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Kneeling Chair vs. Standing Desk: Is Kneeling Better Than Standing?

Kneeling Chair VS Standing Desk

The debate between kneeling chairs vs standing desks has been raging for, well, no one’s really kept track. But believe us, people in the design space have stopped talking over this.

To finally get to the bottom of this, we put the benefits of the two head to head.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of both and see which one is the best option for you.

Kneeling Chair Versus Standing Desk (Compared)

Sitting for hours takes a toll on our physical and mental well-being. It slows down your metabolism and increases the risk of major lifestyle diseases.

To reduce these risks, it’s important to pursue healthier options, such as standing desks and kneeling chairs. Having the right office furniture is essential for productivity and your overall health.

By design, we’re meant to be active.

Introducing ergonomically designed furniture into the workplace reduces the amount of stress and strain placed on our bodies.

Standing Desk

Kneeling Chair


Sitting or standing



Electronic or manual adjustment

Manual adjustment

Ergonomic Design

Improves circulation and helps burn


Reduces back pain, improves posture

and relieves joints of pressure.


The kneeling chair has thick cushioned seats to sit on and support your knees.

You can manually adjust the height to suit your height. Depending on the type of chair you choose, the movement of the chair will either rock, swivel, or glide.

Standing desks allow you to adjust their height. Unlike kneeling chairs, the height adjustments can be made electronically or manually. It’s sturdy and stays in place.

The height of the desk can be adjusted to a sitting or standing height, allowing you to do both throughout your workday.

Health Benefits

A kneeling chair improves blood circulation, posture, and relieves joint pain. It’s designed to distribute weight more evenly, which takes the pressure off of your neck, shoulders, and back.

Standing desks help you burn calories by keeping you mobile. This makes your workday a healthier and more active experience.

Kneeling Chair or Standing Desk

kneeling chairs  vs standing desks

Both kneeling chairs and  stand desks are ergonomically designed to improve productivity and increase energy levels.

Kneeling chairs have been around for decades, but the rise in  standing desks’ popularity has been relatively recent.

Once people realize you’ll get the best of both worlds using the standing desk, they began incorporating it into their office spaces.

Standing Desk

kneeling chair or standing desk

The standing desk is versatile. It can easily be adjusted to your preference. It can be used with any chair, including the kneeling chair, which makes it easy to find appropriate furniture.

You also have a wide range of desks to choose between, from electronic to manually adjustable desks.

They’re made to be sturdy and durable. If your  standing desk wobbles, make sure to place your desk on an even surface.

A simple  standing desk hack to fix the wobble is to place a wedge between the desk leg and the floor. 

Most new purchases will come with a  standing desk guide to help you set up your new office equipment.

Make sure to alternate between sitting and standing. Just like sitting for long periods can cause discomfort, standing for too long can do the same. Too much standing can create additional health risks such as varicose veins and joint pain. 

The type of wood and dual electric motors used to allow smooth height adjustments plays some part in explaining  why standing desks are so expensive.

What’s more,  standing desks are tax deductible if you’re good about keeping track of your receipts and you use them solely for work.


  • Adjustable and versatile.
  • Burn calories while standing.
  • It’s energy-boosting and improves your productivity
  • Natural position

Who It’s For

  • People with poor posture
  • Anyone struggling with back pain
  • People with attention issues

Kneeling Chair

standing desk or kneeling chair

The kneeling chair was made as an improved alternative to traditional chairs we sit at when working at our desks.

They’re designed to reduce back pain and discomfort by shifting the position of your pelvis and making your lower back arch. This distributes your body weight more evenly.

The even distribution of weight means less pressure on your joints, especially the facet joints in your back. The decrease in pressure means an increase in back flexibility.

This reduces the risk of back pain and relieves you of any back pain you may have.

One of the best features is that it’s comfortable. Even weight distribution means you’re more relaxed while you work. When we’re comfortable, we often tend to concentrate and work better.

A good kneeling chair has extra thick and supportive cushions to rest your knees.

Kneeling chairs are perfect if you struggle with back pain. They drastically reduce your pain and discomfort.

Your posture will improve and it will aid in better blood circulation.

Overall it improves your feeling of well-being.


  • Excellent at improving posture and creating a strong engaged core.
  • It helps to reduce and prevent back pain.
  • Can help with blood circulation.
  • Its comfortable design has a calming effect.
  • It improves breathing and digestion.

Who It’s For

  • People with poor circulation
  • People with neck and back problems
  • Anyone who can’t stand the whole day

Kneeling Chair and Standing Desk FAQs

Is a Kneeling Chair Better Than a Standing Desk?

It depends on what you want out of the product. Before choosing the right product, ask yourself  what you need to know about standing desks and kneeling chairs?

If you’re worried about being inactive for most of the day, both promote good posture and movement.

Kneeling chairs engage your core, working your stomach and leg muscles. The desk gives you the option to sit and stand whenever you want to, without disrupting your work.

Can You Use a Kneeling Chair with a Standing Desk?

You can use a kneeling chair with a standing desk. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to use them.

Because a standing desk is adjustable, you could use a normal chair, a kneeling chair, or you could alternate between them.

A combination of a standing desk with a kneeling chair maximizes the benefits of both.

Is Kneeling Better than Sitting?

Kneeling is better for your health and posture than sitting.

It’s a great alternative to upright sitting as it allows you to burn calories even with your knees down.

It keeps your muscles more active than when sitting upright in a chair. It encourages more movement. 

Since there’s no backrest, it means your core muscles are forced to work more. This is strengthening and improves your spine health and muscles.tax-deductible.

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