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Metal Cable Hole Grommets

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These stylish Metal Cable Hole Grommets allow you to maintain a clear, clean workspace by allowing you to route cables through your desk.

When you order this product, we drill two holes in your desktop (that is in the same order) as per the pictured diagram. The desk will come with 2 metal cable hole grommets of your colour choice.

Note that if you choose this modification, your desktop will not be eligible for the 30-Day Trial guarantee. All other items in your order will still be eligible, including the desk frame.

  • Grommets accommodate a wide variety of cable sizes. The centre section of the grommet lifts out to allow you easily put cables through (including powerpoint plugs).
  • Available in black and white (colour matched to the PRO Series desk frames).
  • Grommets reduce the chance of cables becoming caught while your desk is raised or lowered.
  • A cable tray (purchased separately) can be installed underneath the desk, directly between the 2 holes allowing for a neat cable management arrangement.

The 2 grommets are positioned as per the diagram below for all desktop sizes.

Lead time is approx 3 business days for us to install the Metal Cable Hole Grommets into your desktop.

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