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Why Are Standing Desks So Expensive?

June 10, 2022

Why Are Standing Desks So Expensive

Standing desks are certainly a costly investment. A budget-friendly standing desk can cost about $130 to $200, whereas a premium standing desk can cost more than $400.

We take a look at the main reasons why standing desks are so expensive to ease any concerns you may have before buying one.

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Cost of Standing Desks Explained

Components Used To Modify The Desk’s Height

The Legs

why are stand up desks so expensive

A standing desk’s legs are designed so that you can raise and lower the desk to a height that suits you. Unlike a conventional desk, the legs require much more time and material investment. 

The legs need to be able to support the desk’s weight at various heights, so they have to be made from quality material.

If you want to know more about height adjustability, read through  standing desk tips.

The Motors

why is a stand up desk so expensive

Some standing desks include mechanisms that allow you to raise and lower the desk’s height. 

Even more advanced desks use memory presets that allow you to save your height preferences onto the system so you can call up a prefered height at any time. These components have an important impact on the product’s cost.

It should be noted that an electric motor standing desk will cost you a lot more than a standing desk converter or hand-crank standing desk.

Because of their changing centre of gravity,  standing desks can become wobbly when raised to a higher position. It’s hard to make a wobble-tolerant standing desk at an affordable price given the expensive materials that are needed to make them. 

Consequently, the motors need to be expensive because they need to be smooth and lift heavy weights. 

The Tabletop

are standing desks expensive

Another key component of a standing desk is the quality of the tabletop. Natural wood is harder to source and costly. For this reason, manufacturers tend to use hardwood tabletops as opposed to other wood alternatives and composites.

With regards to the standing desks’ warranty, it can be between 7 to 10 years, but a good  standing desk should last up to 20 years with ease.

In essence, standing desks are expensive because the manufacturers use solid wood table tops and quality electric motors for height modifications. 

The Market Is Not Competitive

More companies build conventional tables and desks than invest in pricey standing desk manufacturing.

Because of this, there also aren’t many suppliers and supporting industries that help to keep the cost of building the furniture down. Unfortunately, this means the cost is ultimately passed down the line to the consumer. 

As the competition continues to pick up, there will be more suppliers, fabricators, and logistics companies that can meet the niche needs of the standing desk market.


Most companies sell standing desks online and few sell their products at physical stores. As a result, many companies opt for door-to-door shipping.

Shipping furniture is pricey. This problem is compounded with standing desks, as they’re heavy pieces of furniture that require a lot of fuel and space to transport.

So you can expect to pay a high price for the shipping of a standing desk.

Even if the manufacturer offers to ship their product for free, the cost of the shipping is generally worked into the standing desk’s price.

Luckily,  standing desks are tax-deductible in the right circumstances, so you can justify such a hefty purchase. 

Product Research And Quality Checks

If manufacturers want to define a warranty of the standing desk, they need to send the standing desk through several quality checks.

The making of a standing desk requires the testing of materials, motors, desk stability, strength, and durability.

These quality checks take a lot of time and effort. On the upside, this ensures that the end product is of the best possible quality.

If you want a more in-depth understanding of the process, take a look at  how standing desks are made.

The Ergonomic Benefits

The ergonomics of standing desks explains why  they are so popular.

Standing desks are greatly beneficial to one’s physical health, as they are designed to provide advantages to your posture, circulation, and mood.

They give you the opportunity of adding more movement to your day while being productive at your desk.

These benefits simply can’t be enjoyed with a standard office desk. That explains why standing desks are expensive.

If you want to know more about the benefits that a standing desk converter can offer, check out  Is a standing desk converter worth it?

The Demand Is Higher

The standing desk is growing in popularity due to its health benefits.

Many big businesses are incorporating standing desks into their offices. The goal is to create a more active and productive work environment for their employees.

When it comes to the law of supply and demand, it’s not surprising to see the price of the desks increase.

And as the market is less competitive, there are few manufacturers on the market to meet the demand. 

To Conclude

Standing desks are more costly than conventional desks due to their health advantages and expensive components.

You can find a standing desk that fits your needs, but you need to be aware that you will pay more.

If you’re considering purchasing a standing desk, read  What do I need to know about standing desks?

Why Are Standing Desks So Expensive FAQs

What Types of Standing Desks Exist?

There are several types of standing desks available on the market, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

These include standing desk converters, fixed-height desks, hand-crank standing desks, and electric motor standing desks. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Standing Desk?

A standing desk eases bodily aches and pains, helps to control blood sugar levels, lowers the risk of heart diseases, and improves posture.

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