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Manual, Electric vs. Pneumatic: How Long Will My Standing Desk Last?

How long do standing desks last

How long a standing desk lasts is one of the most important  things to know about a standing desk before buying one.

If you’ve decided to invest in a standing desk and reap the benefits of its ergonomic design, there are a lot of factors you need to consider before finding the one that’s right for you.

You want a desk that will endure the wear and tear of the office, while also serving its purpose as a sit-and-stand desk.

The shelf-life of any product depends on a variety of factors, from the manufacturer to the material that’s used to make it. The way you’ll look after your desk is also essential in determining how long it will last.

Standing Desks

Many benefits make  standing desks so popular in modern offices.

Anyone can use it. It’s versatile and it provides a range of options to choose from. 

When did standing desks become popular? The first recorded mention of a standing desk was in 1626. It became popular from the late 1800s to the 1900s.

In modern times, the benefits of a standing desk have been more closely scrutinized by clinical sciences. This gives us a comprehensive understanding of how standing desks can help change our lives for the better.

Manual Standing Desk

how long standing desks last

The manual standing desk is a popular choice when purchasing an adjustable desk. It’s straightforward to use and significantly cheaper than electronic options.  

It’s adjusted using a crank. You use the crank to raise or lower the desk depending on the height you need it at.

It’s great if you don’t have a power outlet near to where you set up your desk. The downside of this, of course, is that you need to use your own strength to move the tabletop.

How Long Do Manual Standing Desks Last

Manual Standing Desks are durable and last from between 5-10 years, or more if they’re given the proper level of care and maintenance.

In comparison to an electric standing desk, they have fewer parts that are liable to break or damage.

Because these desks don’t use any electricity or motors, there are fewer moving parts that can be broken or damaged.

The biggest potential problem is that the handle or gear mechanism may break. 

If the handle breaks, it’s easy enough to replace it either by contacting your desk supplier or going down to your local hardware store and picking up any old gear handle that will fit. This is one of the perks of the manual standing desk. 

It’s not only more accessible to fix, but it’s also cheaper. Fixing a hand crank is cheaper than fixing a motor, which is used in the electric standing desk.

The manual desk is simple in design, making it effective for longer.

Pneumatic Standing Desk

The pneumatic desk is known for its excellent quality, eco-friendly design, and its simple, no-fuss mechanisms.

Like the mechanical desk, it uses no electricity. There’s no use of cords or plug-ins to connect to an electric socket. Not only does this limit the number of parts that could malfunction and cause you problems, but it also makes the desk more mobile than other, electric ones.

There are no limitations on where you can put your desk. It gives you the freedom to set up your workstation anywhere.

How Long Does a Pneumatic Standing Desk Last?

A pneumatic standing desk will last for up to 30 years or more.

They are known for being able to do 50 000 lift cycles during their lifespan. This is double the amount that is required by BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association) standards.

Pneumatic desks have a long lifespan and a low carbon footprint. Nowadays, many manufacturers are building them from 100% recycled materials.

Unlike the electric desk that is at risk of motor burnouts or electrical malfunctions, there are no risks of fires caused by electric short circuits. There'll never be a chance of any wires breaking or a short circuit that could cause a fire. 

This extends its shelf life and makes it a more reliable product.

They have fewer parts, which not only means a decrease in waste, but also fewer liabilities.

In sum, this desk is the most reliable, in terms of its likelihood of breaking and malfunctioning.

The clean design of the desk reduces the number of parts and wear and tear. Another great addition is that it won’t use up any electricity. So, you don’t have to worry or struggle during a possible power outage.

Electrical Standing Desk

how long should standing desks last

An electric standing desk is easy and convenient to use. It has great power and extra efficiency when changing between heights.

Performance-wise, these desks are excellent. 

One bonus over the mechanical or pneumatic options is that you don’t have to do any of the work to raise it up. Some electric desks can even be controlled through smartphone apps. 

It’s great for improving your productivity, and its speed and ease to use makes it non-disruptive to your workflow whenever you want to change from sitting to standing, or vice versa.

More advanced options have programmable settings, so you can save your preferred desk height and access them whenever you need to.

How Long Do Electric Standing Desks Last?

Because it’s electrical it’s prone to more malfunctions and mishaps than mechanical desks. The chance of this happening is lower when you buy a quality product, as most electrical faults occur because of poor design. 

The lifespan of an electric desk ranges from 5- 10 years. The motor is most likely going to be the first thing to go, followed by the frame. While the motor can be replaced, you’ll need a little technical know-how to do it. 

Standing Desk Converters

how much time do standing desks last

Standing desk converters are semi-permanent units that are placed on your desktop. This allows you to turn your regular office desk into a standing desk at a fraction of the cost.

While useful, they have a smaller lifting capacity than the bigger, height-adjustable standing desks.

But  is a standing desk converter worth it? When considering a standing desk converter over a standing desk, it’s important to establish what both offer.

The standing desk has a greater weight capacity than a standing desk converter. The converter has a spring-lifting mechanism to change heights.

The standing desk converter is great if you want to keep your normal desk, but also want to enjoy all the great benefits of a standing desk.

For a cheaper and quicker alternative, a great  standing desk hack is to place your laptop on a higher tabletop. This is a good alternative or temporary solution.

A good standing desk converter should have a warranty ranging from 5-15 years. 

How Long Do Standing Desks Last - FAQs

Is It Bad To Use a Standing Desk All Day?

Using a standing desk all day results in inflammation in your veins and pain in your legs and feet. It’s important to alternate between sitting and standing to get the maximum benefits from both.

For an in-depth analysis of the benefits of sitting and standing, have a look at the ongoing conversation between the  kneeling chair vs standing desk.

This outlines the pros and cons of sitting and standing, and how to create a healthy balance between the two.

Are Standing Desks Really Worth It?

Standing desks are great choices if you struggle with your posture, find that you struggle to concentrate, or simply want to change up how your office space works. 

But  why are standing desks so expensive? Standing desks are made of top-quality materials and require a more complicated construction to build a frame that can expand and collapse safely.

If you’re going for an electric standing desk, the price increases because of the motor and wiring.

For a cheaper, but still, effective option, choose the manual standing desk.

Do Standing Desks Really Make a Difference?

A standing desk helps to combat the negative effects of sitting at your desk all day.

It gives you the ability to change positions and sit or stand while you work. This reduces the effects of inactivity, such as obesity and heart disease.

It improves blood circulation, as well as boosts your mental health. It reduces the feeling of lethargy and tiredness.

To get lasting benefits, choose a standing desk with a long life span. 

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