two monitors, a keyboard and a mouse. 

          A quick calculation of the average weight of the items listed above, comes to 12kgs, well under the manufactured weight load. 

          Quality and warranty

          A sturdy steel frame and lift mechanism allow this corner standing desk to boast exceptional strength and stability. 

          Products from this company are not only meticulously designed for the professional, they go through rigorous testing. 

          This includes a weight test in which the product is tested with four times the manufactured load capacity and cycle testing where the desk is raised and lowered ten thousand times simulating a desk raised and lowered eight to ten times a day for five years. 

          It should be no surprise that we back this product with a 5-year warranty.


          With convenience being a priority to most people nowadays, you will be delighted to know that the Ergotron WorkFit Corner Sit-Stand Workstation comes fully assembled. 

          No tools, no mess, no following complicated assembly instructions. 

          We should note that this sit-stand converter weighs 26kgs and it’s best advised that two people lift it into place. But, with a little help, you’ll get this corner sit stand desk set up in no time.

          adjustable height corner desk


          This desk scores top marks with us and judging by the hundreds of outstanding reviews and ratings, purchasers of the Ergotron WorkFit TX would agree. 

          With a perfect score for stability and top ratings for reliability, quality, ergonomics as well for a great customer experience, we highly recommend that you give this desk some serious consideration.  

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