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Standing Desk Weight Limit

June 10, 2022

 standing desk weight limit

Choosing an  adjustable standing desk can be a daunting task, but narrowing it down to weight capacity can really help your research and focus on what desk you want to buy. 

Standing desks are a great option if you want to incorporate a bit more activity and movement into your workday. Adjustable-height standing desks allow you to burn some extra calories, improve your blood circulation, and relieve aches and pains simply by moving around. 

However, a concern when buying a standing desk is making sure that it can hold all of your belongings, including a monitor (or multiple monitors), a keyboard, maybe a laptop, some extra devices, and then some personal belongings. 

So how do you know which desk to choose? Below, we compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and answered them to help guide you in choosing the best standing desk that can hold all your belongings. 

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What This Article Covers:

How Much Weight Can I Put on My Standing Desk?

How Much Weight Do You Normally Put on Your Desk?

This is a common thought when searching to purchase a standing desk and also a crucial calculation to work out before you purchase your standing desk. 

With so many different weight capacities, you’d be tempted to believe that the higher the capacity the better, right? 

what standing desk weight limit you need

Not necessarily. If you’re someone who just uses your desk as a home office or a study space, you may not need a desk with an incredibly high weight capacity.

To put it in perspective, the average monitor weighs around 4kg, a keyboard weighs around 890 grams, and a laptop weighs around 2.5kg. 

Altogether, that doesn’t even add up to 10kg. But if you want to factor in some desk accessories like plants, books, and lights, you could be placing upwards of 25kg on your desk. 

This is just a basic calculation of a standard office desk, not including more than one monitor or extra devices. 

Does The Type of Desk Matter? 

Different types of desks hold different weights. So, yes, the type of desk does matter.

There are quite a few factors that come into play with the weight capacity of standing desks, but the main few are the basic function of the desk. At UpDown Desk, we offer the three main types of standing desks: manual desk, electric desk, and a converter desk. 

So what are they and do they each hold different weight capacities? 

Different Standing Desks and Their Weight Capacities

Manual Desk

A manual desk is an adjustable sit-stand desk that has a crank that you operate to adjust the height. 

This desk has a dynamic weight capacity of 80kg, meaning you can place up to 80kg on your desk and move it without worrying about it breaking. 

This is a great desk if you’re wanting to use it for your home office or in the office as it has a high weight capacity that can hold a good amount of weight.

If you’re using it at the office or even at home, it can hold a monitor, a keyboard, a laptop and a computer, maybe some nice plants, a lamp, and a lot more desk accessories of your choosing. 

One thing to note about the manual desks is that the closer you get to the max weight, the harder it may get to turn the crank as the desk gets heavier the further you extend it. 

However, manual standing desks are also quite a bit cheaper than electric ones, so overall it’s a great entry-level standing desk with a considerable weight capacity.

 Electric Desk

The most popular type of standing desk is the electric one. All you need to do to adjust the desk’s height is press a button, rather than a crank like the manual desk. 

Programable standing desks can come in very handy as you don’t have to worry about things falling off your desk when you manually crank the desk, as the electric desks have a smooth transition between different heights. 

Most of our electric desks have a weight capacity of 150kg: a good deal more than the manual desk. This can be beneficial if the desk is being used for multiple people and purposes, ensuring that no matter how many devices, books, or clutter you put on the desk, it won’t break or damage it. 

Converter Desk

A converter is a piece of equipment that you can place on your desk and move up and down, like a standing desk does.

All you have to do for this standing desk setup is place it on your desk and from there you can adjust the height settings, instantly transforming your desk from a sitting to a standing one. 

People tend to buy converters when they want to save some money, as converters are a lot cheaper than buying a desk, or if they’re wanting to save space as you can fold the converter back down and store it away. 

They’re also particularly useful if you travel a lot and want to have a standing desk wherever they go. 

Because converters are an addition to your desk, this means that your stationary desk can hold whatever you could place on it originally, as well as the 50kg’s that the converter can hold. 

So you need to take into account how much weight your existing desk can take as well as the weight allowance of the converter.

A standing desk converter can clear up desk space as the converters are made to hold a monitor and keyboard, leaving you desk space for personal belongings. 

So What Can I Actually Put On My Desk? 

One of the great things about every type of desk that we’ve listed is that each can hold plenty of weight. 

So whatever job you’re in and whatever you use your desk for, you should be able to place everything you need on whatever desk you choose. 

If you’re using your desk as a standard office desk, as mentioned before you should be able to place all your devices plus some accessories on it with no problems. 

If you’re a gamer or someone who uses a lot of devices and monitors, the electric desk is probably your best choice as it can hold a lot more weight than a manual desk while still functioning smoothly with a lot of things on it. 

Something that you may worry about is your  standing desk cable management, especially when your desk is full up of other things. You may worry about all your cables and plugs adding extra weight to your desk.

A cable tray is a must-have for cable management.

There are loads of cable organizing accessories for your desk some that go under your desk and some that you can build into the desk. 

what is the standing desk weight limit

Overall, although cables can be quite heavy, you don’t need to worry about them adding too much weight onto your desk capacity as they can be managed in ways to reduce the weight. 


Ultimately, all standing desks and converters can support more than enough weight for your needs. They often have a load weight far above what you actually need to place on your desk.

So if you’re looking for where to buy a standing desk that can hold all your belongings plus a bit more, don’t forget to take a look at our selection of standing desks as you’re sure to find the one you need.

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