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October 06, 2021

Small Sit Stand Desk

Standing desk converters and risers are often the most compact solutions for smaller spaces. They can effectively transform existing fixed height desks into more dynamic workspaces.

Working at awall-mounted standing desk may save even more space, and designs with adjustable arms offer maximum freedom and flexibility in the smallest of spaces.

The height of desktop converters can be adjusted with a choice of electric or manual controls, which makes it the ideal solution when another piece of furniture just won’t fit.

We’ve made selecting a small standing desk converter as easy as adjusting the height.

Whether you’re an uptown girl looking for an up-down desk or a yogi trying to cut down on the upward dog pose,we have hand-selected options to fit your unique style and space requirements.

Small Sit-Stand Desks (Our Review) 

Clover Electric Sit-Stand Workstation (Best for Tall People)

Sleek. Simple. Stylish.

The design of the Clover Electric Sit Stand Workstation rises above the rest. The height is seamlessly adjustable to suit taller users while maintaining stability.

No assembly is necessary. Though we recommend the bolt-through feature, you can choose between that and the clamp.

A comfortably sized work surface of 700mm x 500mm is the perfect medium for smaller workspaces where minimalistic style meets maximum output.

And for those that like to be kept on their toes? This beautifully designed desk converter features its very own software. The software aims to create further awareness and control of posture and balance.

Why It’s Great

  • Sleek yet stable design
  • Seamless switch or mouse operated electric height adjustment within seconds
  • Perfectly sized platform surface of 700 x 500mm with bolted option
  • The 650mm unsurpassed platform height range makes it the best smallstanding desk for tall people
  • An impressive maximum weight capacity of 26kgs
  • Added monitor height adjustability
  • PIEZO anti-collision software
  • Posture balance desk control software can be installed

Who It’s Right For

  • Tall people looking for a desk the right size for them
  • Anyone wanting to save on space
  • Anyone in need of a higher-end weight capacity

    Kangaroo Pro Sit-Stand Desk (Best Portable Solution)

    Kangaroo Pro Sit-Stand Desk

    We love that this desk requires the absolute minimum installation. That is, no drilling or clamping and therefore a much more portable small sit-stand alternative. 

    But how stable can it be then? The Kangaroo Pro Sit Stand Desk features an additional support leg that fits under the working platform to add steadiness to your standing workflow. 

    The heavy solid steel base provides additional stability while felt pads underneath the base ensure smooth and safe positioning shifts whilst protecting the surface of your desktop.

    The main keyboard platform can easily and quickly leap from sitting to standing height by the use of a gas cylinder or lift, making it easy to adjust throughout the day.

    An additional feature is the ‘stopping bolt’ mechanism, which may be used to easily return to the ideal pre-set standing height after sitting.

    The platform size is spacious and comfortable with an extra 100mm depth in comparison to the Clover – every Joey’s ideal introduction to a world of small sit-to-stand desks.

    This adjustable desktop addition is available in a classic black option amongst other practical possibilities to hide all sorts of paw-prints in a busy home or office setup.

    We love the design as is, but keyboard and side extensions are available for those in need of more workspace. 

    Why It’s Great

    • Minimal assembly 
    • Easy installation that requires no drilling or clamping
    • Added leg for stability
    • The workspace and monitor can be adjusted independently from the spacious platform
    • The monitor can be tilted and rotated from portrait to landscape
    • ‘Stopping bolt’ mechanism as an easy solution to store and return to the idealstanding desk height

    Who It’s Right For

    • Anyone requiring a low weight capacity
    • Nomadic office workers
    • Those with compact space requirements

      Fellowes Lotus RT Sit-Stand Workstation (Most Flexible Manual Adjusting Converter)

      Fellowes Lotus RT Sit-Stand Workstation

      The single clamp design of the Fellowes Lotus Sit-Stand Workstation is not only easy to attach to the back edge of any work surface, but features a 180-degree rotation at both the base as well as the work surface.

      This is not a spineless design. The sturdy steel gas spring arm ensures stability and smooth transition throughout the 22 different height adjustments in a range of 432mm above your original desktop level.

      The Fellowes Lotus RT Sit-Stand Workstation is flexible, yet strong and stable with a real wood surface. 

      It offers a maximum monitor platform height of 547.40mm and a 15.89kg weight capacity.

      The height is easy to adjust with your choice of side for the single-handed transition, yet we still prefer balance above all.

      An integrated cord management system adds the final professional touch to this small sit-stand desk solution.

      Why It’s Great

      • Small andnarrow standing desk space required for setup
      • Dual work surfaces providing extra space 
      • Smooth Lift technology for an effortless transition
      • 180-degree swivelling rotation at base and work surface
      • 5 Year Warranty
      • 15.89 kg capacity
      • Device viewing channel

      Who It’s Right For

      • Those who prefer manual converters
      • Anyone wanting to seriously manage their cables
      • Those who want extra space while still remaining compact

        Humanscale Quickstand (Best for Single Monitors)

        Humanscale Quickstand

        This award-winning workstation can seamlessly transform any fixed-height desk into a strong and stable workstation with an adjustable height.

        It is easy to attach to the back of any work surface or desk with a clamp taking up minimal desk space, and therefore one of the most promising portable solutions available.

        The minimalist aesthetic design is reinforced by the minimal desk footprint that mirrors efficiency at every level.

        The Humanscale Quickstand is suitable for very tall users as the keyboard height ranges up to 460mm with an additional 127mm vertical monitor adjustment.

        Innovative constant force technology means effortless operation and the Humanscale Quickstand is easy to adjust by lifting the handles on either side of the keyboard without locks or manual controls. 

        The unit offers a plug-and-play cable management system.

        Why It’s Great

        • Strong, stable, and centred
        • Portable
        • Constant force technology allows effortless adjustment without locks or manual controls
        • Suitable for tall users
        • 5-year warranty

        Who It’s Right For

        • Those with lower weight capacity requirements
        • Anyone who only needs one monitor
        • Fans of minimalist designs

          Humanscale QuickStand Eco (Best for Kids)

          Humanscale QuickStand Eco

          The Humanscale Quickstand Eco has the next generation in heart and mind as it is made with sustainable and non-toxic materials. This makes it the ideal choice as a firststanding desk for kids

          Standing desks for primary school students can easily adjust intostudent standing desks throughout growing years.

          The benefits of introducing an adjustable desk at an early age are bountiful.

          A carefully selected desk converter may become a lasting companion on a little learner’s journey, while naturally adding quality to life as a result of correct posture and a better balance of sit-and-stand study habits shaped during developing years.

          It creates an awareness of responsible and life-affirming choices at a pivotal time in psychological development as well as encouraging a positive attitude towards the working world ahead.

          The simple design leads the way to a new level of responsible functionality - shaped into a perfectly portable and practical sit to stand solution with a weight capacity of up to 15.9kg

          A near-effortless transition of up to 472mm above desktop is made possible due to Humanscale’s continuous force self-locking mechanism - no levers attached. 

          The monitor height can be adjusted by a further 127mm.

          It is simple and ready to use with a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

          If Eco's your kind of echo, this is by far your best bet as a smaller desk-rising solution.

          Why It’s Great

          • Ready to use
          • Made from sustainable non-toxic materials
          • Portable
          • Integrated cable management system

          Who It’s Right For

          • Standing desk users of all ages, from kids to adults
          • Anyone who needs an on-the-go, portable desk
          • Those wanting an extra eco-friendly solution

            Ergotron WorkFit TL Sit-Stand Workstation (Best Value for Money)

            Ergotron WorkFit TL Sit-Stand Workstation

            This bestseller from one of the biggest and most successful ergonomic brands in the world provides a premium quality sit or standing workstation solution.

            The unit offers a large work area and keyboard tray by using your existing desk as a base, while the vertical lift system is perfect for optimum space management.

            Hand-brake levers at the front of the unit allow for a practical and quiet height adjustment of 38cm without extra unnecessary stretch, stress, or strain on your back.

            This ready-to-use out-of-the-box and onto your desktop design is one of the most practical desk converters we found to be fit for work. 

            The sturdy and solid metal workstation can hold up to 18.1kg with no risk of a tilt or a sway which may cause unnecessary damage or injury.

            UpDown Desk guarantees the best price in Australia, so if this is your best work fit, there’s no need to shop any further thanour website for an adjustable standing desk.

            Why It’s Great

            • Requires no installation to transform a fixed desktop into an active and dynamic workspace
            • Easy and comfortable height adjustment with levers at front of the unit
            • The large keyboard tray can easily accommodate a mouse
            • Solid metal structure for secure use of loads up to 18.1kg

            Who It’s Right For

            • Those looking for a great value-for-money deal
            • People who value practicality and easy setup
            • Those in need of a larger workspace

              UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Standing Desk – Adjustable Width [Frame Only] (Best Overall Adjustable Solution)

              Imagine having all of your notes and needs on one highly adjustable level. Now imagine a product that allows you to store up to four ideal heights that are easily and regularly interchangeable at the push of a button throughout the day. 

              The UpDown Desk PRO Series frame may not be the smallest sit to standing desk solution, but it offers unrivalled stability due to frame weight and a lifting capacity of up to 150kgs.

              The 30-day trial offers a money-back guarantee that includes shipping, and we feel this option is worth the extra 30cm width if at all space permitting.

              Why It’s Great

              • Unrivalled stability due to frame weight 
              • Designed with more than just computer-related work in mind
              • 4 button memory control panel
              • Quiet dual motor
              • 150kg lifting capacity
              • 10-year warranty
              • Easy to set up with instructional videos for the visually inclined

              Who It’s Right For

              • Those with slightly larger desk requirements
              • People with high weight capacity requirements
              • Those wanting automatic, electrical desks

                Small Sit Stand Desk FAQ

                What are the Health Benefits of using a small sit or stand-up desk in comparison to a standard fixed desk?

                The long-term health benefits of a carefully selected adjustable stand-up desk are as abundant as their beautifully simplistic designs.

                Increased circulation leads to an increase in energy and overall well being. 

                This ripples out into increased productivity while providing comfort for those suffering from back and upper body aches and pains, often due to prolonged periods of sitting with an incorrect posture.

                What is the benefit of having a smaller standing desk?

                Smaller adjustable desk converters and risers often require minimal installation and are more portable than bigger, but not necessarily betterlarge stand-up desk options. 

                Office for the day? There's room to be creative here - inside, outside, or simply on top of your normal working habitat. Land- or seascape soothe red tape!

                You can even reap the rewards from some time-out in a quiet corner with anadjustable height corner desk specifically designed for smaller spaces, or move a smaller portable workstation with the rays of the winter sun to realign your spine to the natural rhythms of the earth. 

                How to make sure it is the best smaller option to work in your space?

                We’ve created the following question-based checklist to streamline your selection process and make sure that you choose the best small stand or sit desk for your space:

                • Is it small enough to fit into the space I have available while providing a comfortable workspace?
                • What would be the most suitablestand-up desk dimensions for my needs?
                • Would I be able to install it by myself?
                • Is it easy enough and possible to adjust to my idealstanding desk height at regular intervals throughout the day?
                • Does it offer enough stability with a sufficient maximum weight capacity?
                • Do the design and style complement my home or office workspace in both form and function?
                • Would I benefit more from a portable smaller standing desk or a more permanent fixture?
                • Is there an after-sales service option and Warranty?
                • Is the price compatible with similar smaller stand-up desks?

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