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Is A Standing Desk Converter Worth It

June 10, 2022

Is a standing desk converter worth it

You may have heard of the many advantages that come with using a standing desk. If you want an ergonomically designed workstation, but do not want to spend too much money on a standing desk, then you should look into a standing desk converter.

Depending on your needs, a standing desk converter could be the solution to your back pain and poor posture.

This article will give you a better understanding of what a standing desk converter is and whether it deserves the hype.

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What This Article Covers:

What Is a Standing Desk Converter?

A standing desk converter is also referred to as a riser. It lets you transform a sitting desk into a standing one. 

This means you don’t need to replace your regular sitting desk because you can simply add a converter to your desk.

The standing desk converter allows you to comfortably shift between standing and sitting.

The Difference Between A Standing Desk Converter And Standing Desk

When choosing between a standing desk and a standing desk riser, you need to first know how you intend to use it.

Who Should Use A Standing Desk?

standing desk converter

Standing desks are recommended for anyone who spends most of their day sitting at a desk. A standing desk is perfect for you if you want to add a bit of movement to your day.

A desk riser is also more suitable for people who use a laptop for work. These units are not built to accommodate bulky computers. A converter can only support your monitor, laptop, and lamp.

This versatility explains why  standing desks are so popular among professionals and executives.


Easy To Set Up

Standing desk converters are excellent because they’re easy to set up. All you need to do is to switch up your workstation a bit.

Standing desk converters don’t replace your existing desk, so you don’t have to purchase a whole new setup. This is good news for anyone who’s attached to their current desk for whatever reason. 

An adjustable standing desk converter allows you to transform your desk quickly. If you’re too impatient to assemble a whole new unit and disrupt your work, then a standing desk converter is ideal for you.

A desk riser is also flexible, so you can just place it on top of any surface and experience all the benefits it has to offer.

In addition, a converter is portable. You can transform any surface or table that is high enough to use as a workstation. Simply pack it up and carry it with you wherever you go. 

If your standing desk riser is wobbly, read  “How do I stop my standing desk from wobbling?” 


Many customers go for the desk converters instead of the fully built standing desk because the price is reasonable. Even the most expensive riser in the market doesn’t cost as much as a standing desk.

Standing desks are so expensive because they require an involved construction process and valuable materials, whereas converters are much easier to build.

Standing desk converters are less pricey than buying a whole new desk, but you can stand or sit as you would with a full sit-stand desk.

It’s Good For You

Standing upright throughout definitely takes more effort than sitting. Some people use this to argue that standing desks help with weight loss.

While you do burn more calories standing than sitting down, there’s no evidence to suggest that it’s enough on its own to start weight loss. 

With that being said, a standing converter desk can still have a positive effect on your overall well-being.

Studies show that sitting for a long period can cause many health issues. These problems include shoulder and back pain, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and even cancer. Suffice it to say, being sat stationary for 8 hours every day does not bode well for your overall well-being.

If you use a standing desk converter, you’re forced to make small movements that prevent you from suffering the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Weight Loss

A standing desk converter can prevent excess weight gain if you eat a balanced diet and live a healthy lifestyle. But you can’t expect to lose weight just by standing. You will, however, be able to keep obesity at bay.

Lowers The Risk Of Heart Diseases 

A study found that sitting for prolonged periods can increase your risk of heart disease up to 147%.

When you alternate between standing and sitting throughout the day, you can potentially reverse the negative effects of heart diseases.

Reduced Back, Shoulder, and Neck Pain

If you are used to sitting frozen in your seat for hours on end, then you will most likely have strained muscles. For example, you might struggle with a sore neck and back.

As humans, we are not supposed to be sitting all day. You need some mobility throughout the day.

If you have a standing desk converter, you’ll feel your muscle aches subside. This is a result of less slumping and slouching in your chair and improved posture as you type on your computer.

Increased Productivity

how good is a standing desk converter

When you stand, you become automatically alert and can, in turn, do a lot more.

Moving a bit also has a positive effect on your overall mood. You will feel less stressed and fatigued when using a standing converter desk.

For these reasons, you will be more productive when working on a standing desk converter. Improved mood and higher energy levels mean you’ll be more engaged with your work and get more done in your day.

If you’re interested in the potential of standing desks being tax-deductible, check out  Are standing desks tax deductible?


Like any product, a standing desk converter has its issues.


Standing desk risers can only hold a laptop, keyboard, and monitor. The remaining spaces can only accommodate small objects, like a notepad, pens, or a mouse. 

If you need a bigger computer, you might want to opt for a standing desk.  

For example, if you are working on a big project that requires extra space, you will be confined to a lowered position. Since standing desk converters are designed for your immediate workplace, you’ll need to transition between the lower and higher position of your desk. 

This makes it difficult for you to transition between your laptop in the higher position and your documents in the lower.

It should be noted that some manufacturers offer models with bigger surfaces which helps to address some of these issues.

You also need to be aware of the weight limit of the model. Some desk risers are not built to carry heavier items, so you’re limited in terms of what you can store on your desk.

In addition, tasks that require fine motor skills are better to perform while seated. If your job requires such skills, then a standing desk converter may not be the best option for you.

It can be difficult to try and get finer details in work, such as technical drawing or design, with the limited desk space given to you by standing desk converters. This not only limits what you can do with your desk but makes working on it frustrating if you need more space.


Some people find standing desk converters to be unappealing. If the design is not your cup of tea, then you might want to opt for something different.  

Adjusting Can Be Difficult

Changing from sitting all day to standing can take some getting used to. It’s not easy  adjusting to a new standing desk, converter or otherwise.

If you make the sudden change from sitting to standing all day, you can develop back, leg, or foot pain. It’s recommended that you ease into it. 

While there’s no set limit, the general consensus is that you should switch between a sitting and standing position every two hours. If you’re still new, stand for half an hour for every two hours you spend sitting down. 

Takes Up Space

In essence, there is an additional bulky piece of equipment that is sitting on top of your desk. 

This takes up more room than it adds, although some converters include shelving or drawers to mitigate the issue. 

You might want to educate yourself on  how standing desks are made.

Not Good For Sitting

A standing desk riser can’t be folded flat on your desk. This means that if you want to sit down to work for a while, you need to move the converter off your desk.

As the converter takes up so much space, there’s going to be a lot of time spent rearranging your desk every time you want to change positions.

One way around this is to invest in an adjustable chair that you can sit in and still use a raised converter. A regular bar stool is perfect for this need, just make sure you get something with good back support.

Standing All Day Isn’t Good For You

Having that extra movement in your day can be greatly beneficial to your health, but you also shouldn’t be spending too much time on your feet.

If you stand for long, you can end up with a whole new range of health problems, such as varicose veins, back pain, and clogged arteries.

With regards to one’s orthopaedic health, standing will improve your posture. However, a drawback of a standing desk is that it can lead to knee pain.

Thankfully, the desk riser allows you to sit down when you have been standing for too long.

If you struggle with intense lower back pain, then you might want to purchase a kneeling chair. If you want to find out more, then check out the  Kneeling chair vs Standing desk.

Should I Buy A Standing Desk Converter?

A standing desk converter might not assist with weight loss, but it has a positive impact on your mood and energy levels.

Your physical environment can greatly affect your work behaviour, and a standing desk converter may be the best option if you feel like you lack the motivation to do work.

It is a small change to your working behaviour that will make you more productive and active during your daily life.

A standing desk converter can be ideal for anyone who wants to take better charge of their health and well-being.

Is A Standing Desk Converter Worth It -FAQs

Why Does Using A Standing Desk Make My Legs So Tired?

If you’re not used to standing for extended periods at a time, then you might find that it takes quite a lot of effort to stand during your workday.

To avoid standing desk fatigue, you need to take note of some  standing desk hacks. For example,  you can stand for shorter intervals each hour, wear comfy shoes, and stretch frequently.

How Long Should I Stand At A Standing Desk?

It is recommended that you spend 1 hour standing for every 1 to 2 hours of sitting. One  standing desk tip is best to alternate between standing and sitting every 30 to 60 minutes.

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