Trial Your UpDown Desk

100 Day Trial Of PRO Series Desks - FREE Returns

UpDown Desk offer a risk-free, 100 Day Money Back Guarantee on all PRO Series electric and manual standing desks. This enables you to experience the quality of our standing desks first hand, with complete peace of mind. What's more, we'll pay for the cost of the shipping if you need to return your product!

The conditions of the 100 Day money back guarantee are:

  1. The 100 day period begins from, and including, the day that your desk is delivered to your nominated address. 
  2. We will organise a courier pickup and email you shipping labels (at our cost).
  3. The products cannot be damaged or modified by the customer and must be returned in the original packaging materials (protective cardboard packers and plastic bags). We may make a reasonable deduction from the refunded amount if this is not the case. Drilling the required screw holes for the controller or cable tray, or modifications by the UpDown Desk team (including drilled grommet holes) are not considered a modification, and are permitted under the return policy.
  4. ​Only valid for the original purchaser.
  5. Refunds apply to the cost of the products only. Refunds will be processed when the desk is returned to our warehouse. Installation fees and original shipping cost (if applicable) will not be refunded.
  6. ​Does not apply to custom products or to orders totalling 3 or more desks for the same purchaser / delivery location.