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Suspended Style: Types & Perks of Wall-Mounted Standing Desks

Wall-Mounted Standing Desk

A wall-mounted standing desk has the same health benefits as a normal standing desk but requires minimal space. If you’re looking for a tight space solution, then a wall-mounted standing desk is the right pick for you as they can be set up in just about any nook or cranny. 

This means that you can work on the go and in-between, leading to a further increase in productivity.

Whether it leads to a laptop or cookbook-nook in the kitchen, a homework spot on the way out, or a complete corner workstation, we have shelves of solutions to share. 


The Original: Wall-Mounted Standing Desk

These are more permanent fixtures, seemingly floating in the air. Ideal for coffee shops, shared offices or a  compact standing desk at home.

Tip: consider shelves above or near your desktop to create a multiple level workstation.

wall mounted adjustable desk

Corner Wall-Mounted Standing Desk

A corner wall-mounted standing desk is perfect if you really need to save on space. You can fit it into any corner of your home or office.

Tip: a  corner standing desk can be modified into a  large stand-up desk with a triangular desktop

Flip-down Wall-Mounted Standing Desks

Ideal for seriously limited spaces. These can flip down and away for the day if needed.

Tip: Flip-down with some art at the bottom, a blackboard, or an integrated storage box at the back? 

These are ideal  standing desks for students. They’re also great  standing desks for kids and children’s rooms, just be sure to soften the corners.

Which wall do I choose?

Do you need a view to work wonders, or does your inner mind prefer a quiet corner?

If you can, always consider natural lighting. A window sill could provide some extra space for a cup of tea if not a separate screen.

What if I can’t find something suitable for my space?

You can easily DIY according to your ideal  stand-up desk dimensions. A plank and two brackets are all that you need. Some brackets don’t even require drilling holes into the wall, which makes it ideal for people that are renting. 

Wall-mounted  stand up desks designs tend to be more personalized, and creating your own has no limitation apart from the space available.

What are the Best Wall-Mounted Stand-up Desk Dimensions?

Any desktop, whether you choose to sit or stand, should be more or less elbow height, but trust your body to calibrate your personal  standing desk height preferences.

Wall-mounted standing desks are at the top of ideal solutions as  standing desks for tall people but don't forget the small people on your shortlist. 

But  what size standing desk do I need?

Width and depth are where space and needs meet, but we would suggest for you to at least keep a standard-size laptop or your favourite Thesaurus in mind.

Can I Change My Wall-Mounted Desk into a Workstation with More Space?

Wall-Mounted Standing Desk

The following two products can convert a normal wall-mounted desk into a complete professional wall-mounted workstation. They can be added to any  narrow standing desk as the clamp attachment requires minimal space for setup:

  • Ergotron WorkFit TX Sit Stand Workstation
  • Standesk Pro Memory Electric Standing Desk Riser

These have the added benefit that they can be used by people of different lengths as their height can be adjusted.

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