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Reaching New Heights: The 9 Best Standing Desks for Tall People

Standing Desk For Tall Person

Do you need a standing desk for a tall person? You’d think that any sit-stand desk would work, right? But like most things, there’s no one size that fits all. 

These desks have become increasingly popular with the new remote-working trend. People are trying to find comfortable ways to work from home. And sitting at a desk for long hours has never been comfortable.

Using a sit-stand desk makes it easy to switch positions. We’ve designed our height-adjustable desks to suit most people. 

Continue reading for a look at our top 9 standing desks. We’ve also added a buyers’ guide to help you choose the right one. 

The Best Standing Desks For Tall People (Our Review) 

Ready to discover the best standing desks for tall people? Whether you're looking for the tallest standing desk with electric height adjustment or you are seeking an extra tall standing desk converter so you can alternate between sitting and standing at your existing desktop - we've got options for you below. Let's start with the best electric standing desk for tall person:

UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Standing Desk With Bamboo Desktop (Best Value)

Our PRO Series Electric Standing Desks are 100% eco-friendly. This one has a solid bamboo desktop. You have the choice of either a black frame or a white one.

standing desk for tall people

The design is minimalistic and sturdy. You won’t have to worry about any wobbling while you’re working. The dual-motor lifting mechanism is powerful and has a 150 kg lifting capacity. 

It’s no surprise that the bamboo desktop is our most popular to date. The desk has a smooth, natural finish and rounded corners.

The height range for the desk (without the desktop) is between 61.5 cm to 127 cm. There are 3 different sizes to choose from too. The small desk would be perfect if you have minimal space. 

There are 4 programmable buttons on the memory control panel. You can save your favourite positions to easily switch between heights. Add-on accessories include desk drawers, an arm for your monitor, and many more. 

We've provided installation instructions, including a video. 

It can be used as a  student standing desk too. The kids will love an adjustable desk for their bedrooms. 

The frame has a 10-year warranty and the desktop has a 5-year warranty.

Why It’s Great

  • 4 programmable buttons to switch between your favourite heights.
  • 150 kg lifting capacity with a dual motor lifting mechanism.
  • An anti-collision mechanism and overload protection.
  • Stunning, solid, and eco-friendly bamboo desktop with curved edges.
  • Perfect for tall people.

Who It’s Right For

  • People in need of a high weight capacity
  • Anyone that is extra concerned with safety and wants to opt for an anti-collision mechanism
  • Tall people on the hunt for a desk size that suits them
  • Those looking for the best value-for-money deal

UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Standing Desk With Messmate Desktop (Best Runner-Up)

standing desk for tall person

Handcrafted from locally sourced Australian timber, the Messmate desks are magnificent. They have natural highlights and are dense and hard-wearing. 

The lovely natural grain has a clear lacquer finish and rounded edges. 

As with all PRO Series Electric Standing Desks, it has a 150 kg lift capacity. The dual-motor lifting mechanism is incredibly powerful and has overload protection.

 The frame has a maximum height of 127 cm - perfect for tall people. There are 4 programmable memory control buttons for easy height adjustments too.

There are 3 desktop sizes to choose from, but you can order a custom size too. You should know that because it’s hand-made, orders can take up to 3 weeks.

Setup is easy - not only does it come with written instructions, but a video guide too. 

The frame is either black or white and has a 10-year warranty. The desktop has a 5-warranty and is wonderfully spacious. It has enough space for a laptop, monitor, keyboard, and even a lamp and pot plant. 

Why It’s Great

  • Hand-made, locally sourced, Australian native timber.
  • Clear, hard-wearing lacquer finish.
  • Anti-collision mechanism and overload protection.
  • 4 memory control buttons.
  • You can order a custom desktop size.

Who It’s Right For

  • Those wanting to support locally sourced materials
  • Fans of electric desks
  • People in need of a high weight limit

UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Standing Desk With Melamine Desktop (Best For Kids)


tall standing desk

The Melamine desks are unique in that you can choose between 2 main finishes. The Beech Melamine desktop is perfect if you prefer warmer tones. If you like cooler tones, the White Melamine might suit you better.

There’s also an Off-white Melamine if you don’t mind a  minimalist standing desk (105 cm). A smaller desktop would be great as a standing desk for kids too.

This is a PRO Series Standing Desk, which means it has a 150 kg lift capacity. At a maximum height of 127 cm, the standing desk is perfect for tall people. Even those who are 6.8 ft will find it comfortable.

The 4-button control panel is easy to programme. This allows you to save your favourite height positions for easy adjustments. 

The frame has two colour choices too: white and black. It‘s incredibly sturdy so you won’t have to worry about any wobbling. 

The desktop comes in 3 different sizes, has curved edges, and has a hard-wearing surface. Both the desktop and frame are built to last.

The setup is quick and easy with both written and video instructions. The frame has a 10-year warranty and the desktop has a 5-year warranty. 

Why It’s Great

  • 2 finish options to choose from.
  • Easy to programme memory control panel.
  • Sturdy and won’t wobble while you’re working.
  • 3 different desktop sizes.
  • Dual motor lifting mechanism with 150 kg lift capacity.

Who It’s Right For

  • Fans of aesthetically pleasing desks
  • Both kids and adults
  • Those wanting an electric desk

UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Standing Desk With Victorian Ash Desktop (Best Overall)

sit stand desk for tall people

This beautiful Victorian Ash Standing Desk is 100% eco-friendly. More commonly known as Mountain Ash, the desktop is solid, sustainable, and hard-wearing.

It’s native Australian timber that is sustainably harvested. 

The desktop is incredibly sturdy with a 2.5 cm thickness. It’s wobble-free so it won’t move around while you’re using it. 

The desktop comes in 3 sizes, has rounded edges, and has a smooth, natural finish. It has a 5-year warranty.

The frame comes in two colours: black or white. It has a maximum height of 127 cm, making it great for anyone over 6 ft. 

The dual-motor lifting mechanism is powerful with its 150 kg lift capacity. It also has an anti-collision system and overload protection. 

The 4-button height adjustment panel allows you to programme your favourite height levels. 

Why It’s Great

  • 10-year warranty on the frame.
  • The desktop is 100% eco-friendly.
  • It has a 4-button programmable control panel. 
  • The desk is sturdy and wobble-free.
  • Quick and easy set-up.

Who It’s Right For

  • People wanting to support sustainable and locally sourced materials
  • Those wanting a beautifully crafted, original desk
  • Very tall people looking for a desk in the right size (it can be adjusted to shorter people as well.

UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Standing Desk With Acacia Desktop (Best Multi-Toned)

sit stand desks for tall person

This standing desk has a solid Acacia desktop. This hardwood is sustainably harvested and professionally constructed. 

All practices involved in the creation of these desktops are ethical and sustainable.

This is beautiful soft timber and comes in soothing tones. Colours can range from medium gold to a warm dark brown. The desktop is 2.5 cm thick.

Because the timber is so soft, it can be damaged by harsh impacts. Using a protective surface for writing is also a good idea.

The desktop comes in 3 different sizes and has a 5-year warranty.

The frame uses the latest technology and engineering to ensure smooth height adjustments. The control panel has 4 programmable memory buttons that you can set. 

The frame is sturdy and wobble-free. It has a dual-motor lifting mechanism with a 150 kg lift capacity. This ensures seamless height adjustments that won’t interrupt your work. 

The frame has a maximum height of 127 cm, making it suitable for people over 6 ft. It has a 10-year warranty.

There are written and video instructions to help you set it up. But it is a quick process.

Why It’s Great

  • Sustainably sourced hardwood.
  • Has warm colours tones that range from gold to brown.
  • Powerful dual-motor lifting mechanism

Who It’s Right For

  • Anyone wanting a desk in beautiful, warm tones
  • People over 6ft
  • Those concerned with sustainability

UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Standing Desk With Jarrah Desktop (Best For Primary School)

best standind desks for tall people

The Standing Desk with a Jarrah Desktop has become one of our most popular sellers. 

Jarrah is one of Australia’s premium hardwoods. The desk is commercial quality and hard-wearing. It was a lovely deep red/brown tone that will warm any room. This classical desk will make your office feel elegant.

This is a great standing desk for primary school, as well. The desk is incredibly sturdy and the dark colour works better around kids.

The desktop comes in 3 sizes and is 2.7 cm thick. It has rounded corners and a smooth finish. 

Please note that the Jarrah is a custom order. It has a lead time of 2 to 3 weeks.

The frame has a 127 cm height limit and 4 height adjustment buttons. It’s stable and wobble-free. The mechanism has a power dual-motor and a 150 kg lift capacity. 

The frame has a 10-year warranty.

Why It’s Great

  • Premium Australian hardwood that is sustainably harvested.
  • Beautiful red/brown Jarrah desktop. 
  • Sturdy, stable, and wobble-free.
  • The desktop is 2.7 cm thick.
  • Powerful dual-motor mechanism and 150 kg lift capacity.

Who It’s Right For

  • Primary schools
  • Tall adults at home
  • Those looking for a custom-made desk

UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Corner Standing Desk (Best Corner Desk)

corner standing desks for tall people

This height-adjustable corner desk is perfect for your work or home office. It has incredible flexibility (between 90 and 180 degrees). This makes it versatile enough to fit any space.

You likely feel hesitant because this is a  large stand-up desk. But that won’t be a problem with its flexibility. The frame is easy to adjust and you can modify the sides however you like. 

The desktop comes in 2 parts for smooth adjustments. You have your pick of 3 different desktops:

  • Beech Melamine
  • Bamboo
  • White Melamine

The frame comes in black or white and is incredibly sturdy. The 3-motor mechanism has a 200 kg lift capacity. To protect the desk and your valuables, it also has an anti-collision mechanism. 

It has a height range between 64 cm and 129 cm. Tall people can use this standing desk without straining their shoulders.

The 4-button memory control panel is easy to programme with soft-touch buttons. Be sure to save your favourite height levels for easy adjustments.

Why It’s Great

  • Has 3 desktop options and 2 frame options.
  • Incredibly flexible and versatile. 
  • Has a 3-motor mechanism with a 200 kg lift capacity.
  • Great standing desk for tall people.
  • Easy to adjust with the control panel.

Who It’s Right For

  • Anyone who makes use of a corner workspace
  • Those in need of a slightly more compact desk option
  • People with high weight capacity requirements

UpDown Desk PRO Series Manual Standing Desk (Best Budget)

best standing desk for a tall person

A manual standing desk might seem inconvenient, but it’s ideal for when electricity isn’t an option. It uses a manual crank that you turn to lift or lower the desk. 

With this desk, you don’t have to worry about cables and power connections. The set-up is also quick and easy.

The frame is wobble-free and has a 10-year warranty. 

There are 10 desktop options to choose from. The top best sellers are the Victorian Ask and the Jarrah.

The Victorian Ash desktop has become popular for its sturdiness and sustainability. It’s sourced from native Australian timber and has beautiful natural highlights.

The Jarrah is a stunning deep red/brown. The warm tone is perfect for those who prefer a more classic and elegant look.  It’s one of Australia’s premium hardwoods.

Jarrah and Victorian desktops take between 2 to 3 weeks to build. Keep this in mind when placing your order

All desktops have a 5-year warranty.

Why It’s Great

  • You have 10 different desktop options to choose from.
  • The manual crank is easy to use.
  • Incredibly stable and wobble-free.
  • The frame has a 10-year warranty

Who It’s Right For

  • Those who prefer a manual desk
  • Shoppers on a budget
  • Fans of classic and elegant desk aesthetics

      Humanscale Float Height Adjustable Desk (Best Manual Desk)

      standing desks tall

      The Humanscale Float Height Adjustable Desk is a step above other manual crank desks. It uses a counterbalance mechanism that allows an effortless height adjustment.

      Adjusting the height of the desk is as easy. All you need to do is apply slight pressure to the counterbalance mechanism. The desk will then “float” smoothly to the height you want.

      The adjustment is seamless and the sturdy frame ensures your work won’t be affected.

      The desk has a modern, minimalist design too. This ensures that it complements any workspace.

      It has a white frame and 3 desktop options. You can choose between Beech Melamine, White Melamine or Bamboo desktops. The desktops also come in two size options.

      Both the frame and the desktops have a 5-year warranty.

      Why It’s Great

      • 3 desktop options and 2 size options.
      • A modern, minimalist design.
      • It uses a patented counterbalance mechanism that makes height adjustments seamless.

      Who It’s Right For

      • Those who prefer manual desk options
      • Those wanting a versatile and customisable desk option

      Why Finding the Tallest Standing Desk is Important for Tall People

      Why is finding the tallest standing desk so important for tall people? Why can't you simply use whatever you find first? When it comes to choosing a desk, we don’t often realise how important it is. How often do you look at a desk and think: “This one would probably strain my shoulders.”? 

      Yes, shoulder strain is possible if your desk is the wrong height. You could also end up adding strain to your wrists and forearms. 

      So, what stand up desk dimensions are ideal for you?

      What Height Should Your Standing Desk Be?

      standing desk’s height should be comfortable. 

      The first thing you should consider is any injuries you might have. You may also have certain medical conditions that the height of your desk might affect.

      The next consideration is your height. A good rule of thumb is to choose a desk that lies just below your elbows while typing. This will prevent placing too much pressure on your wrists and forearms. There won’t be any strain on your shoulders either.

      You should keep this in mind when switching between sitting and standing. Each time you adjust your desk, make sure you aren’t straining any muscles. 

      How to Find the Best Standing Desk for Tall Person: Our Buyers’ Guide

      You have your heart set on a standing desk. You’ve heard or read about all the amazing benefits it has to offer. But how do you find the best standing desk for tall person? There are quite a few factors to consider along your search.

      Have you been wondering:  “What size standing desk do I need?” As we said above, you need to consider your body’s needs first. Do you have a recent injury? A medical condition? 

      These things can affect whether a desk will be comfortable or not. But what else should you consider before buying a stand-up desk? Of course, it must fit into your existing space - and, it needs to be a tall standing desk if you're over 6' tall! There are quite a few other factors, too. The mechanism, desk type, and more all factor into your decision. Allow us to explain.

      Measure Your Space

      You then need to determine the available space. How much free space do you have for a stand-up desk? Can you get a corner desk? Or do you need a narrow standing desk?

      The amount of available space will play a huge factor in your buying decision. You can’t get a corner desk if you only have space for a small one. 

      Make sure you measure the space and leave room for maneuverability. You don’t want a cramped workspace - because even with the best standing desk for a tall person, you won’t be comfortable. 

      Decide On The Type Of Standing Desk

      Are you looking for an adjustable sit-stand desk, or a standing desk only? This is important. If you choose a standing desk only, then you’ll only be able to stand - as the name suggests.

      A sit-stand desk would be ideal. This would allow you to change positions and reduce muscle strain and fatigue. 

      A height adjustable desk is the best choice. You can adjust the desk to the perfect level, whether seated or standing. 

      The Mechanism

      Height adjustable desks are not all the same. 

      Some have manual crank mechanisms that you’ll have to push to adjust the height. Some people find these desks too bothersome. But they do have their advantages.

      For one, you don’t need to plug them in and power them up. You can use them even if electricity is difficult to come by. 

      Then we have the electric adjustable desks. You can adjust these desks with the press of a button. They are usually top of the line, with the best technology to date. 


      It might seem obvious but how often do we consider the stability of a desk? 

      There’s nothing more irritating than a wobbly desk while you’re trying to work. Imagine a desk shaking the entire time you’re typing up a report. 

      Yeah, no one wants that. Make sure your desk is stable because you’ll probably be using it for a long while.

      Weight Capacity

      Be sure to check the specifications before buying a desk. They are not all made the same and will have different weight limits.

      Some desks will have high weight capacities (150 to 200 kg). Others will have a lower capacity. 

      Determine your needs and how much you expect out of the desk. If you plan to have many heavy objects on the desk, choose one with a high capacity. 


      How much are you willing to spend on your new desk? These desks are not cheap, but they are a good investment. 

      They are well-made and built to last a good few years. The many health benefits are a solid plus too. 

      But you need to decide how much it’s worth to you. If you're prone to backache, headaches, and tense shoulders, then a sit-stand desk is ideal. 

      Find one with a price you can live with. Do your research and get recommendations. This isn’t a small purchase so don’t rush into it.


      Many of these desks have add-ons that will make them more comfortable and convenient. 

      One thing you should know is that they rarely have drawers attached to them. If you want drawers, you’ll have to get them as an add-on. 

      And that’s not all. You can get a monitor arm too. This raises your monitor to a more suitable height if you need it. You can also get a footrest, a keyboard tray, and a cushioned floor mat. 

      Yes, a mat too. This will ease some of the strain off your feet from standing. 

      If within your budget, then why not get some extra creature comforts?

      Stand-Up Desks For Tall People (FAQ) 

      Now that you know all about the best standing desks for tall people, and what you should look for to ensure you find the best tall standing desk possible - we want to close by answering a few common questions we get asked when it comes to height adjustable desks for tall people.

      How Tall Should A Standing Desk Be For My Height?

      The ideal height would be right below your elbows. Your monitor should be at eye level too. 

      The great thing about standing desks is that many are adjustable. It would be easy for you to fix the height difference. Try to find a desk for your height. The specifications will usually state who the desk is suited for. 

      If you’re over 6ft tall, you will need a desk with a 127 cm max height.

      Can You Stand Too Long At A Standing Desk?

      Yes. Anyone who has been on their feet too long will know this. Standing and walking too much can cause pain in your tendons and lower back. Standing desk swollen ankles is a common result for prolonged standing.

      This is what makes sit-stand desks so ideal. It allows you to switch positions regularly. This prevents overall muscle strain and fatigue.

      Final Thoughts on the Best Standing Desk for a Tall Person

      Now that you are aware of the best standing desks for a tall person, and all the different factors that go into choosing your ideal desk, there is just one thing left to do - head over to UpDown Desk and make your dream office setup a reality! With the best tall standing desk, you'll unlock peak productivity and unparalleled comfort while working. The right tall standing desk will pay for itself in no time as you gain superior focus from alternating between standing and sitting.

      And, whether you're looking for standing desk converters or an electric tall standing desk - we've got what you need. Explore the most ergonomic standing desk in Australia today - you'll be glad you went with an UpDown Desk! Looking for other resources? Our in-depth guide on the best standing desk converters is a great resource for those who need the best tall standing desk but already have an existing desk they like.


      Finding the Right Fit: Ideal Standing Desks for a Short Person
      Finding the Right Fit: Ideal Standing Desks for a Short Person