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Standing Desk Cable Management: Accessories to Help You Reduce Cable Clutter

Standing Desk Cable Management

Standing desk cable management can be difficult to deal with.

Depending on your  standing desk setup this could be even more challenging because of the height adjustment features of a sit-stand desk.

It can feel near impossible to keep everything looking neat and functional when all your wires and cables need to have enough room to expand and work in both a seated and standing position.

Besides the satisfaction of an aesthetically pleasing workstation having the correct cable management is vital for safety.

Getting organized and keeping a clean and neat workspace is a great way to increase your productivity levels. It also reduces stress and ensures you have as few distractions as possible.

Your desk should be a place where you’re able to work efficiently. Having the proper cable setup will make adjusting the height safe and easy.

Let’s have a look at how to manage your standing desk cables.

How To Reduce Cable Clutter?

There are a variety of creative ways to reduce cable clutter with a  stand desk. It is, however, more difficult with a sit-stand desk, as it's moving.

Cable Management Tray

A  cable tray will help you hide all your cords from view.

It is placed beneath your desk to hold and store your loose cables so they’re out of the way of your chair and legs. This is a great way to save space and keep your workspace neat. 

Cable trays are easily attachable and don’t take up much space. Simply screw the tray in and you’re good to go.

Cord Clips

Cord clips are a great way to keep your cords neat and out of the way. They’re low-cost and work best with thinner cords.

They’re easy to apply and remove and can work on a smooth surface.

They’re sleek and subtle so they seamlessly blend in with your environment and décor. It’s ideal for extension cords.

If you have a desk in a public space, using the clips to pin down your cable on your desk is a good option to keep things looking tidy.

For a standing desk, these can be pinned underneath your desktop. This way, they’ll move with the height adjustments without any problem.

Cable Hole Grommets

A  cable hole grommet allows you to pull your cables right through your desk so that you can keep your workspace neat and clear from clutter.

Simply cut a hole in your desktop and fit the metal or plastic grommet to the opening. These grommets come with a cover piece that allows you to close the opening if you aren’t using it to store any of your wires at the moment.

Grommets are designed to not only keep your wires and cables neatly packed away, but also protect your desktop surface by keeping everything in one place.

Cable Ties

Another quick and easy way to organize your cords is to just bundle them together with plastic or Velcro ties. While it’s quick and easy, it comes with a fair share of downsides.

It’s inexpensive and time-saving. 

Bundling your cords together, although very helpful, can cause them to tangle or create more work for you when you’re looking for a specific cord. Make sure to label your cords or mark them, so that it’s easy to differentiate between them.

J-Channel Raceway

These are attached directly to the underside of your desk. You have the option of using either screws or adhesive pads to keep it secure.

These are made from sturdy and durable plastic or metal.

They’re conveniently available in a variety of lengths. They’re able to hold more cords than clips or clamps. They conceal the wires from sight, creating a neat appearance.

Cable Management Kit

You can also invest in a  cable management kit to keep your workspace clutter-free.

Cable Management Box

The box is secured underneath your desk and stores all your cables, cords, and wires. It has enough space to keep everything together, creating a compact and neat unit.

It’s easy to access your cords from the box. It has a door that can easily be opened and closed.

Have a look at your  standing desk weight limit.


Keeping your workspace clean, whether you’re using a regular desk or an adjustable height standing desk, is key to productivity and motivation.

Fortunately for you, there are plenty of easy and affordable ways to keep cables and wires clean and organized. By using some of our great products, you’re sure to find the solution you need to need to keep everything neat and tidy.

For our money, using a cable tray or desk grommet to keep your desk clear is the best option. These products are the best if you have lots of cables cluttering up your desk. They keep the cables neatly stashed away while you can still access them so you can easily plug and unplug any equipment you may have.

Best Standing Desk Cable Management FAQs

Do You Have to Plug in A Standing Desk?

Not all standing desks need to be plugged into a power source.

If you have electric or motorized standing desks these will use a control box that needs to be powered to reset and change settings as well as raise or lower the height of your desk.

Your desk should be plugged into a constant power source. Check out how to  program a standing desk, for the various uses of your standing desk.

What Is a Powered Grommet On A Desk?

A powered grommet is with a grommet with a power outlet. The power outlet sits securely in place and serves as a more convenient way of charging your devices. 

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