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Portable Standing Desk

October 06, 2021

Portable Standing Desk

While comfort may be foremost on your mind, no doubt you have heard of the benefits of standing during your workday. 

The health hazards of lengthy sitting and poor posture have been well publicized. 

Additionally, a recent  study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that these health risks cannot be offset with exercise. 

So if you think the detrimental effects of long hours of sitting can be overcome by hitting the gym after work, think again. 

Perhaps it is time to consider a portable standing desk.

Portable Standing Desk

What is a Portable Standing Desk? 

A  standing desk is a broad term for a desk that allows you to stand while working instead of sitting. 

Manufacturers of portablestanding deskshave recognised that an escalating number of people are no longer rooted to a single office environment and will benefit from having a portable sit-stand desk.

What are the Benefits of a Portable Standup Desk?

Ergonomic Desktop Workstation

The purpose of ergonomics is to provide a comfortable workspace, ease of use, increased productivity and prevention of work-related injury.

For those who already have a desk but would like to reap the benefits of standing while working, a portable workstation may be the ideal cost-effective solution. 

Much cheaper than a standing desk, there is a broad array of converters available offering a wide variety of configurations. 

Height adjustable converters range from small compact manually adjusted stands accommodating a single laptop to robust heavy automated workstations. 

Being able to adjust the height allows for alternating between sitting and standing as well as accommodates people of varying heights. 


Downsizing and minimalist living is on the rise and with it, less space for large traditional office desks or a dedicated room for a home office. 

With businesses realising that remote work is a sustainable model and also hugely cost-saving, many offices are downsizing and co-working spaces are becoming increasingly popular. 

Portable desk stands vary in size but are significantly smaller than the average office desk taking up less space and allowing more versatility in how the workspace is configured.

Lightweight Foldable and Versatile

Numerous models can be placed on almost any flat surface and put away when not in use.

Having a desk that can be packed up and carried means potentially being able to work comfortably anywhere. 

For digital nomads or travelling business people there are several lightweight solutions that fold up easily, fit most laptop sizes and can be stashed neatly in a travel case or backpack. 

A step up from folding travel desks is the fold away minimalist solution suitable for home use or when moving from office to office. 

Still lightweight and easy to carry, portable standing laptop desks can be stored away easily in a cupboard or even slide under a bed.


For those who move from room to room within an office space, hospital ward or give presentations in a lecture hall, The smart solution is a portable standing desk on wheels.

Mobile stand desks range from a single fixed height desktop to sophisticated multi-level workstations with electronically-controlled adjustments and memory settings.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of a stand up portable desk are the same as those for any stand-up desk. For people not yet familiar with these benefits, here is a brief rundown. 


portable stand up desk

Poor posture can result in spinal dysfunction and chronic back pain and weakening or strain of posterior muscles resulting in tension headaches or at worst, curvature of the spine. 

A sit to stand desk set at the correct height for you improves posture strengthening the neck, back and leg muscles. 

Cardiovascular System 

A sedentary lifestyle reduces efficient blood flow. 

Furthermore, poor posture has a negative effect on lung capacity, reducing the amount of oxygen available for the heart and brain. 

Standing not only increases blood flow and encourages movement but also allows for better breathing, improving oxygen delivery to the heart.

Digestive System 

Slouching puts pressure on the stomach and can cause heartburn by forcing stomach acid back up the oesophagus. Lengthy sitting may decrease bowel motility leading to constipation.

Efficient digestion depends on good blood flow to the intestines as well as a function between the diaphragm and abdominal muscles. 

When we stand the diaphragm has space to move effectively and abdominal muscles are strengthened.  

A height-adjustable work desk encourages movement which not only encourages the movement of food through the digestive tract but also increases metabolism. 

Cognitive Function and Productivity

Long periods of sitting decrease blood flow and oxygen intake leading to drowsiness and lethargy. 

Research shows that standing increases blood circulation to the brain improving the uptake of oxygen and nutrients.

The physical activity that results from standing also improves long term cognitive function, alertness and increased productivity. 

stand up laptop desk

Who can Benefit from a Portable Adjustable Desk? 

From digital nomads hunched in hammocks or travellers in co-working spaces to the corporate executive, the recommendations for optimal working positions remain the same. 

The monitor should be at the natural line of sight and keyboard in a position where arms are at a 90 degree angle and wrists straight with the head, torso and legs aligned. 

So anybody who works in a non-traditional workspace or who alternates between workspaces may benefit from a folding desk for laptops. 

The spectrum of professions for which a portable standing desk is suitable is vast. It includes: 

  • People who alternate between working at home and the office 
  • Those who work from home and work in more than one room of the house
  • People who need to work while on holiday 
  • A doctor who works in more than one practice.  
  • Gamers who spend hours sitting in front of screens
  • Teachers who move from student to student in a classroom.
  • During stocktaking where employees would benefit from a mobile laptop

How to Choose a Portable Adjustable Desk

Which standing desk solution you choose will depend on your budget, workspace and requirements.

It’s a no-brainer if you are a traveller to choose a light foldable stand that fits in a backpack and is quickly and easily set up on a desktop or counter. 

If you already have a good quality desk, it makes sense to invest in a desk converter for an easy  standing desk modification. Be aware that some are heavy and although portable, are better suited to a semi-permanent position. 

There are numerous variables to consider when choosing a desk. 

  • What is the weight capacity of the desk? 
  • What is the desktop surface size? Do you have a lot of paperwork or multiple monitors?
  • What is the weight of the desk if you have to move it?
  • Can the desk easily fit through passageways and doorways?
  • Do you require storage space for documents or personal items?
  • What is the lift mechanism? Will a hand-cranked desk work for you or will you benefit from exploring  how electric standing desks work?.

And of course, ensure that all-important space for a cup of coffee.

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