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Triple the Efficiency: Reviewing the Top 4 Standing Desks for Three Monitors

Best Standing Desk For 3 Monitors

Standup desks are known for their numerous health benefits, including reducing back pain and improving circulation, posture, and even concentration. They are fantastic to use in an office or even while working from home and can help you to improve your productivity. 

Another way to improve productivity is using a triple monitor setup. It can help you to have all of your necessary documents, web pages, or programs open at once on separate monitors. So, if you combine the benefits of standing desks with the increased productivity levels of a triple monitor setup, you may find a significant improvement in your work performance. 

But how do you know if your setup will fit on a standing desk or converter? And, if it does fit, will your desk be able to withstand the weight of your equipment? Our list of the 4  best standing desks for multiple monitors takes all the guesswork out of your search, leaving you to focus on your work. 

4 Best Standing Desks For 3 Monitors

UpDown Desk PRO Series Manual Standing Desk

If you’re looking for a standing desk that is sturdy, reliable, and budget-friendly, then the  UpDown PRO Manual desk is for you. 

This manual desk uses an easy hand-crank height adjustment mechanism. Because it doesn’t use electricity, you can use the PRO Manual anywhere you want. It is also a fantastic choice for a triple monitor setup because of the various size options and the incredible weight capacity. 

The PRO Manual is available in 120cm, 150cm, or 180cm wide and 75cm deep. Because you’ll need a larger space if you’re using 3 monitors, you may want to opt for either the 150cm or 180cm size variants. 

With an 80kg weight capacity, the PRO Manual can also easily lift all of your equipment with perfect stability, so you won’t have to worry about wobbling or the risk of damage to your setup. 

The desk has a height adjustment range of between 70 cm and 118 cm, making it perfect for users of almost any height. You can also raise or lower the desk by 12 mm per crank rotation.

Having a desk that fits your home or work office aesthetic is essential, and with the PRO Manual, you’ll have all the customisation you could want. With either a sleek black or cool white frame, the desk comes with various desktop finishes. Some of these finishes include Bamboo, beech or white melamine, Australian Victorian ash, and many more. 


  • Affordable
  • Customisable
  • Quick setup
  • Good weight capacity

Who It Works For 

The PRO Manual is ideal for anyone looking for a reliable manual standing desk that is sturdy and budget-friendly. 

Humanscale Float Height Adjustment Desk

The  Humanscale Float is a manual standing desk that uses a counterbalance mechanism to help you adjust your desk effortlessly. The counterbalance system generates a steady counter-weighing force, allowing the surface to transition seamlessly from standing to sitting height and back.

best sit stand desk for 3 monitors

To adjust the height of your desk, all you need to do is apply pressure to the front right corner of the desktop and watch as the desk floats into position. The counterbalance system prevents uncontrolled drops while safely supporting the weight of your equipment and creates a smooth, controlled movement. 

The Humanscale Float comes in two sizes that are both ideal for a triple monitor setup. The two desktop size options are 150cm x 75cm, or 180cm x 75cm. It comes with a height range of between 68cm to 120cm without the desktop. 

With a 60kg weight capacity, the Humanscale can lift all of your equipment with ease. It can also fit seamlessly into your office and comes with a white frame and desktop made of either white melamine, beech melamine, or a gorgeous natural bamboo finish. 


  • Effortless adjustment
  • Available in two size options
  • Good weight capacity
  • Stylish design 

Who It Works For

The Humanscale Float is the ideal pick for anyone looking for a manual standing desk that uses less effort than a hand-crank adjustment system. 

UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Standing Desk

The  UpDown PRO Electric Series is our top pick for the best overall standing desk for your office. Not only is it easy to use, but it is sleek and stylish to fit almost any environment. 

These standing desks use an electric dual-motor height adjustment system and remains stable even in use. At only 40 decibels, it’s also extremely quiet when in motion, even when it is at its whopping 150kg weight capacity. 

When the desk is in motion, it has an anti-collision mechanism and raises at 32mm per second. The PRO Electric has a height adjustment range of 61.5cm to 127cm. 

Adjusting your desk is a breeze thanks to the 4 height memory systems built into your desk, and it will automatically go into sleep or standby mode after 15 seconds of non-use. 

Like the PRO Manual, the PRO Electric comes in 3 sizes. The best sizes for a triple monitor setup are 150cm x 75cm or 180cm x 75cm. 

With a black or white frame and sleek messmate desktop, you can be sure that the PRO Electric will suit any office.


  • Manual height adjustment mechanism
  • 4 height memory settings
  • Anti-collision mechanism
  • Auto standby to save power

Who It Works For 

The PRO Electric is ideal for people looking for a quick, quiet, and robust electric standing desk. It’s also great for anyone wanting effortless height adjustment and a large weight capacity. 

UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Corner Standing Desk

The  PRO Electric Corner is the ultimate electric standing desk for a corner office or cubicle. With two configurable desktops, the desk can easily accommodate a triple monitor setup, as well as other desk accessories and equipment.

UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Corner Standing Desk 

The desktops are 180 cm and 120 cm wide, respectively, and 75 cm deep. The overall dimensions of the standard L-shaped configuration are 195 cm x 180 cm x 75 cm. With such a spacious desktop, you can utilise your workspace however you like, and even add some fun and useful decor onto your desk.

If it is distributed evenly across the entire desk, the PRO Electric Corner can accommodate up to 200 kgs of weight. The desk also has a 150 kg weight capacity between its legs. 

The PRO Electric Corner has a height range that will suit almost any height and can be adjusted between 64cm to 129cm. 


  • Good for corner offices or cubicles
  • Good weight capacity
  • Ideal for large work equipment setups

Who It Works For

The PRO Electric Corner is ideal for anyone wanting a bigger setup, or who needs to fit their standing desk into a corner. 

Best Standing Desk For 3 Monitors FAQs

What standing desks are best for 3 monitors?

There are several  types of standing desks on the market, but choosing the right one for a triple monitor setup can be difficult. 

While some standing desk converters have monitor attachments for multiple monitors, converters are generally less sturdy when it comes to bearing a heavier weight capacity. 

The best type of desk would be a full standing desk. Generally, these types of desks have larger work surfaces and so are better suited to hold more equipment. They also have a higher weight capacity, making it easier for you to store your monitors and other equipment on one surface. 

What is the difference between a single and a dual motor standing desk?

When looking at  standing desk single vs dual motor options, you may be wondering how it affects the overall performance of your desk. 

a standing desk for three monitors

Single motor standing desks are generally more dependable than dual motor standing workstations and have enough lifting capacity for most applications. This is because standing desk motors use two hall sensors. 

The hall sensors detect the number of revolutions the motor has completed as well as the direction of those revolutions. The data is subsequently transmitted through wires to the control box, which serves as the desk's memory.

The desk's current height, programmed height locations, container stops, and other features will all be calculated and monitored by the control box. This is true for the majority of commercial-grade standing desks, regardless of how many motors they have. So, opting for a dual motor over a single motor may not necessarily mean that you’re purchasing a better product. 

What is the difference between pneumatic and electric standing desks?

There are a number of options when it comes to the mechanics of a standing desk, and so telling the difference between a  pneumatic vs electric standing desk can be difficult. 

Pneumatic desks are raised and lowered manually, but because of the gas and spring mechanics, the desk is effortless to adjust. Electric desks, on the other hand, require no manual adjustment and can be raised or lowered by the simple press of a button. 

Both of the desks are quiet, but an electric desk has a much smoother operation when adjusting because of its motors. This means there is also little to no balance disruption when changing the height settings of your desk. An electric standing desk can also be programmed to perfectly adjust itself to your pre-determined settings, giving you the ideal height every time. 

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