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October 06, 2021

Stand Up Desk Dimensions

If you’re considering astanding desk but not sure of the best dimensions, we have some important suggestions to keep in mind. 

Selecting the most dynamic dimensions for your stand-up desk is essential in creating a healthy, happy, and productive working environment. Most modern-day workers don’t have much time to spare for this humble task, so we’re here to help. 

The decision is important. Here, we’ll explain the best stand-up desk dimensions for you.

Stand Up Desk Dimensions

Standing Desk Height

The height of your stand-up desk is the most important dimension with perfect posture in mind. 

An adjustable height standing desk is even better, as they are suitable for all from small to tall.

Standing desks for kids andstanding desks for primary school students can be adapted up tostudent standing desk dimensions. No need to replace. Just adjust.

No single formula can determine the exactbest height for your standing desk, but the following is a healthy start:

  • Your desktop height should be at about elbow height, standing comfortably with your feet in alignment to your shoulders
  • If you’re working on a computer, the keyboard should then also be at more or less at elbow height, so that your arms create a 90-100 degree angle while keeping your wrists straight when typing
  • If you have a separate screen, adjust the monitor height for the top of the screen to be at about eye level

The rest is fine-tuning. Trust your body. Acknowledge and adjust if any unnecessary tension develops to find your perfect personal preferences.

Checklist for Desk Height

  • If you are the sole user, what is the height of the soles or heels of shoes worn most often?
  • Are you using an anti-fatigue mat that adds to your height?
  • Are your shoulders relaxed and your forearms more or less at a right angle? 
  • How do your wrists feel at the end of the day? Do you need to consider an armrest? 
  • Is everything safe and stable at your optimumstanding desk height?

Kangaroo Pro Sit Stand


When figuring out what size standing desk you needthere are a few questions you should ask yourself.

What is it that you want or need on your desk? A single serving of sushi or a laptop, mouse, and your favourite Thesaurus? 

The width is probably the most practically orientated dimension, and ideally, your keyboard, mouse, and green tea would all be equals. Or at least on the same level. 

Desktop converters start at a width of about 70cm, but the final answer lies somewhere between the space you have and the space you need.

UpDown Desk offers customized desktops in the following widths: 105cm, 120cm, 150cm, and 180cm.


Keep in mind that a laptop screen is usually tilted slightly backward if working at awall-mounted standing desk.

With most laptops having a depth of about 28cm, 75cm could comfortably accommodate two people working across each other at the same desk. 

Two heads are better than one. Even if it’s a single desk-trouble.


We all have different proportions and needs. Trust the ultimate dimension you’re in, for the journey that you’re on. 

Keeping your working environment stable and able to adjust in the long run lends itself to a bigger is the better approach. 

Should you prefer to keep your existing desktop, we would recommend theUpDown Desk PRO Series Standing Desk Frame.

This is the most ergonomic option available as it offers unrivalled stability at a height range between 61.5cm and 127cm excluding desktop and is suitable for desktop dimensions with a depth of 60cm - 100cm and a width of 105cm – 240cm.

Should you require anarrow standing desk or asmall sit-stand desk solution, the following converters can be added to your existing desktop: 

  • Humanscale Quickstand Lite
  • Kangaroo Pro Sit Stand

  • The best solution as astanding desk for tall people would be theClover Electric Sit Stand Workstationwith a height range of up to 650mm above your existing desktop.

    The Best Corner Desk option would be theUpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Corner Standing Desk (or frame with your existing corner desktop) or the Ergotron WorkFit Corner Sit-Stand Workstation.

    And if you have something bigger and better in mind? Design your own large stand-up desk using the new3D Bespoke Desk Configurator.

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