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Slim and Stylish: The Best Narrow Standing Desks & Converters

Narrow Standing Desk

Looking for the best narrow standing desk converter in Australia? You've come to the right place. Because in this complete guide, we'll share the top options for those seeking the smallest standing desk options for the most narrow of spaces. Whether you're working out of a closet or just don't have a whole lot of space to work with in your spare bedroom, these are the best choices for you.

Standing desks are great for so many reasons, but they often tend to be large, bulky pieces of equipment that can be difficult, if not impossible, to fit into a smaller space. That’s where we come in. We’ve rounded up the best narrow electric standing desks in Australia to find the perfect fit for you, pun intended.

The optimum solution would be to add a height-adjustable converter to your existing desktop. This way you can sit or stand at appropriate intervals, which is the healthiest way to work through the day in a balanced way.

These additions can either sit directly on your desktop as is, be attached with a clamp to the back of your counter, or be bolted through something more solid for more stability.

No need to hunt for new furniture.

Height-adjustable converters that attach to your desktop with a clamp mechanism have the smallest possible footprint. They can even be used to create a narrow wall-mounted standing desk or modify a fixed corner desk into a fully ergonomic corner sit-stand desk

We decided it may be best to sort our selection with a combination of keyboard tray and desktop width in mind, so you can easily choose from skinny to spacious, starting at the narrowest of needs.

The Best Narrow Standing Desk Converters in Australia (Our Review)

Ready to discover the best narrow standing desk converter? We're excited to share the top picks for you currently available. Remember - upgrading your entire setup to an ergonomic standing desk by UpDown Desk is the #1 choice. However, if you lack the space or budget to do so, these converters are a great alternative. And, we're going to kick things off with our personal favorite: the Standesk Memory Electric Sit-Stand Desk.

Standesk Memory Electric Sit-Stand Desk 

Keyboard Tray Width: 700mm

Desktop Width: 700mm

The Standesk offers effortless and smooth vertical height adjustment up to 540mm at the touch of a button.

Even better, is that it has a 3 height memory function, enabling you to store and easily return to your ideal standing desk height.

narrow standing desk

We would recommend the Standesk for those that would prefer to keep their existing desktops untouched since it sits on your existing desktop as is, yet offers a 50kg weight lifting capacity.

The user-friendly height adjustment and stability makes it a suitable  standing desk for kids.

This  small sit-stand desk solution provides two large working platforms and is suitable for 1, 2, or 3 monitor brackets.

Why It’s Great

  • Two working platforms adds workspace when a large stand-up desk cannot be accommodated
  • Seamless and smooth switch between sitting and standing positions at the push of a button
  • 3-Height memory function
  • Incredibly strong with a 50kg lifting capacity
  • Auto sleep and standby function, powered up by a single touch
  • Competitive price

Who It’s Right For

  • Those who enjoy modern design aesthetics
  • People in need of a very high weight capacity
  • Anyone looking for a competitive value-for-money deal
  • Those in need of a larger workspace while still needing an overall compact design

    Ergotron Workfit TX Sit-Stand Workstation

    best narrow standing desk

    Keyboard Tray Width: 710mm

    Work Surface Width: 810mm

    The solid metal design of the Ergotron Workfit TX offers a stable and sway-proof height adjustment of up to 50.8 cm by adjusting the levers on either side of the frame.

    The feature that sets it apart is the adjustable back-tilt keyboard below the work surface, which can be placed as low as 9 cm underneath the desktop. The tray can be adjusted independently from the countertop by 8 cm, allowing the correct keyboard to monitor spacing while sitting or standing.

    Another great feature is that the X-design allows you to fold the workstation down to a compact desktop fit, giving you more vertical workspace.

    The Workfit TX can accommodate a maximum weight of 18.1 kg.

    Why It’s Great

    • Fit for work, straight out-of-the-box
    • Solid metal design to avoid tip or sway which may lead to injury
    • Levers on both sides for a balanced approach to height adjustment
    • The X-shaped design allows the stand to fold down close to your desk for a more compact desk experience
    • Correct monitor to keyboard-tray spacing, even while sitting

    Who It’s Right For

    • The Workfit TX is ideal for a variety of different height users, but especially smaller users in need of a lower and more ergonomic sitting solution to perfect posture.

    Elevar Maxishift-E Electric Sit-Stand Workstation

    best narrow adjustable standing desk

    Keyboard Tray Width: 680mm

    Work Surface Width: 900mm

    We decided to include the Elevar Maxishift-E despite the broader work surface and larger desktop required, as the price makes it an ideal  student standing desk. 

    It can be placed directly on your existing desktop. This removes any need for drilling or clamping, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your workstation. 

    You can easily adjust the vertical height on the push control pad, and the generous platform means screen distance can be perfected according to personal preference.

    It has an integrated cable management system and can be purchased with a single or dual monitor option. Whether you’re a student who needs space for books or a designer who needs plenty of screen space, this desk is perfect.

    Why It’s Great
    • Fully assembled and ready to use out of the box
    • Effortless height adjustment at the push of a button
    • The maximum height of 595mm makes it an excellent  standing desk for tall people
    • A hefty 45kg lifting capacity
    Who It’s Right For
    • Those with larger space requirements
    • People shopping on a budget or looking for an affordable standing student desk

    Standesk Pro Memory Electric Sit-Stand Desk

    narrow stand up desk

    Keyboard Tray Width: 800mm

    Desktop Width: 900mm

    The Standesk Pro Memory expands on the stand-up desk dimensions of the original Standesk.

    It has the same easy-to-adjust at the touch of a button, anti-collision, automatic sleep and standby features as well as 50kg weight lifting capacity.

    Why It’s Great

    • Effortless height adjustment at the push of a button
    • Triple-height memory set and store function
    • 50kg Weight Capacity
    • Anti-collision mechanism
    • Automatic sleep or standby function

    Who It’s Right For

    • The added width and depth makes this one of the most professional portable solutions for those requiring some extra space 

    Strata Electric Height Adjustable Desk (Frame Only)

    standing desks narrow

    The great thing about the Strata Electric Height Adjustable desk is that it can be adjusted to fit almost any space.

    Fully extended, the telescopic frame can support a desktop of 2,100 mm. “That’s not narrow,” we hear you saying. Hold on, we haven’t gotten to the good part yet.

    The Strata electric is adjustable in two directions, so it can move up and down as well as side to side. The frame can be collapsed as tight as 1,200 mm, which is small enough to fit almost any space.

    While the horizontal adjustments need to be made manually, the twin electric motors hidden in each leg work to give you a vertical range of 630 – 1300 mm. This is high enough for anyone under 190 cm to work comfortably as the desk will sit at waist level, allowing you to rest your arms and elbows comfortably. 

    Thanks to the dual motors, the desk rises at an impressive 40 mm/sec, meaning it can go from fully collapsed to fully extended in a little over 23 seconds.

    What’s more, it’s near silent. The motors run at a quiet 40 dB, which is about as loud as your average, well-behaved library.

    The electric controller has three programmable settings so you can use the desk for a variety of purposes, from day-to-day office work to photography.

    Why It’s Great

    • Adjustable width
    • Twin motors
    • Large vertical range
    • Silent operation

    Who It’s Right For

    • People with limited space
    • Multiple users with different height needs

    Ergotron Workfit TL Sit-Stand Workstation

    best narrow stand up desk

    Keyboard Tray Width: 690mm

    Desktop Width: 950mm

    This bestseller by the popular Ergotron brand adjusts height with a vertical lift system, and is easy to operate by using the hand-brake levers at the front of the unit. 

    While the keyboard tray of the Ergotron TX drops to below desktop level, the Ergotron TL tray sits on top of your desktop with an overall broader footprint. They have the same maximum weight capacity of 18.1kg.

    The solid metal design assures safe adjustment up to a height of 38.1cm, with the keyboard moving in tandem with the work surface. The cleverly designed keyboard tray placement of 11.4cm underneath the work surface, helps you to maintain the most ergonomic spacing between screen height and keyboard tray, even while sitting.

    Why It’s Great

    • All ready and fit for work straight out-of-the-box
    • Larger work surface with more potential
    • Keyboard tray placement 11.4cm underneath desktop level, making it ideal as an ergonomic sitting solution at the same time

    Who It’s Right For

    • An excellent standing desk solution for people with no access to an electric socket

    The Best Small Standing Desks for Specific Purposes

    We've covered the best small standing desks in general. But now, we want to talk about the best compact standing desks for specific uses. Whether you're looking for the smallest standing desk or you want the most affordable small standing desk, we've got a pick for you below. Let's start off with the best narrow adjustable standing desk that can accommodate two or more monitors.

    What's The Best Narrow Standing Desk That Can Accommodate Two Or More Monitors?

    Many people setup dual monitors on their desk to optimize work productivity or enhance their gaming experience. If you'd like to do the same, but are tight on space, you need the Standesk Memory Electric Sit-Stand Desk. This is the best small stand up desk for anyone who wants two or more monitors - no doubt about it.

    What’s The Most Affordable Narrow Standing Desk?

    Quality electric standing desks aren't cheap. But, you don't want to compromise on quality. Thus, you're looking for the most affordable small standing desk for narrow spaces. And for that, look no further than the Elevar Maxishift-E Electric Sit-Stand Workstation.

    What’s The Most Portable Narrow Standing Desk?

    If you're after the smallest standing desk possible, you'll want to choose the Standesk Memory Electric Sit-Stand Desk. This incredibly small desk is great for the smallest of spaces.

    Final Thoughts on the Best Narrow Standing Desks for Small Spaces

    Whether it feels like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place or cramped up in a narrow space - you would be able to rise above the rest and conquer ergonomic challenges with these compact standing desks.

    As much as one solid work surface offers unrivaled stability, working on the edge doesn’t have to be a desk-flop. Some converters even offer two levels to add to your workspace without taking up too much space.

    But what size standing desk do I need? The easiest way to estimate your ideal stand-up desk dimensions is by doing a mock-up with the things you have on your desk on a daily basis. Or, reach out - we'll help you pick the perfect adjustable standing desk for your unique needs. At UpDown Desk, you'll find the most incredible selection of durable, reliable ergonomic standing desks in Australia. Shop now for your next ergonomic office desk.
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      How to Set Up a Standing Desk in 3 Simple Steps