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Expert's Choice: Top Standing Writing Desks for Beginners & All Ages

standing writing desk

As people, we are physically and mentally designed to stand and move. And as a writer, you know how easy it is to get lost in your own words for hours at a time. 

This, of course, can be a problem if you’re sitting the whole time. Prolonged sitting evokes all kinds of negative responses from your body.

Not only does it slow down your metabolism, but it increases the risks of strokes, heart disease, diabetes, and high blood.

That’s why we’re here to tell you about the best standing writing desks. 

A manual standing desk offers you the ability to change position between sitting and standing and thereby reducing the problems created when you remain in one position for long periods of time.

In this article, we’ll explore the options available and outline the benefits of using these versatile desks.

The Best Stand Up Writing Desks

UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Standing Desk With Melamine Desktop (Best for Beginners) 

adjustable writing desk

This  ergonomic height adjustable desk is a great addition to your at-home or office workstation. It can be used as both a work desk or a  standing reading desk

The desk has a melamine desktop finish. It’s a smooth organic hard plastic-type compound that is relatively scratch and mark resistant. 

It’s long-lasting, water and heat-resistant and is available in a variety of colours. Overall it is top-quality material. You’re guaranteed your money’s worth. 

The load capacity is 150kg. The height ranges begin at 61.5 cm, standing at its full height at 127 cm. It has a dual-motor system. 

The speed of transition between heights is 32mm/sec. It comes with a 4-button digital memory control for convenient height changes. 

A great addition to this desk is the overload protection. It prevents you from placing too much weight on the desk. The frame is also extremely sturdy and stable, but not too heavy. It sits securely and has no movement whatsoever once set up. 

The easy-to-follow installation video and notes make installation a breeze. 

The correlation between  standing desks and productivity has been shown to be beneficial. It gives you a mental boost and increases your productivity. 

If you’re looking for a quality product at an affordable price, this is the desk you’ve been looking for.  

Why It’s Great

  • 4 height digital memory buttons. 
  • Electric Height Adjustments. 
  • Quality and Affordable.
  • Easy installation.
  • Comes in three sizes, suitable for both small and large spaces. 

Who It’s Right For

  • Standing desk beginners
  • Those in heed of a higher weight capacity
  • Anyone on the hunt for a good value-for-money deal

    Humanscale Float Height Adjustable Desk (Best for All Ages) 

    stand up writing desk

    The essence of this desk is ease. The Humanscale Float Height Adjustable Desk effortlessly changes its height while you work. No disturbance, no fuss, and no delay.

    It’s an aesthetically pleasing and practical desk, suitable for both an office and a home workstation. Its design is modern and sleek.

    This desk stands out from the rest as it uses neither the cranking method to adjust the height, nor does it require an electrical plug-in. It floats up or down when adjusting its height.

    To adjust the height to your liking, you’d apply pressure on the in-built counterbalance mechanism at the front corner of the desk. The desk will then smoothly move to the desired height.

    If comfort and convenience are what you need, this is the perfect option. It requires very little effort from you, yet brilliantly caters to your needs.

    The design of the desk provides for an efficient and comfortable experience.

    The desktop size comes in two options: 1500mm x 750mm or 1800mm x 750mm. It can hold up to 60kg. The frame has a 5-year warranty. You are guaranteed to get the most out of it.

    Why It’s Great

    • Automated system
    •  No electrical cords or connections
    • Endorsed by leading ergonomic countries in the world
    • BIFMA certified: It promotes a safe and relaxed working environment

    Who It’s Right For

    • Both kids and adults
    • Those wanting a larger workspace

      UpDown Desk PRO Series Manual Crank Standing Desk (Best for Professionals) 

      stand up writing desk

      The Manual Crank Standing Desk is a great addition to your workstation. It is a beautiful and practical designed desk, with various options to suit your needs.

      The work surface is spacious and inviting. There’s more than enough room for all your work essentials, from your laptop to your desk decorations. If you need more storage space, don’t worry. There’s plenty of space underneath the desk to add drawers.

      The desk is manually adjustable. It comes in three different sizes, to cater to both small and large spaces.

      It’s sturdy and robust. It sits securely at various heights. It does not move around while you work. It’s able to carry up to 80kg.  

      As practical and convenient as this desk is, it’s also aesthetically pleasing. It adopts a minimalist design, seamless and neat in appearance. The edges of the desk are rounded, providing added safety and comfort.

      The desk is also 100% eco-friendly. It’s made of bamboo and has a clear and hard-wearing finish.

      If you like having options, this is your desk. From choosing a size that suits you, to be able to choose your own frame or desktop, this desk has you covered.

      If you don’t want to be bothered with electrical cords or wires, this is perfect. You’ll be able to move your desk around with you, without the restriction that comes with power plugs and cords.

      It promotes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, with its sustainable materials and its design.

      You’ll be able to stand or sit whenever it’s convenient for you, with little disturbance to your work routine. By turning the crank you’re able to lower or raise your desk to your ideal height.  

      The installation is straightforward. There is both a manual and a video with clear instructions on how to assemble the desk. If you’re in Melbourne, you can have the desk installed for you, at a small additional cost.

      Why It’s Great

      •  Easy transition between standing and sitting
      • It’s manual: No dealing with power connections or cables
      • The desk is spacious, providing ample space for your gear
      • The desk is sturdy and wobble-free

      Who It’s Right For

      • Those wanting an extra eco-friendly solution
      • People wanting a customisable design
      • Fans of minimalist design

        UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Corner Standing Desk (Best Overall) 

        adjustable writing desk

        Looking for a sturdy corner desk? This is your desk.  It’s great value for money, affordable, and comes with some nifty and unique features.

        It is extremely versatile. The frame can be adjusted between 90 and 180 degrees. It’s able to hold up to an impressive 200 kg. The desk is 195cm x 180 cm. It’s made up of two pieces connected by a right angle L shape.

        It comes with a control panel that has a four-memory function. This means, with just one push of the button, you can save and switch from one height to the next.

        Unlike most other desks, this desk can go very low, allowing you to put your elbows naturally on the desk when using a mouse or keyboard.

        It has an incredible height range of 64cm to 129cm. It’s perfect for heights ranging from 5ft all the way to 6ft8. It has everything for everyone.

        Another great feature is its sturdiness. The frame is thick and made of steel. It also comes with an anti-collision mechanism. This protects not only the desk but any surrounding items. It’s wobble-free and completely reliable.

        This desk is perfect if you have a lot of equipment that needs to be on the desk.

        If you’re wondering if this is a  good standing desk for gaming, the answer is yes. You can easily switch between work and gaming mode. If you’re a video editor, these electric corner desks are very convenient.

        There is ample space for various screens. Check out other  standing desks for video editors.

        It’s also ideal if you have people of different heights that will be using the desk. It has a lot of space, so more than one person can work on it at the same time.

        Why It’s Great

        • Extremely solid and sturdy steel frame
        • Easy and quick compilation
        • Smooth transition between low and high heights
        •  Convenient memory settings

        Who It’s Right For

        • Fans of corner workstations
        • Those who want to work with two screens
        • Tall people who want a desk that reaches their height

          Adjustable Writing Desk (FAQ)

          How Long Should You Stand at a Standing Desk per Day?

          As beneficial as standing is for your health and productivity, there is such a thing as standing too much. Balance is the key to getting the most out of standing while working.

          You should try to alternate between standing and sitting every 30 minutes to an hour.

          How Does a Standing Desk Help?

          The benefits of a  standing desk are numerous.

          It combats the threat of unwanted weight gain, caused by inactivity. Standing burns more calories, and reduces the chances of back and shoulder pain.

          It’s been shown to lower the risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease and diabetes. By standing up, you allow your heart and cardiovascular system to work more effectively.

          Is a Standing Desk Better Than a Regular Desk?

          Yes. It relieves pain, improves blood circulation, and promotes healthier habits. The efficiency of your body and mind improves.

          Your energy levels will increase and your muscles will be strengthened. Your mental health, energy levels, mood, and overall well-being are positively affected.

          If you’re working from an office and you’re wondering  how to get a standing desk at work, it’s important to be familiar with company policy regarding employee wellbeing and safety. 

          Do employers have to provide standing desks? No. They are not obligated to provide standing desks. Make sure you are well versed in the benefits of standing desks at work when making your case. 

          It is advised that you have a medical note if you can attain one. 

          Make your request in person, first contacting your Human Resources Department and thereafter management. 

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