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Ergotron WorkFit TX Sit Stand Workstation

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The Ergotron WorkFit TX sit stand desk sits on top of your existing desktop and turns into a fully functional ergonomic sit stand workstation. The WorkFit TX is very similar to the WorkFit TL, however it features a drop-down keyboard tray for improved ergonomics.


Desk converters have limitations! Make your Existing fixed desk fully height adjustable.  

An alternative to using a desk converter is to convert your existing desk to a fully adjustable standing desk. This solution utilises your existing desktop with UpDown Desk PRO Series frame.

Converting your old desk into a fully adjustable sit stand desk is quick and easy. It allows you to retain your existing desktop without the need for adding a large bulky desktop converter to your workspace. Moreover, it also comes with the added benefit of better stability, ensures all your belongings are on the same working level and it can be more cost effective!

How to convert your existing desk into a fully adjustable sit/stand desk is discussed here

Our resident physiotherapist Pauline Wegrzyn, Master of Physical Therapy (University of Toronto), discusses the ergonomic benefits of a fully adjustable standing desk versus a desk converter here

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