Omnidesk, Desky vs. UpDown Standing Desk Frames: How They Compare

Customers regularly compare our desks to those of our competitors. And why wouldn’t they? In fact, we highly recommend customers doing thorough research first before committing to such a big investment.

We’ve tabulated all the data that’s available online and put it into a quick reference guide below for a range of comparable electric adjustable standing desk frames. For a comparison to IKEA or Officeworks desks, please refer to: Standing Desk Comparison - IKEA and Officeworks

Company & model UpDown Desk PRO Series Omnidesk Pro Zenspace Desk Pro Desky Dual
100% Australian owned YES NO (Singapore Based) YES YES
Native Australian timber desktop options (locally sourced and manufactured) YES NO NO NO
Weight rating (static) 160kg 140kg 140kg 140kg
Weight rating (dynamic) 150kg 140kg (recommend 100kg) 140kg 140kg
Frame weight 41kg 35.5kg 36kg 36kg
Standard frame warranty 10 years 7 years (+3  with conditions) 10 years 10 years limited
Change of mind policy 100 day trial, 100% money back guarantee 100 day trial period NO change of mind policy offered 7 days
FREE shipping on returns YES-Australia wide YES-Melb, Syd, Bris, Adel, metro areas only N/A NO
Max desktop width


(longer options available)

182.5cm 220cm


(longer options available)

Min desktop width 105cm 120cm 110cm 110cm
Dual motors YES YES YES YES
Min height 61.5cm 60cm 60.5cm 60cm
Max height 127.5cm 125cm 125cm 125cm

Note: This data has been checked and internally verified as being accurate at the time of publishing (March 2021). If you find anything to be inaccurate, please CONTACT US immediately.

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Useful notes:

Frame weight: Frame weight should be an important consideration when doing research into standing desks. Extra weight helps to improve stability and reduce the likelihood of the desk moving around.

Weight rating: Whilst most people never load their desks to even half of its rating, it’s important to know what the desk is capable of. This is for 2 reasons. Firstly, just in case a higher load is required and secondly it tells you at what duty the desk is running at. For example, if you load your desk up with 70kgs, on a desk rated 130kgs, that’s 54% of its capacity; more than half. For the same load on a 150kg rated desk, that’s only 46%. What this tells you is that the desk is not ‘working’ as hard.

Static rating refers to the maximum allowable load of the desk when stationary.

Dynamic rating refers to the maximum allowable load of the desk when moving up or down.

Max width: This is usually the maximum allowable size of a desktop on a frame, taking into consideration overhangs and how those overhangs can affect stability when loaded up.

Min width: This is usually dictated by the minimum size the desk frame can be adjusted to.

Warranty: Warranty terms and conditions can be difficult to decipher. Just make sure you read the fine print. Some warranty conditions don’t cover everything and are easily overlooked by the consumer, eg return shipping is sometimes not included.

Returns policy/Change of mind: As with warranty, there’s often “get out” clauses that render returns almost useless. Be sure to read the fine print. In our experience, 2-3 working weeks is ample time with which to get used to your setup and really give the desk a thorough test.

Current ownership: The above details are the actual owners to the best of our knowledge. Whilst each company will have an Australian presence, an Australian website and an ABN, it does not mean they are owned by Australians or indeed profits remain in Australia.