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7 Small Standing Desk That Can Fit a Compact Workspace

Small Sit Stand Desk

An  Adjustable height desk converters and risers are often the most compact solutions for smaller spaces. They can effectively transform existing fixed height desks into more dynamic workspaces. 

Working at a  wall-mounted standing desk may save even more space, and designs with adjustable arms offer maximum freedom and flexibility in the smallest of spaces.

The height of desktop converters can be adjusted with a choice of electric or manual controls, which makes it the ideal solution when another piece of furniture just won’t fit.

We’ve made selecting a small standing desk converter as easy as adjusting the height.

Whether you’re an uptown girl looking for an up-down desk or a yogi trying to cut down on the upward dog pose, we have hand-selected options to fit your unique style and space requirements.

Small Sit-Stand Desks (Our Review) 

Standesk Memory Electric Sit-Stand Desk (Best Overall)

standing desks small

This patented design is not to be underestimated. It offers effortless height adjustment of up to 540mm at the touch of a button with a reliable electric system.

It consists of a separate keyboard tray and work surface, providing extra workspace thanks to the two levels.

The keyboard and desktop width of 700 mm makes it one of the best small and  narrow standing desk converters while providing more than enough space for a comfortable work experience.

Vertical height adjustment minimises the overall desktop footprint, while the option of an angular monitor arm with 360-degree rotation adds flexibility.

Despite its free-standing nature, it provides a generous workspace on top of an impressive 50 kg maximum weight capacity at the press of a button. 

The combination of simplicity in design, easy height adjustment, stability and affordability, makes it a safe  standing desk for kids and students that need something slightly more portable.

Why It’s Great

  • Sensor touch buttons for effortless height adjustment
  • Smooth and quiet movement due to telescopic adjustment
  • The triple-height memory function makes it easy to return to your ideal heights at the push of a button
  • A choice of single, double, or triple monitor arms
  • Anti-collision feature for safety
  • Automatic sleep function to save power
  • The 50kg maximum weight capacity exceeds all expectations

Who It’s Right For

  • Any Greek or geek’s fix for a stable on-the-go solution. Your plates and precious are SAFE.

Strata Electric Height Adjustable Desk (Frame Only)

compact standing desk

At a glance, you may not believe that the Strata Electric Height Adjustable Desk counts as ‘small,’ but that’s what we love about this intelligent piece of office equipment.

The telescopic frame allows you to adjust both the height and the width of your desk. All you need to do is find the appropriate countertop to fit it. This means you can collapse it to a manageable size and take it with you if you relocate your office to somewhere more spacious. 

You won’t need to buy new furniture every time you move. All you’ll have to do is pop out the desktop and you can adjust it to whatever size room you have.

The frame goes from a sizeable 2,100 mm to a relatively compact 1,200 mm, so it’ll fit your office basically no matter how much room you have.

There are motors installed in each of the legs which give this desk an impressive expanding speed of 40 mm/sec. With a range of 630 mm - 1,300 mm, this means the desk will grow from fully compacted to fully extended in a little over 20 seconds.

What’s more, the motors are specifically designed to run nearly silently. This makes the Strata Electric Height Adjustable Frame the perfect addition to a busy office, home office, or even a library.

The solid frame can hold an impressive 160 kg, including the desktop. This is more than enough to cope with almost anything you have to throw at it, from expensive computer equipment to technical drawing tools.

Why It’s Great

  • Vertical and horizontal adjustments
  • Quiet
  • Impressive weight capacity
  • Wide height range

Who It’s Right For

  • People working from home
  • Anyone with heavy office equipment
  • People in crowded offices

Ergotron Workfit TX Sit-Stand Workstation (Best for Small to Tall users)

minimalist standing desk

The feature that sets the Ergotron Workfit TX apart is the drop-down below the desktop and keyboard. This makes it ultra-low, enabling you to work at optimal sitting as well as standing heights.

It also means that this desk is suitable for a variety of small to tall users since most converters tend to be designed solely with standing desk heights in mind.

The X-frame design allows you to fold the workstation down to 5 cm below your desktop, enhancing ergonomics and vertical play-space.

The Ergotron TX offers a stable platform adjustment of 50.8 cm with a maximum load capacity of 18.1 kg, by adjusting the levers on either side.

Why It’s Great

  • Fully assembled and fit for work as is
  • The cleverly designed drop-down keyboard tray
  • X-frame design allows you to fold the workstation down to desktop-level
  • Cable management system 

Who It’s Right For

  • A wider variety of small to tall users, but especially those of us with more petite postural prerequisites.

Elevar Maxishift-E Electric Sit-Stand Workstation (Best Price)

standing desks for small spaces

The Elevar Maxishift-E offers a wider work surface while using up a little extra desk space, but the attractive price makes it the ideal  stand-up desk for students.

It is ready to use as-is and sits directly on top of your desktop so there’s no need for drilling or clamping it into place.

The 595 mm vertical height adjustment at the push of a button makes it easy to adjust and suitable for taller users, while the 45 kg maximum weight capacity adds value to this exceptionally sturdy converter.

Why It’s Great

  • Fully assembled and ready for the shift from sitting to standing, straight after landing
  • A single, dual, or no monitor mount option is available
  • Vertical height adjustment minimising desktop footprint
  • An impressive 45kg maximum weight capacity
  • Integrated cable management

Who It’s Right For

  • The ideal student standing desk for a tighter budget
  • The maximum height adjustment of up to 595mm makes it a suitable  standing desk for tall people

The Standesk Pro Memory Electric Sit-Stand Desk (Best Professional and Portable solution)

small stand up desk

This is a larger version of the original sturdy Standesk with a slightly larger surface to use for your keyboard and desktop.

It vertically adjusts with a single touch, minimising effort and desktop footprint. It provides the same 50 kg weight capacity we admire in a converter, which is more than strong enough to support all but the heaviest office equipment.

The Standesk Pro Memory Electric Sit-Stand Desk has the option of a single, dual, or triple monitor arm bracket. This gives you the ability to kit out your new standing desk with as much screen space as you could ever need, making it an excellent option for designers, editors, and programmers.

Why It’s Great

  • Effortless height adjustment 
  • Triple-height memory function
  • The substantial Standesk weight capacity of 50kg
  • The anti-collision mechanism for safety
  • The automatic sleep or standby function

Who It’s Right For

  • Any Standesk sage in the modern age, needing a more portable yet professional temporary solution

      Ergotron WorkFit TL Sit-Stand Workstation (Best Value for Money)

      Ergotron WorkFit TL Sit-Stand Workstation

      This bestseller from one of the biggest and most successful ergonomic brands in the world provides a premium quality sit or standing workstation solution.

      The unit offers a large work area and keyboard tray by using your existing desk as a base, while the vertical lift system is perfect for optimum space management.

      Hand-brake levers at the front of the unit allow for a practical and quiet height adjustment of 38cm without extra unnecessary stretch, stress, or strain on your back.

      This ready-to-use out-of-the-box and onto your desktop design is one of the most practical desk converters we found to be fit for work. 

      The sturdy and solid metal workstation can hold up to 18.1kg with no risk of a tilt or a sway which may cause unnecessary damage or injury.

      UpDown Desk guarantees the best price in Australia, so if this is your best work fit, there’s no need to shop any further than our website for an adjustable standing desk.

      Why It’s Great

      • Requires no installation to transform a fixed desktop into an active and dynamic workspace
      • Easy and comfortable height adjustment with levers at front of the unit
      • The large keyboard tray can easily accommodate a mouse
      • Solid metal structure for secure use of loads up to 18.1kg

      Who It’s Right For

      • Those looking for a great value-for-money deal
      • People who value practicality and easy setup
      • Those in need of a larger workspace

        UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Standing Desk – Adjustable Width [Frame Only] (Best Overall Adjustable Solution)

        Imagine having all of your notes and needs on one highly adjustable level. Now imagine a product that allows you to store up to four ideal heights that are easily and regularly interchangeable at the push of a button throughout the day. 

        The UpDown Desk PRO Series frame may not be the smallest sit to standing desk solution, but it offers unrivalled stability due to frame weight and a lifting capacity of up to 150kgs.

        The 30-day trial offers a money-back guarantee that includes shipping, and we feel this option is worth the extra 30cm width if at all space permitting.

        Why It’s Great

        • Unrivalled stability due to frame weight 
        • Designed with more than just computer-related work in mind
        • 4 button memory control panel
        • Quiet dual motor
        • 150kg lifting capacity
        • 10-year warranty
        • Easy to set up with instructional videos for the visually inclined

        Who It’s Right For

        • Those with slightly larger desk requirements
        • People with high weight capacity requirements
        • Those wanting automatic, electrical desks

          Small Sit Stand Desk FAQ

          What are the Health Benefits of using a small sit or stand-up desk in comparison to a standard fixed desk?

          The long-term health benefits of a carefully selected adjustable stand-up desk are as abundant as their beautifully simplistic designs.

          Increased circulation leads to an increase in energy and overall well being. 

          This ripples out into increased productivity while providing comfort for those suffering from back and upper body aches and pains, often due to prolonged periods of sitting with an incorrect posture.

          What is the benefit of having a smaller standing desk?

          Smaller adjustable desk converters and risers often require minimal installation and are more portable than bigger, but not necessarily better  large stand-up desk options. 

          Office for the day? There's room to be creative here - inside, outside, or simply on top of your normal working habitat. Land- or seascape soothe red tape!

          You can even reap the rewards from some time-out in a quiet corner with an  adjustable height corner desk specifically designed for smaller spaces, or move a smaller portable workstation with the rays of the winter sun to realign your spine to the natural rhythms of the earth. 

          How to make sure it is the best smaller option to work in your space?

          We’ve created the following question-based checklist to streamline your selection process and make sure that you choose the best small stand or sit desk for your space:

          • Is it small enough to fit into the space I have available while providing a comfortable workspace?
          • What would be the most suitable  stand-up desk dimensions for my needs?
          • Would I be able to install it by myself?
          • Is it easy enough and possible to adjust to my ideal standing desk height at regular intervals throughout the day?
          • Does it offer enough stability with a sufficient maximum weight capacity?
          • Do the design and style complement my home or office workspace in both form and function?
          • Would I benefit more from a portable smaller standing desk or a more permanent fixture?
          • Is there an after-sales service option and Warranty?
          • Is the price compatible with similar smaller stand-up desks?

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