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Monitor Arm

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Get your computer screen exactly where you need to see it by using one of our Monitor Arms. The Monitor Arm clamps securely and easily to the desk and can be adjusted to the perfect position for your viewing. It also has the advantage of keeping your desk space clear so you can maximise the productive desk space you have available to use.


  • Clamp on to edge of desk for easy, secure installation
  • Ball joint design (360° rotation,±30° tilt)
  • Monitor weights up to 8kgs
  • Fixed height post: 325mm
  • Front end height adjuster as standard, 150mm travel
  • Arm length 500mm from post to screen
  • Monitor can sit flush with the back of the desk if required
  • Integral cable management
  • Monitor quick release mechanism
  • 75/100 mm VESA bracket (Note: please check sizing. See image with dimensions)
  • Not suitable for monitors with a recessed VESA mounting point


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

UpDown Desks Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company. When you contact us, you're dealing directly with the owners based in Melbourne.

A computer monitor arm makes extra room on the desk it also allows for easy adjustment and positioning of the monitor. Ensure that the mounting point for the monitor on the monitor arm fits the monitor.

A computer monitor arm is a arm on which you can mount a monitor and then attach the arm securely to your desk. It makes extra room on the desk and also allows for esy positioning of the monitor. Ensure that the mounting point for the monitor arm fits the monitor.

A monitor arm's cost depends on the quality of the product and whether the arm is for one monitor or for two. A typical cost for one monitor arm is $149 and $249 for a monitor arm for two monitors.

How much weight a monitor arm can hold depends on the monitor arm that is being used. A quality monitor arm, for example, may allow for monitors up to 12kgs in weight.

To connect the monitor to the arm you screw the monitor to the bracket provided. The screws are part of the kit.

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