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October 07, 2021

Standing Desks Primary School

Standing throughout the school day may sound tiring and even counter-productive, but standing desks for primary schools are becoming increasingly popular in primary schools throughout Australia, and abroad.

It is not in any child's nature to be quiet and sit still. Children are restless and playful whenever they are given the opportunity. 

In an age where childhood obesity is becoming commonplace, using adjustable standing desks in primary schools offer a more active alternative to the traditional sit-down desk. This is because they promote more healthy physical activity. 

Standing Desks Primary School

Standing Desks for Primary Schools

Standing desks are available in sizes and styles to meet the needs of students of all ages, andstanding desk dimensions are versatile enough to fit into any classroom no matter the size and layout. 

Teachers are seeing many benefits of these desks, such as an increase in energy and higher levels of productivity. This not only applies to their students but to themselves as well.

How to Use a Standing Desk In School

Portable options can be positioned on top of existing tables and can quickly be folded and packed away when not in use.

Small, tight spaces can be utilised with acorner standing desk, or awall-mounted standing desk that conveniently folds down when not needed.

school standing desk

Versatile Designs for Classrooms

Everyone can benefit from the use of standing desks, but in the case of primary school kids, thecompact sit-stand desk design is particularly popular, due to its versatility.

Standing desks are not only suitable for primary schools. Secondary schools, colleges and universities are also starting to discover the potential of astudent standing desk.

What Educators Think of Standing Desks

Reports from primary schools that have implemented the use of these desks are that concentration and engagement in lessons have increased, while incidences of disruptive behaviour have decreased.

The teachers themselves also benefit from the use oflarge standup desks, and different styles are available to meet their needs, for example, anarrow standing desk for small spaces, and for those taller individuals ourstanding desks for tall persons.

Benefits of Standing Desks 

  • Studies have shown that school pupils who use standing desks, as opposed to the more traditional sit-down desks, are more focused on their lessons and can concentrate better.
  • Children who are hyperactive such as those who suffer from ADHD are better able to learn when allowed freedom of movement. 
  • Desks that allow the option of sitting or standing, as needed, will make the world of difference to kids with special needs

Drawbacks of Standing Desks

  • One of the drawbacks of standing desks is that you cannot stand all day either, it is helpful to be able to sit now and then. This is why we recommend sit-stand desks.  
  • Physically handicapped kids may not be able to benefit from some of these styles.

best standing Desks Primary School


Does this mean that you should be standing all day long, at school or work? No, standing all the time can be just as bad for your health as sitting all day. The idea is to avoid being in a fixed position all day, whether sitting or standing.

Standing desks for kids offer the freedom to be active and alert, with more opportunities to burn calories during that long school day. But we recommend regular “breaks” for movement about the classroom, and the chance to sit at certain times, to allow for more balance. 

At UpDownDesk, we are proud of our range of height-adjustable standing desks for classrooms and offices, that are guaranteed to make a difference to the physical and mental well-being of students and teachers alike.

Standing Desks Primary School FAQ

How popular are standing desks in primary schools?

Standing desks are becoming very popular in schools and offices throughout Australia, and the rest of the world.

In schools where the option of standing desks is offered, teachers have commented that students are more alert and that their concentration has improved.

What type of standing desks are used in the classroom?

There are various types of standing desks, such as compact portable desks that can be positioned on top of existing tables, fold-down desks that can be mounted onto walls, and minimalist options to be used in corners.

Are standing desks available for different needs?

Yes, several different styles of standing desks are available to meet the needs of different people and situations. Standing desk height can also be adjusted to suit the individual user’s requirements.

If you’re thinking,what size standing desk do I need, it depends on the circumstances in your school such as classroom size, the number of pupils, and layout of rooms. A combination of different styles may be best, to allow for use in different situations.

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