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Best Student Standing Desk You Can Get for a Successful 2024

Student Standing Desk

After years of sitting at traditional school desks, many high school and college students are now facing the consequences such as obesity, attention deficit disorders, and poor academic performance.

If you’re one of these students, then a student standing desk might just be the solution for you.

Educational institutions that have introduced  adjustable standing desks report that these alternatives to traditional desks encourage collaboration amongst students, better concentration and calmer behaviour.

Overweight students are now able to be more active and burn calories. Some studies have even shown that student standing desks help with attention deficits, as well as overall performance.

In this article, we’ll go over our best student standing desk for you, and how it can help you achieve your academic goals.


Student Standing Desk

The Best Student Standing Desk


Improve your posture, increase your energy and enhance your productivity with the UpDown Desk PRO Series electric standing desk.  Available in two easy-to-clean, attractive finishes: Beech Melamine and White Melamine.

Sitting for hours on end causes many students to suffer from back pain, and their lack of mobility contributes to unhealthy weight gain. This  compact standing desk prevents such discomfort and reduces the risk of weight gain by encouraging movement which burns calories.

The UpDownDesk Pro Series Electric Standing Desk is equipped with 4 height-memory buttons that save your preferred height setting, and switch between desk heights for different users.

The steel frame provides stability and can carry up to 150 kg in weight. The desk is set up in 20-25 minutes, with the help of an instructional video and written guide.

UpDownDesk's  stand up desk dimensions vary depending on the style, but there are designs to cater to all kinds of study environments. The maximum height of this desk is 127 cm. There is a smaller 105 cm option in an Off-White Melamine finish.

Useful optional accessories include an under-desk cable tray to organise computer cables and reduce clutter, a monitor arm that clamps onto the desk, and a power rail that provides USB and 240v power at arm’s reach. 

Why It’s Great

  • Reduces discomfort and back pain by preventing poor posture
  • Improves health due to increased mobility
  • Transitions from a seated to a standing position with the touch of a button
  • Easily set up in 20-25 minutes
  • High weight capacity of 150 kg

          Who It’s Right For

          • Students wanting to improve their focus and academic success
          • Those in need of a higher weight capacity
          • Both tall and short desk users

            standing desks for students

            Detailed Analysis

            Fast And Simple Set-Up

            The UpDownDesk PRO Series standing desk can be easily set up in less than half an hour, using the instructional video or setup guide.

            Sturdy And Strong Frame

            The sturdy steel frame is available in your choice of black or white and supports up to 150 kg in weight. 

            Digital Control For Easy Height Adjustment

            Four height-memory buttons enable you to change from a seated to a standing position, save your preferred height setting, and switch between desk heights for different users.

            A very powerful but exceptionally quiet dual-motor lifting mechanism provides a smooth transition between heights.

            Physical And Mental Benefits

            This standing desk improves students’ posture, boosts their productivity and stimulates creativity. 

            The opportunity for increased movement allows students to burn extra calories, which reduces the risk of weight gain which can lead to obesity-associated medical conditions. 

            standing desks for a student


            Schools and colleges worldwide are introducing standing desks for students, and they are enjoying the benefits of better posture, enhanced focus, and improved academic performance. 

            UpDownDesk delivers top-quality standing desks for students, guaranteed to improve their physical and mental well-being.

            Student Standing Desk FAQ

            Will a standing desk fit in my home office?

            An  adjustable corner desk will enable you to utilise a small nook for your home office or study needs. 

            Alternatively, choose a  wall-mounted standing desk to make the best use of your limited space, as you can fold it down when it’s not in use.

            What’s the ideal height for a standing desk?

            The ideal height for a standing desk is at your mid-section when standing in front of it. 

            When your hands are placed on the desk surface, such as when typing, your elbows should be at a 90-degree angle. 

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