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Unpacking the Benefits of UpDown Desk PRO Series Corner Electric Standing Desk

Standing Gaming Desk

Gaming can be a ton of fun, but it can also cause hours of neck, back and wrist pain caused by sitting at a desk for extended periods. This will affect your mood and ultimately, your performance.

A standing gaming desk from UpDown Desk is the solution to this problem, and it will give you the competitive edge during your many hours of gaming.

Students and office workers worldwide have already discovered the benefits of using an adjustable writing desk. Now video editors and gaming enthusiasts are also making the switch to standing desks for their PC work and competitive gaming needs.

In this review of the best  adjustable standing desk to use for gaming, you’ll learn what to look for when choosing a standing desk for gaming, and discover how using a standing desk will benefit your gaming performance by improving your physical and mental health.

The Best Standing Gaming Desk


Take your gaming experience to a whole new level, with the UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Standing Corner Desk.

Is a standing desk good for gaming

Designed to fit into the corner of any room, the L-shape and large surface area provide enough space for your complete gaming setup at one end and your workstation at the other. This makes it the perfect standing gaming desk, as well as a  great standing desk for video editors

Do you want a desk that works and plays, as hard you do? The PRO Series Standing Corner Desk features a powerful frame with a lift capacity of up to 200 kgs. 

It will easily raise and lower your entire gaming setup, such as multiple monitors, speakers, desktop PC, and other equipment. The steel frame is sturdily built, remains stable even at the maximum standing height, and is covered by a 10-year warranty.

Two desktops measuring 1950mm x 1800mm are joined underneath into an L-shape. The desktops are available in an easy-to-clean beech, bamboo, or white melamine finish, with optional electric cable hole grommets.

This desk is very easily set up using our included instructional video or setup guide. The adjustability of the frame allows you to have the longer-end desktop on either side. An anti-collision mechanism will protect your desk and surrounding items.

Four height-memory buttons save your preferred height setting and allow you to switch between desk heights for different users in your household. The very powerful dual-motor lifting mechanism provides a smooth transition between sitting and standing heights but operates quietly and will not disturb others in your household. 

The UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Standing Corner Desk lowers the risk of weight gain and obesity-associated medical conditions caused by sitting for extended periods. The upright position enables better concentration and boosts productivity and creativity at work and play. 

Corner Gaming Desk

Why It’s Great

  • The large surface area will hold all your electronic equipment, while the corner design will make the most of your available space.
  • Optional cable hole grommets can be included in the desktops, for feeding cables through from underneath.
  • A built-in anti-collision mechanism in the frame protects the desk and your equipment from damage.
  • It reduces the neck, back, shoulder, and wrist pain, that results from gaming while seated at a traditional desk. 
  • The thick steel frame offers great stability as well as a high lift capacity of up to 200 kgs and carries a 10-year warranty for your peace of mind.

          Who It’s Right For

          • Those in need of a high weight capacity for their gaming rig
          • Gamers wanting extra protection for their setup with the use of an anti-collision mechanism
          • Anyone in need of a large desk space

            Detailed Analysis

            Suitable For Work And Play

            If you have limited space at home, this space-saving corner desk is equally suited to working from home and gaming, as the large surface area will hold all your gaming and work equipment.

            Thanks to the L-shaped corner design, you can choose which end to have the longer desktop, thereby making the most of your available space. The PRO Series Standing Corner Desk will be your standing gaming station and standing office desk in one convenient space-saving unit.

            Improves Posture

            Sitting for hours at a traditional desk causes problems for your posture and can result in neck stiffness and back pain. More serious medical issues can arise from long-term sitting. 

            A standing desk that ends at your mid-section when standing in front of it, is the most comfortable to use. When typing or gaming, your elbows should preferably be at a 90-degree angle. 

            The PRO Series Corner Desk is designed to be automatically adjusted to the correct height, making it easy for you to observe the correct standing desk posture

            That being said, regular changing from a standing to a seated position is recommended to avoid fatigue. This desk has memory buttons that can be used to switch between your preferred sitting and standing heights

            High Lifting Capacity

            The frame is available in your choice of black or white, and has a maximum weight capacity of up to 200kg, easily coping with the weight of your entire gaming setup as well as your home office items.

            It can be angled anywhere between 90 and 180 degrees and has an adjustable height range of between 64cm to 129cm. It remains wobble-free even under load, at the maximum height.

            Digital Control For Easy Height Adjustment

            Change from a seated to standing position at regular intervals, with the PRO Series Electric Standing Corner desk. The 4 digital adjustment memory buttons will automatically adjust to your preferred sitting and standing heights.

            Super powerful but whisper-quiet, the dual-motor lifting mechanism provides a smooth transition between sitting and standing heights.

            The height-memory buttons not only save your preferred height setting but also allow you to switch between desk heights for different users in your household.

            Optional Accessories

            A monitor arm that clamps securely onto your desk supports monitor weights of up to 8kgs and allows the monitor to sit flush with the back of the desk if required.

            Does your gaming setup involve a desktop computer, multiple monitors, speakers, and other wired equipment? Keep all cables out of your way while gaming with an under-desk cable tray.

            A power rail provides USB and 240v power right where you need it. It clamps securely to the desk and has 2 USB sockets as well as 2 standard AU sockets. 


            UpDownDesk delivers top-quality standing desks and practical accessories that are guaranteed to boost your gaming ability by improving your physical and mental well-being, aiding concentration, and keeping you fit and healthy to enjoy many more hours of gaming pleasure.

            Best Standing Gaming Desk FAQ

            Why should gamers use standing desks?

            When seated at a traditional desk, you'll develop muscle aches and stiffness, and you won't burn calories like you would be if you were more mobile. Adjustable standing desks for gamers and video editors give you the option to be active and burn calories during your long gaming sessions. 

            How do I get my employer to switch to standing desks for our office?

            Raise the topic at your next staff meeting, and feel free to show your employer this article. Studies have shown a correlation between the use of  standing desks and productivity, and that should convince an employer to invest in these desks for their employees.

            Do I have to stand all day at my desk?

            No. Although it's not healthy to sit all the time, you shouldn't stand all the time either or your legs may become tired. Consider investing in one of UpDown Desk’s Anti-Fatigue Mats and try to avoid being in a fixed position all day, whether sitting or standing.

            Check out UpDown Desk's Anti-Fatigue Mats!

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