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Standing Desk Balance Board vs. Mat

December 24, 2021

standing desk balance board vs mat

Some people say that standing desk balance boards are the best. Others passionately claim that the versatility of mats reign superior.

In this fierce battle of standing desk balance board vs. mat, who is right and best? We set out to settle the debate once and for all.

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What This Article Covers:

Standing Desk Balance Board Vs. Mat: Head-to-head

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So, this expertise places us in the perfect position to be an objective, fantastic judge in the hotly debated topic of balance boards vs. mats. 

Before we can finally judge which is the best for your standing desk, let’s discover what a balance board and an anti-fatigue mat are supposed to do.

What’s The Purpose of a Balance Board?

Balance boards are fantastic if you’ll be working and standing at your desk for long periods. You can avoid standing in the same position for hours with a balance board.

After all, when you’re standing in the same position for too long, it can quickly get uncomfortable and even painful. 

standing desk balance board and mat

When standing becomes uncomfortable or painful, you won’t be gaining any benefits from using a standing desk.

So, a balance board is excellent for helping you alter your position throughout the day. Plenty of people also use balance boards to help them with balance training.

You also improve your overall coordination and control when you’re improving your balance—both of which are essential for helping to manage stress and improve agility.

However, most balance boards tend to be complicated and tricky to master. 

When shopping for a balance board, it’s also essential to look at the weight limits. Each type of balance board has a different weight limit. 

Balance boards are also not suitable for the entire family. Since there is an inherent risk of injury with balance boards, it’s best for people with a certain degree of mobility and fitness level to use a balance board.

Luckily, despite these limitations, there are some pretty impressive benefits to buying a balance board for your standing desk.

Balance Board Benefits

A balance board is a fantastic exercise tool. It lets you have a workout while at your standing desk. Typically, a balance board will help you improve your balance.

While minor benefits might be having a more comfortable standing experience, it’s pretty clear that you’ll be working on your agility. 

You’ll have to maintain a certain degree of focus throughout using a balance board to gain the maximum benefit from your workout session.

Since a balance board can be a demanding exercise tool, we subtract one point.

What’s The Purpose of an Anti-fatigue Mat?

standing desk balance board or mat

An anti-fatigue mat serves a similar purpose to a balance board. It helps to make your standing experience a pleasant and comfortable one.

Unlike balance boards, though, an anti-fatigue mat is comfortable and easier to use. Typically, anti-fatigue mat manufacturers will use a soft, spongy material.

This material is great if you have to stand on a hard surface, such as concrete, timber, or firm carpets. It’ll keep your sensitive feet feeling comfortable throughout the day.

Typically, these mats are also easier to use. They offer a less intense standing experience than ordinary balance boards. 

You also don’t have to worry about weight limits when shopping for the perfect anti-fatigue mat. Since they aren’t an exercise tool, like a balance board is, they are safe for the entire family to use.

We find that anti-fatigue mats are perfect for anyone that isn’t allowed to use balance boards at the office. 

Some businesses prohibit using balance boards at work since they can be a health liability. You don’t have to worry about taking a fall when using an anti-fatigue mat.

We give anti-fatigue mats an extra point here since they are so safe to use.

So, not only are they safer and easier to use, but anti-fatigue mats also provide us with some fantastic benefits.


Anti-fatigue Mat Benefits

Unlike a balance board, an anti-fatigue mat isn’t an exercise tool. An anti-fatigue mat prevents your feet and legs from feeling tired after long hours of standing. 

An anti-fatigue mat also ensures that your feet have a softer, more comfortable environment while standing.

When using an anti-fatigue mat, you don’t need to worry about your concentration levels wavering and falling over. They provide a comfortable experience, no matter what you do.

Now that we understand the purpose and the benefits of each standing desk accessory let’s look at how versatile they are.

How Versatile Is a Balance Board?

Unfortunately, a balance board isn’t very versatile. If you want to use a balance board, you’ll have to maintain a certain degree of focus throughout the day.

If your focus wavers, you may end up falling and hurting yourself. Sadly, we find that a balance board may only end up being a distraction at work.

You’ll spend more time focusing and surfing on your balance board than working. Being distracted like this will limit your productivity. There goes that promotion!

So, it would seem that the best way to use a balance board is for a couple of minutes when your workload is somewhat less, and you have some free time available to yourself.

Unfortunately, this makes a balance board limited in how often you can use it.

How Versatile Is an Anti-fatigue Mat?

An anti-fatigue mat is far more versatile than a balance board. Unlike a balance board, you don’t have to maintain a certain concentration level when using it. 

They work so well because they constantly encourage your feet and legs to move to adapt to their soft surface. 

Standing desk anti-fatigue balance board vs mat

The anti-fatigue mat can also help you maintain a healthy posture. When using an anti-fatigue mat, you spread your body’s weight evenly throughout the feet. 

Since these mats are pretty lightweight, it’s easy to pick them up and move them out of the way when you want to lower your standing desk to sit down.

Even while sitting down, you’ll still be able to use an anti-fatigue mat. This versatility makes them better than balance boards, and we score the anti-fatigue mat another point.

Rounding Up

We have a clear idea of what a balance board is and how an anti-fatigue mat works. We’ve gone through the pros and cons of each standing desk accessory. 

So, here’s the final roundup in the debate of standing desk balance board vs. mat:

A Balance Board:

  • It is an exercise tool
  • Has weight limitations
  • Can cause injury
  • The entire family can’t use it
  • It is excellent for improving balance and agility
  • It offers a comfortable standing experience
  • Requires a degree of focus to use, which can cause a dip in your productivity

An anti-fatigue mat:

  • Isn’t an exercise tool
  • Has no weight limitations
  • It is safe and easy to use
  • The entire family can use it
  • It is excellent for looking lowering feelings of fatigue when standing
  • It offers a comfortable standing experience
  • It puts no strain on you and lets you concentrate on work

The Verdict - The Anti-fatigue Mat Wins

While both products are fantastic standing desk accessories, it’s clear that an anti-fatigue mat is a more versatile and friendly product. 

Suppose you require an intense workout session while at your standing desk, then a balance board is a great choice. It can help you maintain your fitness levels and improve your agility.

However, for long periods of hard work, when you need to perform at your utmost best, you have no choice but to go with an anti-fatigue mat. 

An anti-fatigue mat can help you perform at your best and increase your endurance over time. It’s also pretty accessible to a wide variety of people, no matter their fitness levels.

In this debate, the anti-fatigue mat scores an easy win.

Our Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve settled the debate between balance boards and mats, it’s time for you to check out some other hotly debated topics. 

We’ve settled debates such as the standing desk vs. ergonomic chair debate and the classic standing desk vs. exercise ball conundrum. Soon you’ll be as knowledgeable as us. 

Happy standing! 

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