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11 Best Budget Standing Desks: Optimize Your Workspace With Minimum Investment

best budget standing desk

Looking for the best budget desk to suit your needs is difficult. There are so many options available and finding the right match can prove to be challenging. The list below provides you with many great budget desk and standing desk converter options. 

Each option below provides unique features and benefits to suit your working needs. Some options are perfect for upgrading your home office and other options would be a great addition to your office space.

You’re sure to find what you are looking for below. Our excellent selection of options covers all your needs. Items range from manual standing desks to electric standing desks, packed with many amazing features.

Best Budget Standing Desk (Our Review)

UpDown Desk Pro Series Manual Standing Desk

Switch easily between sitting and standing with our simple  Pro Series Manual Standing Desk. Turn the crank to your preferred height and start working immediately. This budget standing desk requires no extra cabling or electricity.

Sitting at your computer all day can become a burden to your health and hamper your levels of creativity and productivity. Our affordable ergonomic manual crank desk provides various benefits including an increase in mental wellbeing and various physical benefits.

Improve your work experience by sitting and standing while working. The spacious desk has space for all your important work equipment and there is also space for drawers underneath the desk.

Our durable desktops come in three different sizes, ensuring the right fit for you. The frame can also be purchased on its own. If you already own your own desktop, then this option is ideal for you. The sturdy standing desks are wobble-free and have a loading weight of 80kg.

Setting the desk up is a quick and easy process with our manual and video instructions. You can also purchase the  best standing desk accessories such as our sturdy desk drawers and monitor arms.

Are you standing on harder surfaces that hurt your feet? Use our  floor mats for standing desks to take the added stress off your knees, legs and feet.

The frame comes with a 10-year warranty to ensure customer satisfaction as a sign of our confidence in the product.


  • Requires no cables or electricity
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Wobble-free and have a loading weight of 80kg
  • Impressive 10-year warranty

Best Motorized Standing Desk (Our Review)

UpDown Desk PRO Electric Standing Desk - Adjustable Width (Frame Only) 

The easily adjustable  UpDown Desk PRO Electric Standing Desk is the perfect addition to your workspace. Easily switch between sitting and standing with the push of a single button. The control panel comes with four height memory buttons to easily save your various height preferences.

best affordable standing desk

The well-built dual-monitor mechanism makes practically no noise, ensuring a smooth change between heights. The height memory buttons make this a great option for multiple users. If you already own a desktop, then purchasing the frame only would be suitable to set up your new workspace.

This is one of the  best standing desks for under 1000 AUD and offers incredible stability with a maximum height of up to 127cm. The electric desks are available in both black and white to suit your aesthetic needs.

With a lifting capacity of 150kg and a built-in anti-collision system, you can rest assured that you’ll have this piece of furniture for a long time. 

The  adjustable desk width is adjustable between 105cm and 240cm. To ensure customer satisfaction, our motorized standing desk comes with a 10-year guarantee.


  • Maximum height of 127cm
  • 150kg weight rating
  • Control panel comes with four height memory buttons
  • Comes with a 10-year guarantee

Best Standing Desk For The Money (Our Review)

UpDown Desk Pro Series Electric Standing Desk With Melamine Desktop 

The  PRO Series Electric Standing Desk with Melamine Desktop allows you to easily switch between sitting and standing. Features include four height memory buttons to save height settings, making this a great option for both shorter and taller users.

The dual-monitor mechanism works like a dream to ensure that the transition between heights makes zero noise and is seamless. Upgrading to a melamine desktop standing desk means that your purchase lasts for a long time, giving you great value for money.

The best-rated sit-stand desk is spacious enough to include all your important work items such as laptops, monitors and keyboards. There is also plenty of space underneath the desk for our quality selection of metal and bamboo drawers.

Our melamine desktop is available in two great finishes - beech and white. The durable surface will provide you with a great quality option that will last for many years to come. This affordable option comes in three different sizes to suit your workspace, big or small.

Don’t worry about wobbly desks. Our electric standing desks are well-built and wobble-free. Not to mention that the desk has a 150kg loading capacity. Work comfortably at any height without the fear of distraction due to a shoddy wobbly desk.


  • Four height memory buttons to save height settings
  • Melamine desktop is durable and will last years
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Our desk has a 150kg loading capacity

Best Work From Home Standing Desk (Our Review)

UpDown Desk Pro Series Electric Standing Desk With Bamboo Desktop 

This is our most popular eco-friendly option. The  PRO Series Electric Desk Bamboo Desktop is fully compostable and biodegradable. Available in three different sizes, these stand-up desks are an extremely popular option for both home offices and commercial offices.

best standing desks for home office

The gorgeous bamboo desktop is pleasing to the eye as it has a natural finish with rounded corners so you don’t have to worry about knocking into the corners of the table. 

The minimalist design is well-built and wobble-free. All your equipment and stationery will be safe as houses on the bamboo desktop. It even has an impressive 150kg lifting capacity so there’s no worry that the motor will burn out.

With a built-in anti-collision system this desk functions perfectly at any height. The anti-collision system ensures your safety and the safety of the items on your desk. 

Installation is quick and easy thanks to the simple and comprehensive video and instructions provided. To further illustrate our confidence in the product, the frame comes with an impressive 10-year warranty.

This sustainable material will last for many years to come. Other great features include the control panel with four height memory buttons which can save your favourite height settings.

Perfect for the whole family thanks to the impressive features, the electric standing desk comes with a dual-monitor mechanism to ensure that changing heights is a breeze. Due to the nature of the material, users should take extra care of the bamboo desktop.

Because bamboo is a biodegradable material, it can be damaged easier than plastic. Store your bamboo desk in a dry area to avoid damage and mildew which will diminish the lifespan of the desk. It is also advisable to wipe your desk down with a damp cloth from time to time.


  • Bamboo is 100% eco-friendly
  • Frame has a 10-year warranty
  • Available in three different sizes
  • 150kg lifting capacity

High-Quality Standing Desk (Our Review)

UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Corner Standing Desk Frame Only 

The  PRO Series Electric Corner Desk comes with no desktop but offers excellent flexibility between 90 and 180 degrees. 

The adjustable-height desk has an incredible lifting weight of 200kg, making it one of our most sturdy options available.

This is the perfect option if you usually work in a corner at home or your office. The standing desk is perfect for bigger and smaller spaces due to its excellent range of flexibility.

Available in both black and white, this versatile option would be a perfect fit for any home or work office. Other great features include the control panel which has a four memory height function, thus making it perfect for anyone between 150cm and 200cm tall.

The quality electric standing desk has a built-in anti-collision system as well as a sturdy steel frame to keep it wobble-free. Melamine or bamboo desktops can also be additionally bought to fit the frame.


  • Flexible between 90 and 180 degrees
  • Height ranges between 64cm and 129cm
  • Lifting weight is 200kg 
  • Available in black and white

Best Looking Standing Desk (Our Review)

UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Standing Desk With Acacia Desktop 

best motorized standing desk

With beautiful colour tones ranging from gold to brown, the  Acacia Electric Standing Desk makes for an excellent purchase. The desk surface is clear and 2.5cm thick. Features include a control panel with four height memory buttons making adjusting your table a breeze.

The quality desk is sturdy and wobble-free and can go up to a height of 127cm. Setup is incredibly easy and takes anywhere between 20 and 25 minutes. The acacia desktop surface could dent easily so using a protective surface is highly recommended.

All the acacia desktops come from FSC certified forests that ensure ethical forest practices as well as treating employees fairly is put in place. The company has also implemented the DFE (design for the environment approach) to ensure the best sustainable and ethical business practices are implemented.

The frame comes with a 10-year warranty and has a 150kg lifting capacity. Since it’s available in three different sizes, these desks are perfect for home and work offices no matter how much space you have.

Our 100% eco-friendly option would provide the perfect upgrade to any workspace. Offering incredible value for money with all the great additional features and quality minimal design. Work without the stress of having an unstable desk that wobbles all the time.


  • Acacia desktops are 100% eco-friendly
  • Maximum height of 127cm
  • Frame has a 10-year warranty
  • 150kg lifting capacity

Best Standing Desk Converter (Our Review)

Ergotron WorkFit TL Sit-Stand Workstation

If you’re looking for a budget option for a standing desk, a converter is a great place to start. This top-rated  standing desk converter is one of the most popular and best-selling options on the market. The  WorkFit TL requires no assembly since it’s ready to use straight out the box. 

This high-quality product is perfect for smaller offices as it does not take up a lot of space.

The workstation is available in both black and white with optional single or dual monitors available. For this specific model, UpDown Desk offers the best price in Australia. It also comes with a 5-year warranty.

Important features include 15 various height levels with a maximum height of 38cm. The workstation has a weight capacity of 18kg and the keyboard tray is 69cm wide, providing plenty of space.

The levers are also in the front of the workstation, making it easily adjustable. Free delivery is offered to various cities in Australia including Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra and Hobart.


  • Workstation requires no assembly
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Free delivery to various Australian cities

Inexpensive Standing Desk Converter For Home Office (Our Review)

Elevar Maxishift-E Electric Sit-Stand Workstation

Use one button to easily alternate between sitting and standing while you do your work. Add the workstation to your current desk to get all the benefits of using an adjustable standing desk. The workstation is adjustable to any height up to 59,5cm, ensuring you will find the sweet spot.

The versatile height adjustability allows the converter to be put on various desktops, including narrower ones. There is also plenty of space for your laptop or screen on the platform, with an adjustable keyboard tray added as well.

Monitor arms are also available for the sit-stand desk. Versatile with many different setups, this 45kg option is perfect for most people thanks to how adjustable it is. Options for the monitor arms are single and double mounts are also available at an extra cost.

This budget option comes without the hassle of assembly and is ready to use straight out of the box. The 5-year warranty will also ensure that you get great value for money for this great affordable option.


  • Adjustable to an impressive height of 59,5cm
  • Perfect for smaller workspaces
  • Requires no assembly
  • Impressive 5-year warranty

Best Standing Desk Converter For Two Monitors (Our Review)

Standesk Memory Electric Sit Stand Desk

best affordable standing desks

Enjoy all the benefits of having a sit-stand desk when using the  Standesk Memory Electric. Add it to your current desk and improve your workflow immediately. Switch between standing and sitting with the help of a single button.

This top-seller comes with a 3-height memory function that allows you to save your settings. Use the preset buttons to automatically switch to your height of choice. Adjusting the converter height is easy, thanks to the great sensors that come with this model.

With a massive lifting capacity of 50kg, this well-built beauty can easily withstand the weight of all your equipment. The work surface also has enough space for your laptop, keyboard, mouse and other accessories.

The standing desk converter is functional with one, two, or three monitor brackets.

Coming with a 5-year warranty, this option is incredibly easy to install and the sturdy construction ensures you will have a wobble-free workspace. Other awesome features include an anti-collision system to ensure the safety of the user and their items at all times.

The electric sit-stand desk comes with two separate workstations for the monitor and the keyboard. It is available in black or white and has an impressive desktop range of 10cm to 54cm.

Other impressive features include the automatic sleep and power setting to save electricity. Monitor arms are sold separately.


  • Desk has a 3-height memory function
  • Impressive lifting capacity of 50kg
  • Spacious work surface for all your equipment
  • 5-year warranty

Best Standing Desk Converter For A Corner Table (Our Review)

Ergotron WorkFit Corner Sit Stand Workstation

The  Ergotron WorkFit Corner Sit Stand Workstation was made specifically for the corner of an L-shaped desk. The spacious workstation can easily fit two big monitors as well as a keyboard. 

No assembly is needed. This sit-stand desk comes ready to use out of the box. It is the perfect option to upgrade your office.

Rising vertically, this workstation is perfect for people with smaller offices. The handles to adjust the height are conveniently available in the front of the workstation. Single or dual monitor arms can also be additionally added if needed.

UpDown Desk guarantees the best price for this model in the whole of Australia. With a weight capacity of 16kg, this converter can hold all your equipment. It also comes with a 5-year guarantee. Other impressive features include up to 39.6cm of vertical height adjustability.


  • Converter fits two large monitors and a keyboard
  • Model requires no assembly
  • Perfect for smaller spaces
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty

Best Adjustable Standing Desk Converter (Our Review)

Standesk Pro Memory Electric Sit Stand Desk

best budget sit stand desk

The  Standesk Pro Memory Electric Sit Stand Desk is an updated version of the popular Standesk Memory. It offers more surface space for your monitor and keyboard than its older brother.

The 3-height adjustment system saves your favourite settings and the up/down button allows you to easily adjust the height you would like to work at. With a built-in anti-collision system, this option keeps you and your setup safe from potential damage from knocking against anything in the way.

The automatic sleep and standby functions allow you to save electricity and touching a button will switch the unit back on. Most of the parts are already pre-assembled, making the assembly process for this option much easier.

The adjustable standing desk is suitable for up to three monitor brackets. The unit weighs 38kg and has an impressive maximum weight lifting limit of 50kg.

Other impressive features include the height range for the desktop which is 10cm to 54cm. The standing desk converter comes with a 5-year warranty. The pro version of this desk offers plenty of space, with two separate platforms for your monitor and keyboard. 

With this converter, you should consider investing in a  standing desk chair. These chairs go perfectly with any of the options available in this list. Benefits include a lifetime warranty and also an improvement to your spinal health.


  • Extra space
  • 3-height adjustment system
  • Weight lifting limit of 50kg
  • Desk comes with a 5-year warranty


Standing desks and converters provide many great benefits for your life. They offer a host of health benefits as well as improve your workflow. 

Upgrade your workspace and invest in your health today by choosing one of our excellent options above.

These options are the perfect upgrade to home and work offices. Some of the options available function better in either a home or a work office. Depending on your requirements some of the options available may be better suited to match your needs.

Standing desks offer great value for money, as they come with a host of positive benefits.

Best Budget Standing Desk FAQs

Are Standing Desks Better For Your Health?

Using a standing desk can improve both your circulation and your spinal health. A combination of standing and sitting while working is the best way to approach your daily work routine.

Other notable health benefits include higher levels of energy due to standing more throughout the day. This also leads to an increase in muscle tone in the areas like your back, leg muscles and core.

Using a standing desk can also aid in minimising weight gain. Standing desks also reduce back and neck pain. 

Do Standing Desks Improve Mental Health?

Working at a standing desk can improve concentration. It is also a good way to work for people who have ADHD and extra energy to burn. It also improves mood and self-esteem because there is an improvement in posture.

Using a stand-up desk can also improve the quality of work in the long run. Higher levels of mental clarity lead to better ideas and a better way of working.

How Much Do Standing Desks Cost?

The average price range of standing desks is between $500 and $2000. Entry-level, budget standing desks come in at an average of $500. The higher-priced standing desks come with extra features and are also made with higher quality materials.

How Long Do Standing Desks Last?

We provide a 5-year warranty for all of the options mentioned above, ensuring the customer receives great value for money. However, if the desks are taken well care of, they could even last up to an impressive twenty years in total.

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