Do you really need a desk converter? How to convert your existing desk into a fully adjustable sit/stand desk.

By Anthony Faber

Consider converting your existing desk rather than buying a converter.

Converting your old desk into a fully adjustable sit stand desk is easy and quick. It allows you to retain your existing desk/office setup without the need for adding a large bulky desktop converter to your workspace. Moreover, it also comes with the added benefit of better stability, ensures all your belongings are on the same working level and it can be more cost effective! This article will you run you through the simple process of removing your current desktop and installing an electric UpDown Desk PRO Series frame in a short space of time:

At the end of this article, if you’re still not comfortable converting your existing desk you can always contact us for advice or a quote to convert your existing desk.

Which is the better option - standing desk or desk converter?

Take a look at this article by our resident physiotherapist Paulina Wegrzyn outlining the main differences between a desk converter and a full sit stand desk. She provides some great insight into the major pros and cons of each standing solution.

Can I convert my existing desk into a sit stand desk?

The first thing to establish is just how your desktop is attached to the frame. In 99% of cases, the desktop will be attached with a simple screw/bolt arrangement that can be disassembled only with a screwdriver.

The 2 most common methods of desktop attachment are as follows:

Cam and bolt: Below are some images of the typical cam and bolt arrangement that are commonly used by the likes of IKEA and many other mass produced flat pack cabinet makers.

Cam and Bolt 1

Cam and Bolt 2

Using a screwdriver, simply turning each ‘cam’ 180 degrees anti-clockwise will release the mechanism and the desktop should pop right off.

L bracket: As the name suggests, L brackets will be positioned in up to a dozen places on the underside of your desk attaching the frame to the desktop. Depending on your frame, the L brackets will usually be either welded or screwed to the frame. In nearly all instances, it will simply be 1-3 screws that hold the L bracket to the desktop.


You will find that simply unscrewing as many screws as you can find will loosen the desktop completely and allow you to remove it from the frame with ease.

Assembling your desktop onto a PRO Series sit stand desk frame

If you’ve removed your desktop, you’ve already completed the hard part. After assembling your PRO Series frame, centrally position the frame upside down on the underside of your desktop as shown below; making sure all ‘A’ dimensions are equal and ensuring both ‘B’ dimensions are equal.

Assembly 1


Using a screwdriver and self-tapping screws, affix the frame in 8 (eight) places. Start by screwing in one of the wings as indicated below. Re-measure, adjust if necessary and then screw a second screw in the diagonally opposite corner wing to ensure the frame is locked in position. All other screws can then be screwed in, in any order.


Assembly 2

The full installation process of your old desktop to your new frame is much the same as with any new desktop. You can download the PRO Series Installation manual or view the installation videos here: